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Your medium of choice make you suffer?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by SkunkWoodz, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Lets unite! Lol I work exotic woods and right now I'm trying so hard to not rub my eyes because of few various toxic ones (usually just the sawdust is toxic). Conjuctivitis (pink eye) is the worst for me.

    I can imagine some of you that draw with sharpies, pluck guitars, graf with spray etc etc have some stories or daily issues of your own. I want to hear them cuz suffering for your art kjnda sucks lol

    anyone wanna spot me a G for a legit dust collector? I'll take pics next time its super bad, cuz I look funny :eek::wave:

    And if you're not suffering you didnt ART hard enough:D
  2. back in high school i had a friend who was moving house, and at the time we were really really into graffiti and street art, so we went into his now abandoned old house, and in one of the rooms we covered the walls with our graphics and all that good stuff, but their wasnt much airflow, and we didnt have masks, we stepped out of the room into the fresh air and both almost passed out with all the fumes and dizziness, was fun though, followed by a spliff....
    otherwise in my day to day artwork its all pen and paper, so not much danger there. the worst i can think of is back problems sitting in front of the computer slouched all day with the tablet, ah well... time to get a new chair.
  3. Musician...I swore off computer-generated noises (if you can make your music while laying in bed, get the idea)

    Real instruments are expensive if you want quality and my whole project is held up.
  4. Writing only made me more insane. Does that count? :smoking:
  5. Totally. I was kinda thinking that one as well. But you (us?) crazies respond strangely:devious::smoking::D

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