Your methods to "last longer"

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  1. So Im sure we all no the basic one.. The Stop and go technique..

    But what's your method to avoid 'cumming' early?

    We all know it takes a real man to please the women first.
  2. condoms, unfortunately
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  3. It's something I was born with.

    My lady cums twice before I finish.

    I'm pretty much a boss.
  4. Find the least attractive thin about the girl and focus on that. Ie. Fat rolls, pimples, hairy moles, stuff like that

  5. me too, condom or not
  6. [​IMG]

  7. That's gross :confused:
  8. Regular sized condoms
  9. algebra, simple enough not to require tons of thought, but complex enough that you don't know the answers instinctively. Or drink i can never get off condom or not when i drink. Its like my penis no longer exists.
  10. I always think of something non sexual or something that grosses me out and it always does the trick :D
  11. I start reciting the Fibonacci sequence in my head some times.
  12. Unflex your butt cheeks. I know it sounds goofy but it works. Your ass naturally flexes while you're pumping. If you consciously make the effort to unflex your butt muscles, you can last forever. Or at least until your girl cums.
  13. i find breathing normally helps
  14. Pull it out and give the hoe a few slaps
  15. [ame=]Do You Know What Tabasco Is Good For? - YouTube[/ame]
  16. fuck ugly chicks..
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    Thanks august ;)
  18. Smoke a fat as j or burn a big ass bowl, always does it for me. My woman loves it and gets hers 3-5 times before i get mine. :bongin:
  19. I really don't like the think of other stuff method. I'm having sex, I want to think about the sex I'm having, not math. I just go with the flow, and if I cum, I cum, then I finger her or lick her clit or whatever for a few minutes until I'm hard again, and then go back at it.

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