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Your nice and stoney... Now what?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by John Winston Ono Lennon, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. #1 John Winston Ono Lennon, Jan 19, 2014
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    Right after you finish a fat sesh, what do you usually like to do? If you don't have a normal after-smoking routine, then what is/are your favorite things to do after? Personally after I finish a few bong rips I like to get on Xbox and play Assassin's Creed 4, or get lost surfing the internet <3

  2. I like to open my bedroom window and light some candles. Turn out all of the lights and sit right by my open window in bed and listen to some good music and just enjoy my bong by myself. When I dont smoke with friends or anything this is just my favorite way to smoke and relax after a rough day. 
  3. I grab the guitar.
  4. I lay back with the headphones on and chill
  5. I usually like to watch something ike wrestling or a cartoon or movie. Today i watched the 2007 Royal Rumble in preparation for tomorrow and now I'm watching Monster In Law cuz my girl said she was watching it earlier and that shit is hilarious. Sometimes i throw on some rap though and just get so in tune and zone out. Usually just rap or watching some shit.
  6. Sometimes food. Usually just chill with the ecig and watch TV. Or load up another bowl in the vape
  7. i like to go sit in a back yard, just chill and be outside. or at night inside watching hulu or netflix or some video games, the internet, depends on the mood, but thats those are usually whats going on.

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  8. Eat till you can't eat no more. Then eat some moar.
    When I'm high I love to hang out with people. Something about my personality just urges to make everything more lively. I love making people smile or laugh when I'm high, especially when they're feeling down!
    If I'm alone however... well, I don't really remember what I do when I'm high. Except jack off. That's kind of routine.
  10. Battlefield 4 :DSent from my iPhone using Grasscit
  11. After a nice session of smoking weed, I like to smoke more weed.
  12. Play some xbox one..super star golf or whatever it's called..that shits fun
  13. Depends greatly on the set & setting. Usually when I smoke, it leads into me picking up a controller, writing storyline, listening to/making music, or just plain chilling. There are exceptions but these are the usual results. 
  14. Usually when I get high I would like to go hiking, relax, work on my grow and i'm one to make and mix music as well.
  15. Put headphones on, listen to music (pink floyd or dubstep, you are high after all), make some yummy home made food, watch a tv show or movie, talk with other high people and feel the good vibrations.
  16. punch bag and listen to deftones
  17. Right after I smoke I like to sit in the recliner, turn on netflix and watch futurama and eat nacho cheese Doritos <3

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    If I'm by myself I usually just chill on the computer, or I'll go out of town and do some shopping. If with people we usually just watch tv and try to find something to do in this small ass town. But Saturdays during the summer is always clutch cause we go out to the dirt races and party hard which is like quarter of a block from my buddys house, so it's easy to walk there and walk back to smoke more. I also did play a hell of alot of golf being stoned. Come home from work 3-4 days a week get stoned, change, and get 9 holes in.
    To be honest playing golf stoned is my favorite thing to do stoned.

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