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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DuMontcole, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I noticed there was no recent popular thread on your most memorable experience after smoking. Aside from my first time, my favorite actually happened recently. After smoking with one of my best friends, very generous...this kid smokes me up all the time i owe him so much, and a long night filled with Monk and Wii Sports, we had not even realized it was about five in the morning. After discovering this we decided to go watch the sun rise. So we waited outside for about an hour and all of the sudden the sun came over the hills and it was one of the best experiences in my life. I really wish I had my nice camera instead of my cell phone. I really think everyone should stay up and watch the sun rise the next morning some day. So on that note what about you guys?
  2. Yea man, The sunrise is amazing, stoned or not. Where in NJ are you at? Anyway, My friends and I smoked (3 people total) about 4 blunts and a couple bowl packs. probally 3 bowl packs each. Needless to say, we were wasted. There is a bridge over a dam here, and we went to the bridge and caught the sunrise. Absolutely Amazing. Can't wait to get my camera.


    My friends and I went in his pool, and his cat came with us ( not my choice). That cat LOVED to swim, and we found it so amusing and ironic.
  3. yeah me and my one other friend had watched the sunrise before, its pretty sweet. Except for, that night we baked not smoked. But my one friend wouldnt eat his food because he said it was nasty, im not gonna lie it was discusting. But that was a pretty sweet experience
  4. Honestly. I don't remember....go figure:smoke:

  5. swimming is the shit, i live close to the border of PA by philipsburg
  6. my best high was Canada day of this year. My friend and I smoked two grams of this really dank shit, and we were actually blazed. My friend (very seasoned toker.. been at it much longer than me) said he felt drunk too.. which was weird. I always crack my back while sitting up, and I did it after we smoked and I heard the cracks go all the way up my back, but I didn't feel it. We watched some fireworks and I saw them taking weird shapes. It was nutso sacko. I was high for a solid 3 hours off of those 2 grams.
  7. The best time I've ever had after smoking was after my 1 month tolerance break. I was out of the country and I was around a lot of family drama and stress. When I finally came home and took one big rip, it was the greatest most beautiful experience of my life. It was like heaven, eternal bliss. I had on the Dark Side of the Moon playing from my really awesome headphones, just sprawled on my bead so gone. Words can't even describe. I was by myself btw.
  8. Watching Daft Punk's movie Interstella 5555 with my friends stoned

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