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Your not the one BPP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. I talked to a friend of mine today and you are not the person i thought you was. Don't worry I still think of ya as a friend!

    I thought your name was David. LTMFU
  2. David is too Old Testament name for me. Look in the New Testament for my name.
  3. Well Mathew did you write paarts of the bible?

  4. Baby, you went to a lot more sunday school than I did to remember those names and spell them right ( i think)!

    Maybe me wearing hawaiin shirts is a form of a coat of many colors. I always thought that was cool but can't ever rememebr anyone's name from the bible.
  5. I know BPP's name, having met him.But I'm not tellin'!! lol

    Or do I really Know??Maybe the names were changed to protect the innocent!! :smoking:

  6. Yeah you got my right name, I was pretty stoned out that weekend and had no creative powers at all to create a new name like "Buck Naked"

    Right now i feel like the donkey who had to carry Mary and Joseph to Bethlahem. Wore out from work and busted my knee up pretty bad. i think I'm going to go under the scope on this one. Damn i don't like Doctors.

    Oh. btw the coat of many colors was a wrong turn, I was trying to trick you. wink wink!
  7. But.....But.... I thought you told me your name WAS Buck Naked!! Lol Guess I was pretty stoned too!! Especially after your gracious gift!! :smoking:

    Hope only the best for ya with those Knee problems!!

  8. Not "I was Buck Naked" but am "planning on getting buck naked"

  9. lmao
  10. high shit...I love "buck naked men". Excuse me while I PMS...I always get horny then...

  11. I found out what BPP's real name is! You wouldn't believe it if i told ya!!

    Dick Head! or is that what he is??
  12. That's MISTER Dick Head to you!

  13. Sorry for not acknowledging you correctly MISTER DICKHEAD!!!!!
  14. I guess we are all DICKS or HEADS in one way or another! LOL

    Princess will be here soon. Only 7 more days and she'll be letting us know whos the boss around here!!!!!

    Have a great day all!!
  15. I prefer Richard Edward.....(Dick Ed) Lol!! :D: :smoking:

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