your ISP DOES track your actions on forums... here's my story

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  1. It's been a few years now and I'm much more practiced in internet anonymity, plus medical is legal in my state in two months so I don't mind sharing my story now. If you don't browse the internet anonymously with tor and VPN's you ARE being tracked. It's a fact check the latest docs on wikileaks for life changing info on what the CIA is doing. Either way you should use tor and browse anonymous because by birth you have the right to privacy, and the more people who use tor the less of a bad rep it will have for regular users just trying to stay safe from hackers as opposed to being the hacker!!


    At that point in time I was a well known member on the bubbleponics forum at grow weed easy. For reasons later obvious I probably shouldn't link to my account. I had joined the forums with the same intention I joined these forums. That reason was to provide value when and only when I could just and to learn more from real life applications of the knowledge. I started browsing grow logs and maybe it was my pride, or maybe I was just more naive than I'd like to admit (teenager at the time so yeah...) but I decided I would post my own grow journal. I knew that it was illegal in my state but I was young and thought "eh what are the chances". Sorely mistaken. Everything went smooth for about 3 weeks I updated regularly and it was fun.

    One day I got a knock on my mom's door because I was still there at the time. Her door has one of those octagon shaped windows (idk if you've seen one but it's a window on the "big door" that you can see out of) and I was shocked to see a well known detective at my door. This next part will be good because you can learn from my mistakes and also you can join me on the emotional s*&t storm that was the next 45 minutes of my life. I did what I thought I was supposed to do bc of some idiots on the internet. Never listen to anyone on the internet... except this one time... don't do what I did. Opened the door went outside and closed the door behind me. (not only is this extremely suspicious to an officer, but I will explain what you should FOR REAL do if the cops ever come by). I asked why they were there and they explained to me that my internet service provider noticed suspicious activity found my forum thread and downloaded the pictures and sent them to my local police department with my address!!!(for real tor) They then asked to search the house to which both my ego and me literally replied "do you have a warrant?". His response to that was "no, but we can place you under arrest right now and charge you with hard proof then go get a warrant and come back if you like"(why you do not go outside) then he followed with "don't worry I just need to get these plants and if you cooperate I promise I won't arrest you" so I foolishly responded "come on in". Older and wiser now so I know this is illegal detainment now but damn I was scared!

    For the record and so this post is educational a bit, if the police ever do come knocking the correct thing to do is go to a window or only open your big door leaving the screen shut and locked and communicate from the inside claiming "this is what my lawyer told me to do". More than likely they will go away but better believe their watching. If they had a warrant they won't be knocking they will be busting through that s*&t with a battering ram. Another thing I can teach from experience unfortunately is that battering rams are not like on T.V. One swing from that thing and the door is down. Period.

    I take them to my room and I guess they at least had the decency by my request to leave my moms room alone which made me think they were cool... for the next ten minutes. I take them to my room where there is obviously a quarter ounce of weed on the table in plain sight so that goes with them. Then since my thread was a "closet grow" they already knew it was in the closet and that's when I knew they weren't BSing about my jerk ISP people. Now the next part is where I started to really get mad.

    Keep in mind that this was years ago and even today bubbleponics isn't a "conventional" hydroponic form of growing. This detective opens my beautiful garden door laughs holds up the pictures turns to me and says "you're not even doing it right!!" My ego bells rang so much louder than ever but thankfully common sense kicked in and I said "really?" and decided I would continue to position myself as neglagent even though I wanted to scream about how dope I really am.

    Let's be clear I'm not a violent person. I do want to be a part of this community and I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea. For real I'm chill!! But after he dawged my grow skills I figured it best to just call it quits and give them everything which wasn't really an option because it was all visible. It was something to the effect of a grinder my quarter, my 7 foot bong(di^ks), and a pipe or something. I did this voluntarily. Then the same detective decided even though I clearly gave him everything he was going to search the drawers in my room for more. The problem with this is that my girlfriend was living with me at the time and her dresser was there to. He goes for her's first and the first drawer is of course her panty drawer. he goes to search through it at which point I react fast yelling "What the F^%K DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING DUDE" and before I could finish my thought I was on the ground being restrained and screamed at. Then this guy had the nerve to look me in my face and rub his hand through my girlfriends panty drawer. He wasn't even looking in the drawer, just me. Eventually they searched top to bottom ruining everything and finding nothing just like I told them and they let me up. As they were leaving with everything the police officer accompanying the detective told me if I made it any further when I jolted I could have been shot or in prison. So yeah don't do that either.

