your more scary , weird dream?

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  1. i had a dream where i was going to buy something i dont remember what and suddenly some cartel trucks apeared and started shooting at us my friend's stepped on the accelerator and we fell into a large lake and I was the only one who managed to survive suddenly appeared on a beach and i saw my death relatives saying hello to me.
  2. i just have drug dreams, and they BLOWWWWWWWWWWWWW :(

    like 2 days ago I was dreaming i was sitting in a classroom for some reason with a bunch of people and when everyone got up and left I saw this little plastic bag with a SHIT LOAD of different goodies in it. its probably happened 5 or more times and everytime I wake up I get extremely depressed..
  3. I think the most frightening dreams where the ones when i was first getting into Lucid Dreaming. I would enter sleep paralysis and get an insanely terrible feeling of evil entities hovering over me. What makes it so scary is that your mind is awake so you are able to think in a normal state and look around, but your body is a sleep so you are unable to move. It would sometimes feel like the entity was breathing on my neck and on my ear.

    I dont get that anymore, well I havent for a long time.
  4. I had a crazy dream about 3 months ago that felt very real. There was a woman, not sure where she came from or who she is but I formed a friendship with her. Later on I find out this woman is able to communicate with spirits, and learn the past. Then a bunch of stuff happens that I don't remember, and the next image I have of this woman is her walking down the street dressed in all black, her face covered and wearing a sign saying "the end is near", and she did nothing but point; forward, behind her, left and right I knew she was pointing at the spirits talking to her. Then the dream goes to me laying in my bed and I see my bed sheets raise up a near my waist, I thought nothing of it so I put my hand over it. After that the sheets start spiraling out of my control and raise above me and drop to reveal a human head. The face was all fucked up with red and blue veins running through it, and the eyes had no pupils. The guy had a crew cut and a massive jaw, looked like a drill sergeant or something like that. Then I quickly woke up in a cold sweat not sure about wtf I just saw.
  5. Sex dream > drug dream
  6. I had this one dream not too long ago that i was talking with Dylan Klebold (columbine shooter) and my feelings in the dream were me being scared/intimidated yet very intriguied with what he had to say. I felt like his words were very moving and what not.

    I wasn't really scared just in awe that i dreamt that shit.
  7. :wave:I had this dream last night that i was stitting in this room which was kind of half bedroom half warehouse like where semis unload with my friends and a couple girls and we were all smoking a joint one of the girls gave me her ipod and said it was broken so i pressed the center button and the play button at the same time as i was saying i can fix it all of a sudden
    a digital man like the style of one of those old tamagochi pets or whatever their called appeared on the screen with a top hat and a cane and he was dancing (i had a toy like this when i was younger it was called macro dancer or macro mover or something like that) and she said i broke it. i started feeling pretty stoned in my dream which was cool:smoke: then i was in a black car driving but i was in the passenger seat and my foot went over the center console to the pedals and i was steering with one hand by this time i was really really stoned it felt extremely realistic to i got out and every one of my friends were to the left of me and kind of behind . we were in a parking lot in front of the store and these two Indian girls and their dad got out of there parked car and went in the store the girls kept looking back at me they came back without there dad and me and my one friend went to talk to them they asked if we liked them and we were about to spit some game but all of a sudden my friend was like "damn fool im fuckin stoned" all of a sudden i was so stoned it incapacitated me it was the best feeling ever the girls were looking at us weird but we didnt care. i started to move in slow motion and kind of felt like i was floating upward and my dream ended although i wished it hadn't .
  8. just last night i had a scary/weird dream.

    i dream't that i was at a mall with my 2 friends and we were just cruising all day, hooking up with random chicks and sh!t like we always do on our weekends. All of a sudden, i see 2 really fine chicks that i thought were the most beautiful chicks i ever seen in my life. I went over and started to get to know them when all of a sudden, the girl with black hair started putting her hand behind her friend's back by her ass and during this whole time, i was thinking "i wonder if these chicks are lesbians or something". Then out of no where, my dream goes from the mall to being at my local high school that i live by *keep in mind that the high school i live by in hawaii is basically in the country, meaning its a lot of open fields and plantation land with long stretches of dirt roads*. I remember just walking the back road behind the high school, just walking randomly out there for no apparent reason. Out of the blue, the 2 chicks appear by a dirt mound with their dirt bikes and i remember thinking "holy sh!t, these chicks ride too?". I walked up to both of them of just started talking casually. I just made a decision right there and said "are you 2 lesbians?". Out of no where, they both take off on their dirt bikes and start riding off. I just kept on walking when all of a sudden, i see 3 big-ass lifted trucks just slowly coming up the hill like its a scene from a drive-by movie. As i stopped to see who it was that was driving, they all started blazing toward me and in a split decision, I just took of running. I ran over a big dirt mound and about 90 feet behind me, the 3 trucks were still right on my ass. I ran towards the back fences of the high school and when i looked back, 1 truck bust through the 15 foot high fence to cut me off and the 2 other trucks were still hot on my ass. As i booked it across the baseball field, i seen that the football team was practicing on the football field so i just tried running as hard as i could to the football field. About 120 feet till the fence to get onto the football field, i looked back and seen the 3 trucks less than 40 feet behind me and closing. I just remember thinking "dear god, please just let some random-ass missile from north korea bomb these 3 trucks and i will not sin for the rest of my life" *of course that didn't happen, lol*. At about 60 feet from the gate, i looked back and seen 1 truck right behind me and the 2 other trucks disappeared. As i faced back ahead to the football field, I just froze from sudden disbelief. Instead of the football team being on the field, the only things on the football field were the 2 other trucks just waiting for me.

    And that is when i woke up from my dream, in which when i woke up, it was about 10:30 in the morning, when i was supposed to be at my family brunch at 8:00 this morning for memorials day. I wanna try and see if i can induce this same dream again to see if i can pick up where i left off, lol. If anything, i'll post up if anything happened.
  9. I had a drug dream that my mom was addicted to a drug called "Heroin-Cocaine" and it was a clear liquid which you drank.
  10. Haha I'm exactly the same. Just last night I had a dream about buying a couple pounds of bud, then I woke up and remembered I'm pretty much broke. :(

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