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Your most CLUTCH cover-up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by g12231dfa1, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Okay so I'm not sure if anyone's done a similar topic, but I'd like to hear about you or a friends most CLUTCH cover up.

    Okay well here's mine.

    It was about four months ago. Me and two of my friends : Drew and Ray all went in on an eighth of some Lemon Haze. Ray INSISTS on taking his bong EVERYWHERE so needless to say we were riding dirty, haha. After we picked up the bud we did a few bong rips each, then went in search of food. After a long stoned debate (lol) we all agree that Schlotzky's would be fuckin' great. So we eat then go back to the car, we do some more bong rips, then we go skate up at an elementary school. Mind you it's 1am. We skate for a little over an hour and decide to chill and polish off the rest of the weed. So Drew is in his car rolling up a joint with the last of the weed. Ray is in the passenger seat and I'm sitting on my skateboard next the the passenger side wheel, talking to Ray. (It's a 2-door Honda, I didn't feel like crawling in the back.) Ray has the door open, with his bong sitting upright on the floorboard. Drew say's, “Fuck! Cop!” and he eats the joint the was rolling without hesitation. Ray- High as hell and not knowing what to do panics and knocks the bong over. I grab the bong and lay it on the ground facing the inside of the tire. This was all in a matter of seconds. The cop pulls up behind Drew's car and starts asking questions: “What are you up to?” he asks our ages and some other trivial shit that my stoner memory cannot recollect. We explain that we were just skating and he say's that's illegal and we answer with the usual, “Officer we were unaware.” and the whole time we're talking to him he's looking in the car with a flashlight. Ray is nervous as hell and Drew keeps glaring at Ray and I was confused as to why Drew looked so pissed. Then the officer turns back to us and say's, “Boy's I smell marijuana in this vehicle.” My fucking heart dropped when he said that. I was racking my brain for some explanation I could give to get us out of this shit, but being high I came up blank and just waited for what he had to say next. Drew said, “I don't know why it would.” and the officer asks him to consent to a search. To make this LONG story short: Drew kept refusing to consent and the cop was talking about getting dogs and shit if he continued to refuse. The entire time I'm gesturing toward Drew to consent to the search. Finally he gets the hint and tells the officer he consents to a search of his vehicle. The officer starts going through the car for about 20mins and comes up with NOTHING. Drew and Ray looked so fucking confused it was priceless. :confused:
    So the cop finally gives up and tells us that we can't skate at the school and shit and he gives us some short lecture on the dangers of drugs, gets in his cruiser and leaves. Drew looks at me and say's what the fuck did you do with the bong? Neither one of them knew what happened so I show them both where I hid it and they were like sick bro. And I was just like you know how I do. :rolleyes:

    We went and bought another eighth to celebrate our freedom :D
    Oh and the reason Drew looked so pissed off was that he thought Ray broke the bong on his floorboard. Although he was still pissed because his car smelled like bong water for a week. (Small price to pay I say)

    Anyways your cover up can be different, like hiding the fact that you're high from an authority figure. :smoking:
  2. wall of text is a wall of text:eek:

  3. Haha yeah sorry guy's I know you don't feel like reading a long wall of text, especially if you're lit. :(
  4. Wow that was close.. Haha
  5. i don't use clutch when i shift gears heehaw
  6. "It was about four months ago. Me and two of my friends : Drew and Ray all went in on an eighth of some Lemon Haze. Ray INSISTS on taking his bong EVERYWHERE so needless to say we were riding dirty, haha."


    Oh and the reason Drew looked so pissed off was that he thought Ray broke the bong on his floorboard. Although he was still pissed because his car smelled like bong water for a week. (Small price to pay I say)

    Anyways your cover up can be different, like hiding the fact that you’re high from an authority figure.

