your most embarassing sex story.

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  1. ok tell me the story behind your most embarrassing or rediculous sexcapades.

    first one that comes to mind for me is having whiskey dick and not being able to feel a damn thing as while she was on top i got bored and just started watchin the news. she only realized after a few minuts and was kinda annoyed. at least it was a one nighter and never had to see her again.
  2. sorry dude, i stick to one girl. guarantees nightly lovin and no embarrasment.
  3. Three words come to mind......"oops, I missed".....:D
  4. me fucking this hot spanish chick and i couldn't cum when i wanted to because she was toooo wet
  5. isnt really embarassing but it caught me way off guard...this chick one time wanted me to choke her ...fuckin crazy if u ask me

  6. damn dude i would be happy as a pig in shit if i found a girl who was that freaky. did you do it?
  7. Choking huh. I was dating a really nice girl named Anna about a year ago. She was a deeply christian girl and kind of a holier then thou type person. Anyways after our first few times sleeping together she told me that she likes to have her hair pulled during sex and loves it to be really hard while she's having an orgasm. I did it but it was really, really weird.

    My most embarrassing sex story is any time I'm to plastered to get an erection. I don't drink anymore though so it's no longer a problem. Or when I first got head at 15, I was young and dumb and had seen a lot of porn. I didn't notify the nice young girl that I was reaching the end and I let it loose right in her mouth. That's when I learned that porn and real life are different. Like I said though I was young so don't hold it against me to much.
  8. too drunk to fuck

    it sucks
  9. Amen to that brother. One of the reason's I just smoke weed these days, drinking doesn't lead to fun for me anymore.
  10. Hahaha i woulda choked that girls into the choking and shit, i love it too from time to time.... and the hair pulling has been a turn on for almost every girl i've been with.....
  11. Seriously? I've never ran across that other then Anna. I wonder why it's such a turn on? I didn't get anything out of pulling her hair but I didn't complain. Whatever turns you on right.
  12. no i didnt do it, it was too much for me haha...ive felt like chokin a bitch before but not literally...
  13. not really embarassing but one time i called a girl her sister name while having sex w/ her hahah and i was not drunk at all i thought it was funny however she was pretty angry and promptly stopped riding me and left hahah
  14. Females wantin they hair pulled is pretty common, Not very 'kinky'.

    Jus get a girl and be real with her, She'll be real witcha and letcha know what she wants, And most like that.

    Thiers MUCH freakier shit ya can do. ;)
  15. Heh, I'm no vanilla dude. I just likes the other end of the stick. :p

  16. hahaah that was very funny.
  17. caffeine + penis ≠ erection
  18. Fucking queefs.

    Hair being pulled at just the right spot turns me into pudding.....

  19. thats what the fuck im talkin about! if i had a girl tell me to choke/slap/pull her hair while fucking ide pull out, drop to a knee and ask her to marry me. i love it when im really goin at it or goin down on a girl and she grabs a big fist full of my hair. nails scratchin my back and all that shit. damn i gotta find me a freak!
  20. Probably just when the stereo came crashing down to the ground off the wall and my bf at the times parents came knocking on the door and where like WTF is going on up here!!!??

    Busted :eek::D

    But that wasn't as bad as almost loosing the key to the handcuffs.. that could have ended bad :p

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