Your long weekend?

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. So what y'all stoners got planned for your long weekend?, im gettin Bomed friday, and im gettin some coke and ecstacy on saturday, then a family dinner on monday :D.

    Also, this is my 1,420 post :smoking:
  2. Drinking beer and :smoking: in the garden as its the first sunny day of the year here, off to a footy match tomorrow and off to Romania on Sunday
  3. Damn, i wanna go with you haha, i got some ecstacy coke and beer, lets party!, also here's a dumb question, footy match? Hacky sack, football,soccer? haha..:bongin:
  4. i think im gettin blazed but to ddo that i gotta ride my bike all the way downtown and thats gonna be a bitch.
  5. I already made a thread like this yesterday but...

    I plan on doin the regular. Gettin pissy drunk each and every night. Got some herb so smokin. And kickin it with the homies.

  6. It was more or less for my 1,420th post, i needed a topic tho.
  7. went out with friends last night and got shitty drunk..good times. Later today I'm driving to St. Louis on my own to visit a friend, 4.5 hour drive....good thing I have 8 schwag joints rolled and a little under two grams of dank to smoke through my dugout. Should be fun.

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