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  1. way back when i first started smoking, the third time i got high, i smoked some dank blue cheese with my nigga, and i dont know how i thought the meaning of life is: interaction  :smoking:   i dont know how, but i see it works. not just humans, but for water, animals, earth, wind, cloud, sun, stars, animals, atoms, electricity... till this day i still agree on this on reflection.
    what do you guys think?
    and what's Your meaning of life?

  2. Seems logical, considering everything is vulnerable, in theory, to cause and effect, which of course is interaction. I thought about the meaning of life once when I was rly baked and came to the conclusion that i shouldn't even think about it bc all things existant must come to an end, or do they? We will never know as long as we live and may not even know when we are dead. Life could be endless or it could be infinite, my meaning of life is you live, you die, the end
    sureley life does go on, in different dimension, space, and times.
  4. I think this is all a constant stream of consciousness and that "Life" as it would be is nothing more than an illusion. :cool:
  5. Happiness, because we are really just living a pointless existence and nothing else matters in the end.
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    my meaning of life is to live and educate yourself about ALL things, procreate and teach your children all you know and more. dont live for stuff you can live without. lately in my life(im 27 with 2 kids) i have not invested alot of my life with religion, and this has alowed me to focus more on my family and making more money to give them all the good that i had and that i had didnt have. its all about the NOW. Not like YOLO in that you live fast and party hard. you need to better yourself and enrich your life and all those around you in all the ways that you can. and smoking has really opened up my self to all this. This is the Meaning Of Life.
  7. Nothing at all man it's just your speck of time. I believe you should find what you're good at and live your life with passion. If possible try to better humanity a bit. Overall ".. all you touch and all you see, Is all your life will ever be."
  8. I don't really have a meaning of life, I think it's meaningless, in a way. I just want to spend it with the love of my life and do things that make me happy. Love is the only meaning there is in life.
  9. I don't really have a meaning of life, I think it's meaningless, in a way. I just want to spend it with the love of my life and do things that make me happy. Love is the only meaning there is in life.
  10. Life is just life. I don't think about it I just do it.
  11. getting blazed and being a couch potato
  12. YES!
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    Life is only the time you exist in. It's what you chose to do with it that will have meaning or not. Each day you have the ability to learn new things, to play new instruments, to become a little bit healthier version of you. Humans are lucky in that they can communicate, spread ideas, and create things on a totally different level than animals; Now more than ever we have the tools and capabilities to spread knowledge, discover, and ideas faster than our ancestors ever could have imagined and we can do things that were past the realm of impossible not too long before. Basically life is what you choose to do with it, life is a gift... from what,who,how we may never know exactly. One day it will be over and it could happen at any time of day, but hopefully you'll be remembered and thought of by people as being the type of person who did things, loved, created, hoped, inspired, and never quit improving themselves.
    :smoking:  :cool:
  14. Life is an eternal lesson and when you understand it you become one with all. We're here to learn plain and simple. Take all you can out of life and respect it as some never get that chance. Someday you will die and wake up and you will be able to recall everything you've ever experienced and draw on that to move on to the next stage of "life" wether that be joining the collective consciouness or moving up a dimension/plane. The more understanding you have the higher you can go but at the same time understanding isn't everything it's the process of learning that knowledge and feeling it that is the goal.

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