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your most intense high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Crazy Pothead, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Well, I've been smoking for 6 years now and I'd have to say my most intense high was when I first did blades (hot knifing) here's how it went down...

    I was in the basement of a friend of a friend's place and we started doing blades, I'm not sure how much I smoked, because i can't really remember taking my hits. Anyways, at some point I felt that I had had enough and I was to sit alone in a corner by myself... This is when my real high began, as soon as I closed my eyes, I could see my most recent problems as a comic book, but very realistisally drawn one... kinda like what sin city looks like. Every cell was an event that had happened, and I could focus on one cell, and when I did, it began to move and the event would take place from a third person perspective... In other words I could watch my self and what had happened. After what I guess was about twenty minutes, The guy who owned the place came up to me and gave me a cup of noodles... but once I opened my eyes... Everything I saw was like that comic book... Very realistically drawn, it was amazing... For some reason I wasn't really able to eat the noodles... swallowing the food seemed to hard to do and it seemed like I was going to choke because the food seemed to go down my throat so slowly... Anyways, I got back up from where I had been, then went and took one of the most amazing pisses of my life... the only better piss I've had was on coke or E... But anyways, after the piss I went back to the kitchen and started smoking more... after that, I can't remember anything else, only that it was fun and everything looked like a comic book.

    So there's my story, this is the only time I've ever had a full blown hallucination off of weed... and compared to the rest of my drug expirience, I know that that shit was laced with something... not sure what... Plus the guy who owned the place was deffinitely the type to do that... he had been snorting T3s and doing blades with us

    Now lets hear your story!! :bongin: :D

    Ps. this happened almost 2 years ago so I had been smoking for about 4 years at that point... and it was just weed we hot knifed, not oil or hash
  2. Do you really need one of those butane torches for knife hits? Couldn't you just use the flame from a gas stove?

  3. they had an electric stove with those wire elements... so we just proped the kinfe in one of those.... it's the easiest way to do it... the torch method is great for smoking oil though... and butane torches suck balls in my opinion... propane ones last way longer and are cheaper by far
  4. good e+weed is intense. weed doesnt get intense for me really.
  5. The most intense time was the first time I ate a firecracker that really worked. I put about 1g of some high mids in it and I wasn't expecting that much...but then it kicked me in the ass by surprise. I was just laying in my bed and (I don't usually get cottonmouth) I felt like I was dying because this cottonmouth was so bad. I was afraid that my whole body was going to dry up and I would die, although deep down I knew this was prepostorus.
  6. id have to say that the most intense high ive had was when a friend packed me a bowl of purp...but left out the fact that he laced it with mushrooms....stupidest fuken thing that you could ever do specially to a best after i smoked it i felt absolutley fu* was summer and about 80 degrees and within 20 min of smokin...i was wrapped in a hoodie and pants and freezing...i was at a party so all the people were trippin me out hard...all i can realy remmember was the fact that i felt paranoid... after 10 min of trippin hard i went and laid in my girlfriends car...i got into a sleeping bag...and curled up in the back and tripped for like an was terrible..
    NEVER smoke mushrooms i repeat..NEVER smoke mushroom.....and by the way i gave my best friend a huge right hook for what he did.
  7. It wasn't laced, it was just really good. Think about it, what drugs can you smoke? PCP, crack, heroin, opium, I think that's it besides weed, and what you felt sounds nothing like any of those.
  8. was that in response to my post or the one above yours?
  9. I toook way too many hits out of a huge ass bong and a steamroller, rolling on the ground, like literally, just rolling on the floor and laughing for a good five hours.
  10. I smoked about a 1/4 worth with 2 blunts and a bong within an hour. Also smoked about 5 times that day previousely.

    I was COMPLETELY toasted. I was unable to function. Seriousely. It had the same feeling as my shroom trip, just without the visuals.
  11. eating is proberly the most intence thing ive done, sent me to bed for a few hours.tingly rushes ftw.

    or day after wateva.
  12. yesterday i started by ripping my volcano a few times before heading to the headshop and picking up some equipment, headed to my buddy's house, grabbed the bong out ripped a few bowls then rolled and smoked a 1.5 gram blunt then ripped a bowl outta my spoon, made 4 firecrackers (just ate one going for the last one now) these each had 1.0g in them, ate two them. i literally passed out when i got home, i have bad burnout now. firecrackers are kickin in:bongin::yummy:
  13. One time we smoked like 50 bowls of dank, just burning off the crystals then pack another bowl... After that we baked a big batch of pot brownies using the dank(with crystals). Before those kicked in we made some pot spaghetti, with more dank...I was bakeddd then. I don't really remember what else we did... The crop was the fresh harvest of California orange bud. :smoking:
  14. prob yesterday i packed my new bowl with some jack herer (i think that how you spell it) with a pritty good amount of keif on the top. i was gone there was like to parts of it i was energetic but like wen i sat down and zoned out i could feel like pressure lifting me up and down if was crazy, i love my new bowl it huge so i was taking huge hits.
  15. hmm the highest i have ever been... hm.. well this one day i first woke up and ate 3 brownies then about 4 hours later at 5 i went out and smoked about an eighth.. then i went to the club around 8 and popped 4 ectasy pills.. after the club scene i went to a couple parties smoked a lot of weed and ate a quarter of shrooms.. after the parties i was sooo fucked up that i went back home with a couple people and we all droped about 5 hits of acid

    god that was a great night.. to bad i only remember little bits and peices of it.. damn shrooms
  16. my 2nd time to ever smoked was with StonedChaos, my bro and a few friends, we hotboxed this shed across the street from stonedchaos's street with a fat blunt. i got so high that i sat down and for a moment i thought that i was in a game of Halo PC (lol yea i used to play back then), and then once we opened the shed door, it was bright outside and it reminded me of like the light at the end of the tunnel. as we were all running across the street my bro yelled grenade and threw a newpaper bundle at me, and i looked back and slid in the grass (lmao) and then i picked up the paper and held it like it was a gun and made a machine gun noise hah.. then got to go for a nice drive home, laugh my ass off at my bro while he screamed at these workers that were working at mcdonalds, and went home and relaxed. man i'll never forget that day
  17. I'm pretty fucking baked right now. What the fuck am I doing?
  18. I was home one summer from school, and I remember getting so stoned that it was like after a deep nap, when you wake up, but you can't really wake up and you are in a half dream/half daze. And I had an excruciating headache.

    We decided to go eat at the yacht club/country club, this was over a summer when I was home from school, so I had to go home, talk to my parents, change clothes, drive a shitload, and go out to a very nice country club with nothing but old judgemental people who glared at me the entire dinner, also whom talked about me amongst their table as if I wouldn't know. I got back from eating after almost blacking out while driving and crashed for like 45 minutes, woke up and felt great. Then started smoking again :D

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