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Discussion in 'General' started by CasinoCloudz, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Genres: 49
    Artists: 85
    Albums: 125
    Songs: 1224
    3 days 6 hours 53 minutes and 59 seconds of songs
    7 gb

    I wanna hear them grasscity because im fuckin high
  2. I refuse to use Itunes.
  3. 1159 songs on mine. :D
  4. like 600 songs 3 movies some episodes of jackass and some pictures

    all pirated btw CD's are too expensive
  5. 2928 Songs
    8.7 Days
    13.87 GB
    256 Albums
    68 Artists

    None of it was downloaded though. I actually buy CDs.
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    4009 songs, 11,1 days, 19.35 GB

    1484 albums, 1034 artists but i bet that's scewed due to not labeling all my music consistently.

    i just switched to itunes since i got a ipod touch. other wise i don't see any advantages to it. though u can set the equalizer to change with songs.
  7. Since I gave up on new music (99% of new music SUCK CAMEL BALLS IN SUMMER), I got like about 6-7 hours worth.
  8. 1193 songs
    333 artists
    42 albums
    yup and by my calculations all that would take you 2.5 days to finish aha
  9. 0 songs
    0 artists
    0 albums

    its my wifes laptop.. my computer took a dump 3 months ago :mad: which had lots and lots and lots of music on it..
  10. 28,075 songs
    85:03:19:31 total time

    165.46 GB.

    I'm a fucking bittorrent addict. But I also listen to a shitload of music.
  11. 102 genres
    531 artists
    1141 albums

    9383 songs
    223.2 days
    40.98 gb

    I FUCKING LOVE music. ALL music.*


    *except new country music. The oldies are good. Just not this twangy pop shit. Fuck that.
  12. This. And nice Devin the Dude pic.

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