Your most underrated/overrated Movies

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  1. I was looking at my IMDB vote history and was comparing my votes to those of the IMDB public and noticed that I seem to love some movies way more than everyone and some way less. My top 10 movies I liked way more:
    1. Undercover Brother
    2. Ringmaster (Jaime Pressley looking sexy and Jerry Springer, I had to like it)
    3. Barb Wire (Pamela Anderson in a leather corset...came out when I was 15, nuff said)
    4. Sunset Park
    5. Jimmy Hollywood
    6. The Comrades of Summer (made for TV baseball movie taking place in Russia)
    7. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
    8. Robocop 3
    9. Planet of the Apes (the 2001 version, I liked it a lot)
    10. The Meteor Man

    And my top 10 I hated way more:
    1. Life of Brian (couldn't get into it, and I'm not a Monty Python hater either)
    2. 300 (gayest movie ever, literally. How do straight guys like it?)
    3. Dogville (not a movie, a fucking half-finished play, how this was an 8 is beyond me)
    4. Fantastic Mr. Fox (even on a 10 hour airplane ride, this movie was still painful to watch
    5. Hard Candy
    6. Wings of Desire
    7. Bean
    8. Fantastic Four
    9. Bridesmaids
    10. Hope Floats/The Ugly Truth
  2. One I really hated was Lost in Translation. I really hated it. Got great reviews though.
  3. I liked that movie, but I was on a trip in Europe by myself where I hadn't spoken English to another human in a month, so I related to it really well.
  4. Boondock Saints. This movie is so fucking terrible I think it gave me cancer. But for some unexplainable reason every one sucks its dick constantly.

  5. i think you're the first person who i've heard say they loathed that movie


    no really, that movie is the shit

    my list? shit, i don't even know to be honest

    napoleon dynomite i guess? i just really hated that fucking movie. I'm drawing a complete blank right now, i'll get back to this.
  6. The Dark Knight- it was just another batman movie:confused_2:

    Paris hilton sex tape...didn't even make it into the imdb top 250
  7. The Dark Knight was certainly better than Batman and Robin (Mr. Freeze, holy crap Arnold was bad in that), but I can understand where you're coming from. Action movies are far more respected these days than even 10 years ago, you see far more of them getting good reviews.

    I never understood why people found Paris Hilton anything but repulsive. She looks like a dude and her personality is pretty much the definition of horrible. I personally prefer the production values of a traditional porn star and not just some slut with a camera.

    I agree with the Napoleon Dynamite person...that movie was okay the first time I saw it, and then all those people went nuts for it and I was like "Huh?". Now it annoys the hell out of me. Boondock Saints was another like that, though it doesn't annoy me as much.
  8. I admit I never actually saw the sex tape:)o)...I just thought it would be a funny movie to call under-rated if anything its probably over-rated.
    Paris Hilton- relatively hot but her personality is a drag

    Lord of the thats an under-rated movie

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