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Your opinion on 420

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kottonmouth 420, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Alot of people think of 420 as stupid and pointless and alot of other people think its the best day ever. Personally i think it is kinda cool, knowing that on that day everyone will be smoking up. So I just wanted to know what everyones opinion is on it and why do you feel that wayabout it.
  2. yeah, i think its cool how its well known in the "counter-culture" community and everyone talks about it. The time and the date. 420... :smoking:
  3. 4/20 is going to be crazy, i cant wait!!! A lot of people are scared about it since cops know about it or w/e but I'll be smoking in the safety of a home all day so I'm not too worried :)
  4. I don't like people who ask everyone "what they're doing for 420." If I can afford it on that day however, I'm usually down to smoke a bit more excessively than usual.
  5. sure ive celebrated but really only because others were.
    420 means nothing to me is all. kids used to smoke at 420 after school? so what. i didn't smoke until college so "after school smoking" means nothing to me.
    Why not someones birthday related to the movement. or whenever it gets legalized/decriminalized we make the anniversary of that day special.
    or maybe from a song? i once heard that 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago was about doing drugs at a certain time of day. i later heard that was a myth, but still...its a good song, y not?
    I can tell ya that i do taxes so the week after 4/15 is always filled with a lot of smoking, and usually culminates with 4/20 being epic.
  6. 4:20's cool for texting 420 to friends at 420, or for the endless marijuana references when it comes to 420. But to me compared to the types of people who ACTUALLY get REALLY excited for 420, every day's 420 here. I've missed out on a 420 or two (as in not smoking a shitload compared to normal) without even caring - Sure it's fun to have an excuse for a holiday.. but it's not like 420's important.

  7. 2/6 - Bob Marley's birthday. I smoked more that day then on 420 itself. But it's pretty big on my campus, in a low key way. Sure lots of people smoke and bud is ridiculousy cheap that week but not many people have the balls to do it in public for some reason. Hell i was hitting my pipe on the way to class last year on my longboard and no one said anything. But this year, i'm getting a zip for myself and of course hitting up some stoner parties, everyone will be blazing that whole week to recover from our schools biggest party weekend. Picnic Day '10!! :hello:
  8. When it's 4/20 i wake up at 4:20am and have a bowl, go back to sleep, shower, smoke, go to school, smoke, come home, smoke, smoke, and smoke.
  9. to me 420 is just another excuse to smoke more than often.
  10. not to be a buzz kill, but 4/20 was also hitler's birthday.
  11. My 420 will be like any other day with a label attached...

    And you thought we celebrated toking? pssh
  12. 420 = Invite homies and bitches and smoke some good herb all day long.
  13. I usually go to a big 4/20 party on the day, and the time means something special to me. I feel like I'm smoking weed with a lot of other people at the same time, at least in my time zone. I also use the time to dedicate bowls to my friends that have passed away who I used to blaze with.
  14. I think its cool that everyone recognises 420 as a day to "celebrate" MJ. I, personally, am gonna find some homeless guy and give him a prerolled joint. you know. just to make everyone happy ^^
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    4-20-1889: Hitler came out of a vagina

    4-20-1999: Columbine Shooting

    4-20-2010: Dank smoke flies through the air all around the world

    EDIT: I feel so bad for the kids that came to school high as fuck on Columbine, I'd imagine it was 100 times freakier than it already was.
  16. its just like any other day to me... except il proly be smokin a lil more weed
  17. YES!!! this is what im talking about

  18. Or was it 100 times better. I don't know, I'd think I'd get some weird instinct.

    I'm 400 times more awesome stoned.
  19. Well its annoying when your smoking in a group and that one kid is all hyped up because its 420 and he feels the need to tell the world what time it is.

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