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  1. Nothing happened of any consequence prior to now. If you rest in past, you suffer.
    Nothing you can imagine correctly will happen in the future. If you rest In future, you suffer.
    Only now do you have any power.
    Because only now are you all.
    Past and future are the domains of the mind.
    You are not the mind.
    The mind thinks in words.
    You are the one that sees these words.
    You are not the mind.
    You are the now.
    You have always been only the now... listening to the mind. Calling it "me." But you have always been just the NOW... Looking at the mind.
    Let go of past and future. Let go of meanings. Let go of mind and you will find that you are already the freedom you've always looked for.
    How could the now not be free?
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  2. because im reading this
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  3. I am the always for time exists solely...ah fuck it
  4. "Je pense , donc je suis"

    Sent from the hart
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  5. What about "your name"?
  6. I am reading this and your post too.

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