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Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. i went to the edge tonight salamandress ask me to go to their site where they made fun of me ,i am saying by to them ,by to the edge ,by to yahooka ,by to grass city! i hope i have helped some of you !
  2. i am sorry i was mad! i dont like someone trashing me unless i earned it! so i am trashing her!what goes around comes around !i have not slep ,i well see how they like it ! wish me luck! tazz11
  3. just ignore the a-holes, tazzy and stick with your friends. Don't lose sleep over what strangers say to ya. You know who your friends are! And you're not going anywhere, y'hear!?

    Love ya :smoking:
  4. your a smart chicky have i told you yet! i dont know , i cant stay focused
  5. Dont let one person ruin it for the whole group. Then nothing would survive, people like you they enjoy reading your advicve, reading about your life. People enjoy your presence. =)

    Stick around.

  6. if we all based are decisions on what others thought of us

    wed all be in alot of trubble

    fuck em
  7. your fucking right about that dude we now think the reason they wanted members to go to their chat was vice! dont join their chat ! dude! its a long trem club ! thats why they want me their!they ask me 3-4 times if i grow and i would answer them! than they got mad and trash me ! i think they did not know how to under stand the tazz 11 ! freaky dude !
  8. sometimes people jest have to rag on others

    its the only way they can feel good

    it helps them ignor there own imperfections

    the cant like anyone elts if you dont like yourself

  9. You actually lost sleep over some petty shit like this?
  10. Hey Tazz old friend. Keep a cool head and just talk to the rest of us old stoners. Let the dumb asses slide past.

    Keep the faith old friend!!
  11. I agree tazz, don't let a few bad apples spoil your fun, just know that they'll get theirs one day in one manner or another. they're not lucky to be honored by your presence, but pls don't leave us! we love ya :)
  12. yes ! i make every thing count in my life the more i care the better and full my life is! what most take for nothing i see it as everything ,what some taste is bland it taste it as fine full flavor! what some hear as background noise i here kids playing 300 ydrs away! and what some just think as nothing worth loseing sleep over ,i feel as pain to my spirit !if i try to for get what this things feel like ,i would not see my life as full! i just cant stand 1/2 a cup full ! i want my cup to runth off! good luck tazz11
  13. BOO...did I scare ya......peace to you and yours my friend..

  14. Let me get this're losing sleep over something someone you will never meet in your life has typed?

    You have to be above that. Don't believe everything you read. What you're reading right now is not real life. I'd hate to see what happens when people criticize you in the real world. I'd never let something that some punk ass kid in high school has written ruin my day.

    With each of your responses you're adding more fuel to the fire. Have you ever thought that this person's intentions when they get online is to get a rise out of people like yourself?

    Don't let bullshit like this get to you. Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one. Your best bet is to just ignore them. Other people will form their own opinions and will see who's in the wrong. Just my $0.02.
  15. na ! but its good to see you out and about dude how it going ! any green tons around !lol
  16. good riddens ya wuss.

    On a lighter note, anyone watch that boxing match last night?! Vanilla Ice got fucked up! "What you talking bout Willis?"
  17. ' what your reading right now is not real"it is real to me why? you ask if by chance i did in the back of my mind think it was only dream i would always ? the what i read as it counld be or if !there has tobe meanings and feelings be hind what i i see hear read ,or its as good as fake to me ! i have no out side world around me i live on my farm and almost never leave ! i dont need to! so what is here in the sites is becomeing my world of wonder for if i over look things as just talk i would miss the things that are real with in them! i walk past a cup seting on the table ,if i think it is empty ! i may have over looked the few drops at the bottom what do they mean in the over all real life ,i wont know if i pass them by !apreson lost in the desert he think he see a vision! checks it out its not real he walks away , another vision is seen dose he go and look at it or beleave it is like the other and walk by it with out knowing ,he has storeo typed it to be like the frist when it could be real but he would not know for he has walked by !i dont judge books by there cover ,i read them know them and try to understand them ! so next time i am looking for abook and see the title i know the pages are not just blank there as real to me in side as they are out! i am i makeing any sence to any one here ,i know you from your post i reply to! your there reading it ,i know this when you reply back ,but i have never seen you or meet you! but in spirit i haveand i learn and know you more if i only try!i dont want my life to past with only read the words and never tasteing the life that wrote them! i pick threw the ink and their are good freinds hiden with in the ink wanting to meet other freinds and make their life's fuller to their spirits ! it cost me i pay the toll ! for i look in to their worlds and know their world is as real as mine to them and me when i open my mind to pass threw! are your eyes not open reading these words are they not just words to you! what are you missing ? well you ever know?i cant answer that for you only my self ! i am in riched by my open the windows of my heart and soul and mind ,the toll is but only a small cost for the great things and people i meet and know by doing this ! its all mind over matter and the more that matters to you the more the mind sees! and everything matters to god ,so it should matter to me !it a game he plays with us all can we look deeper ,can we find the smallist part of his creations,can we feel a tear from but only words in ink far from are real worlds ! i can , i think i can ,i only need but try..... his gifts are my reward!....good luck tazz11
  18. was it good dude i didnt see it ! give us the howard cosell dude !
  19. Rainman!!!!!!!! You were right it would have been our loss! Don't lose sleep over it either. That's one of life's tough lessons. To realize you must be yourself no matter what anyone thinks of you. It's hard and sometimes it can be lonely,'ll never be truly happy being someone else, and I'll let you in on a little secret. Even if you changed for someone, there will be someone else who won't like that. true to yourself, and in my humble opinion that is very special.

    Here's to you rainman:D

  20. thanks for the apologys,i can only be my self and a witch may be funny to some,but it is me with !often people make fun of what they dont under stand, something may not be normal it dosent mean its not real !just not under stode !i feel saying i am sorry to you both is more just ,why because i often stress people with my disableity and i cant stop it but yet my well to know more drives me to know more! i often try to know and understand things and people that are not often knowing anyone that like me ! they react with out under stand where i am realy comeing from ,and in the only way they no how to someone that freaks them out ,or they think are odd or not normal !i may push the lemits of being human and normal ,but never push away people that could be freinds!good luck tazz11

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