Your Opinion on Canada's Impeding Legalisation

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  1. So I'm from canada and basicly our economy is shit right now. Our newly elected government (Liberal) has decided to leaglize pot, it was a big selling point for their campaign as many canadians smoke the fine herb.
    I believe that the legalization of pot will be an amazing thing not only for canada but for the world as it can be an example for what a country can achieve.
    Some other points that support legalization are many of the tax dollers could go to education, their have already been strict laws put in place for selling to minors post-leagalization, and it would create many jobs (ie: head shops,glassblowing,dispensaries,growers...

    I was woundering what were you guys thoughts on Canada's legalization do you support it? If not support your reasons why.
  2. All I can say is that the people who do smoke weed but don't support legalization tend to do so for selfish reasons and aren't thinking about the bigger picture. Nobody should be locked up for smoking, growing, selling, etc Even if they try to come up with some bullshit limits and regulations the peace of mind of not getting arrested should be well worth it.

    I'm from the US but yeah I definitely support legalization around the globe. And if they can (which I highly doubt unfortunately) they should release everyone locked up for cannabis charges when the law is put in place.
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  3. Don't care don't live there.
  4. Should care, just saying if Canada handles legalization properly it could lead the rest of the world including America to reconsider legalization. I believe i read somewhere that Colorado made 2 million just in taxes in the first two months of legalization and colorado is one of the smaller states, but then again they love their pot. SImmilar to us canadians.
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  5. yeah they should release those that havent aggravated their case in prison if theyre in for weed offences... however im no sure about the growing it home thing and "keeping it out of the hands of young teenagers and kids" i bet every kid could just find a plant some parent is growing and take some... ive been getting my product online for some time now... its not costing me more than when i was buying from whoever was selling some. this is easier than before i hope prices wont go up... have they went up or down when colorado legalized?
  6. as a Canadain im excited for it, fighting it is a huge waste of tax payer money as you can get weed anywhere, we should probably get a lot of tourist from US as well
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  7. It could be worse.

    They could be building marijuana prisons, instead they're legalizing and regulating it.
  8. Canada is part of "Merica".
  9. Actually we beat your asses when you tried, search it up.
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  10. We are never too old to learn sumptin new, so let me try again. America is a continent not a country. In fact there are two Muricas, a south and a north.
  11. Well actually the country live in is the United States. We both live in America

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  12. Well I live in Humboldt County. So everyday is 420.
  13. To those telling me that Canada is apart of America that can be viewed as a misconception by lots as most of the world calls the states America. Not the states or USA or by any other name. Canada and the United States are both apart of North America but when I specifically said canada beat America I was refering to the states and it was towards sades tasteless comenents and pictures. The amount of people trying to educate me on where I live, really? You all must really be stupid if you couldn't put my amarica comment and sades merica picture hand and hand.

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  14. Did you lose any sleep over this? 04:33AM?
  15. From B.C chiming in here, it's our biggest cash crop around 6 billion/year? I live in an area where wealth disparity is huge between two main sects-
    1) Canadians coming to BC from other provinces (mostly Albertans) who bring a ton of money and drive prices for everything up, pushing the locals out. Foreigners coming from other countries (mostly Asians) buying property for tax shelters, etc. This area is considered 'playground for the rich' and it is absolutely true. Rent goes up every year, in fact over ~three years my apartment went from 300 to 900/month, as greedy landlords looked at Vancouver prices.

    2) Locals who are scraping working multiple jobs, being squeezed out and rightly so pissed off. Barely getting by and unable to afford many of the fun things to do around here- golf, boating, even eating out! Working in the service industry is so frustrating because the wealthy treat the help like servants and do not tip to compensate for being snooty.

    Most people consider those who talk about legalization are only interested in the recreational side of getting high.
    Hopefully we get on the right track and grow HEMP and this can create a lot of jobs. Hemp can be re-grown in the same field and does good things to the soil. We have a huge industry here of clear cutting and then replanting trees, it's very expensive and wasteful. Poor mountains have these ugly bald patches everywhere

    Hemp can be used to make soap, rope, textiles, clothes, awesome paper, etc. There is a huge organic / sustainable movement in BC (mostly Kootenays) so things produced by locally grown hemp would be a huge hit. Since hemp shirts are like $100 each, having abundant quantity would drive prices down. I am still planning to move from BC as forget owning a house or having a family- it is insanely expensive to and live here, the pros are not great enough to justify the many cons. Money has changed this beautiful province too much & not for the better

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