your lifestyle and materials shape you

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by idkwatimdoin23, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. I have this cat and hes completely an anxious wreck. I love him but I'm giving him to my sister because he drives me insane. Running frantically throughout the house. His anxiety rubs off on me and makes me anxious and insane. I feel the type of car you drive influences your personality. Everything does. Your family members. Some people can intuitively tell "he's an only child" or almost anything. A psychic uses their intuition "you have an anxious aunt who cuts hair for a living" by reading you. Everything you do and experience influences who and what you are. That's what makes the internet tough. You don't see the person that is saying things. I feel the anonymity of the internet promotes misunderstanding of SOMEthing(s). Its bad in a lot of ways. I wish I could see who Im talking to. But back to the point. I always went about life just doing what I wanted not worryng about how much my style influenced me. But that's changed now I'm more conscious about my style influencing myself. Watch your style closely in every facet of life. Because it influences you I feel. That's all Mr. Anonymous reader. What do you think?

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