    Thats all I read. Cliff notes please.
  7. Can someone post a tl;dr version
  8. Fuck him for taking his bong everywhere especially in a cart ride
  9. #9 britishpop, Aug 14, 2011
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    Bunch of dudes skating and ripping at a school at 1am when cop pulls up. OP hides bong under car; pressured into a consent to search, cop finds nothing and leaves. Rip some more!
  10. The idea is for others to share their stories as well. I know mines long. :eek:

  11. Thats sick :smoking: I was smoking at a school once with a few buddies the cops came we threw the pipe on the floor and kicked stones over it ..

    Clutched :D
  12. a long while ago, i was with my closest friend and some other people who didn't like smoking. we were using mids on a soda can, having difficulty taking successful hits. we were COMPLETE IDIOTS at the time and would do anything to get high. most of the time we used cans as an appropriate method to get stoned

    everyone there was making too much noise. i guess we didn't care that we were located down the stream where a bridge and houses were present. people were everywhere. i have no clue why not one bit of common sense came across any of our minds. neither my friend nor i were stoned at this point

    suddenly, we hear a car pull up very quickly. someone must have complained about the noise. the people my friend and i were with, complete nerds, bolted from the scene like it was nothing. we didn't know what happened. a cop started walking down towards us, and my friend threw away the can where it was unable to search for in the dark. he threw his dime left into his pack of newports

    i walked up to the cop and asked him what the trouble was about. my friend quickly lit a boge and told the officer that he was smoking a cigarette and didn't want his parents to catch him. we were let off without any suspicion whatsoever and quickly rode our bikes the fuck out of that area
  13. you guys need to stop bitching about how long the post is. its a story. you know it was a story. if you dont want to read it, dont click on this thread.
  14. one time my mom went into my room when i had my pipe out and i threw in across the room perfectly landing in my cloths drawer right before she entered

  15. Lmao sounds fucking Boss! :cool:
  16. If I was 17 and lived with my parents I would have something to post, but since I'm not and I don't, enjoy the following picture.

  17. i;ve seen worse. haha he's lucky the cop didn't see him put the bong under the car.
  18. Had one of those today... On the job (sorta) as a matter of fact.

    Finished a pretty big demo job at a house and there was a empty shed in the back, needless to say me and a friend were prepared and whipped out a small bong and 2g's from within a backpack. We pull everything out and pack a bowl, reach to grab the lighter and it dies after not even a hit worth of lighting. FUCK right? So we were kinda pissed and got a call that second, i answer and its our boss saying "where are you guys? im in the house...?" we're like FUCK throw everything in the backpack and play if off like were just in the back yard. Everything went cool, he didnt look in the shed, we're home free right?

    Fuck no.

    This guy pulls up AGAIN when im walking on the side of the house with a backpack of munchies, weed, and tools and the bong in my hand. He didnt see me immediately so i tossed the bong on the roof (It didnt break AT ALL, im not even sure how. Some magical shit) he mentions something about the pluming, i say yeah ill check it out (didnt even hear what he said) then he said "It smells like pot around here.." I quickly said yeah i think its the teenagers next door. He laughs and drives away.

    Mind you we had eaten edibles BESIDES all this, so i was pretty baked.

    I still have my 35$ an hour job, so i think im okay. :D
  19. I got pulled up by 2 DT's behind a BOB's Furniture. Me and a buddy were ripping a bong. They caught us red handed. Also found about a gram on my persons.

    They asked for my license and checked the whole car, finding another pipe and my grinder.

    They gave all my shit back, and said have a nice day.

    What was so clutch about that:

    My stoned ass being as chill as a fucking cucumber and doing exactly what the cop said without resistance.

    Sometimes pigs just need a friend. Be friendly and you may get out of some pretty sticky ass shit.
  20. So, you either didn't start smoking until you were 18 and out of the house and STILL managed to never have a close call, or you never had a close call when you were growing up and getting high? :rolleyes: Seems like an excuse to post something dick-ish in a thread that is decently funny.

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