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Your Narrator?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by waitwhat..., Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Just putting this out there.
    When I am out of my mind blazed I normally have someone narrating my thoughts in my head.
    The person is normally Johnny Depp When he Played Raoul Duke in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Always narrating every thing! I am a Huge fan of Hunter S. Thompson too so that doesn't help much!
    Any of you have narrators too?
  2. you must get a crazy high
  3. life is a trip isn't it
  4. thats fucking crazy i just feel really goood and tingly?
  5. we can't smoke here - this is bat country :eek:
  6. I usually hear the radio, despite the fact that I am home alone and everything is off. It will go on for hours (or minutes, I can't tell, I am usually pretty up there by this point) with songs, radio announcers, commercials.....

    Man, this stuff needs to be legalized. :smoke:
  7. Damn, I wish I could still get that kind of high.
  8. George Lopez. =D

    Anyways, I bet you don't feel alone. :p
  9. Hunter S. Thompson is the shit... Fear and Loathing is like my all time favorite movie and book...
  10. lol mang, i know EXACTLY what you mean!

    one time a friend of mine got really blazed at home and the voice of his thoughts was ME! lol
    he was telling me all about it on msn while it was going on
  11. Usually narrating my mind when Im geeked out, is that announcer guy from the movies. I love getting that high. Rep+ for this thread yo. And next time Im gonna have to go with Morgan Freeman as the narrator.

  12. Morgan Freeman FTW. :hello:

    But nah, never has happened to me...yet?

  13. Hahaha, Morgan Freeman's the shit, I think he would make a great high even better, Although I would probably end up non-stop laughing for no reason. His voice alone makes me laugh when im sober!
  14. thats some cool shit
  15. I hear shit in my head all the time when I'm high. Last week me and a couple buddies smoked about 5 bowls at our local golf course (at night) and on the way back to the car we just started bursting out running and I heard the theme song from pirates of the caribbean... I have to admit is was badass.:cool:

    I'll definitely think about Morgan Freeman next time I smoke lol.
  16. Whenever I get high, I always feel like there's someone else with me, even if there just isn''t... Like, in my car, or in my bed. It's actually really pleasant, not scary at all!
  17. tommy chong narrates stuff in my head, man
  18. I am Jack's GC account.
  19. It's all fun until they start telling you what to I can't figure out who the narrator in my head is....but when I find that guy, I'm gonna...:eek:

    'They drove on through the night watching as the lights swam by in the car windows, like thin trails of liquid color...'
    'Cool, man,' I said back to the voice.
    'That's when it occurred to them that they should all jump out of the moving car to chase the beautiful streamers of light...'
    'Wait, what the hell...?' I said out loud.
    My friends all turned to look at me, and I just shrugged and ignored the voice again.
    The voice began to laugh....


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