    They left and never came back. NEVER. No call no subpoena no blue note nothing. Then weeks later I thought back to the event and remembered something. Those guys didn't even ask where I got my weed from!! I never would be but if I was a detective and found weed even if I had promised a no arrest situation I would STILL ask where you got the weed! THOSE MOTHERF*&^ERS ROBBED ME!! It all made sense. That's why they laughed when they saw my plants because I think they were expecting more.

    a couple more quick tips for exercising your rights with law enforcement are optional reads would be:

    -Learn how to identify false alerts with k9's and don't be afraid to call em out on it! as soon as you suspect this is happening request the supervisor.

    - when asked to roll the window down in a traffic stop you only need to roll it down enough for communication. This is the law and if they argue request supervisor

    - as soon as you come into contact with law enforcement verbally announce you are reaching for your cell phone to use as a camera (if they bring up something called "wire tap laws" or something similar respond back with "those have no effect on public access" which is true. Wiretap laws are only in effect in private areas and considering the only private areas you will likely come into contact with them for marijuana are your home and the station and you dictate what happens in your home not them, the only place it's effective is a police station or someone else's property and you really shouldn't be trespassing regardless). Once you start recording verbally announce (even if they're talking screw them) you will be getting a closer shot at the badge numbers and ask for each officer to verbally announce their name and badge number. Announce you are moving back, do so, and tell the officers they can proceed with their questions.

    - building from the last one if you read through the whole thing DON'T ANSWER QUESTIONS. You don't have to say anything so don't. The only input you should be giving is to let the officer know that you know your rights and you aren't going to let them violate you. That is it. You do not answer questions they do. period.

    -don't knowingly admit to committing ANY type of crime. example:
    officer: "Do you know how fast you were going?"
    you: "well I know I was speeding officer but[insert excuse]
    every state has different laws and you don't know what can give the officer the right to search you or your car and yes some states allow officers to search for speeding as it can be marked as suspicious behavior. Again say nothing some people even have paper with messages saying they won't talk that they hang on the window when they get pulled over.

    -and for the end game weapon you can always keep this in your arsenal worst comes to worst. Run!! Just kidding ASK FOR THE SUPERVISOR! That's the equivalent of someone saying let me see your manager at your job. Nobody wants to go through that. This is THE BEST at like 3 A.M. You think this dude wants to call and wake up his boss who is on call 24/7 to tell him he needs to (because since you requested him they by law must come now) come out because someone he pulled over for speeding requested him? No. I've been in this situation and been told plain as day the officer didn't want to deal with it and they let me go. The more you know.

    My aim for this was to provide both entertainment and value so I hope you both enjoyed and learned!!
  2. So you let a stranger into your house without a warrant?

    And he said he wasnt going to arrest you..why did you think you would be getting court havent been charged?
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  3. yep. young and dumb and plus they scared the hell out of me I knew I was going to have to tell my mom but I didn't want her coming home to me on the front porch in handcuffs or worse at the station while they tear up my house with noone there. Also as I mentioned I knew this guy from before so I knew he was in fact a cop but yeah they took my beautiful bong and those jerks are sitting at the station toking up my qrt. That's why he promised not to arrest me bc he never intended on arresting me in the first place. I truly believe they came to get my stuff and smoke it! I mean he said no arrest but damn they found some paraphernalia and they never even took me up to the station no report nothing.
  4. plus I now know that voluntary searches still require paperwork which I was never shown. This coupled with local rumors that that specific detective is dirty leads me with one conclusion, they robbed me
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  5. but thats better than confiscation and facing charges.
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  6. Oh trust me I'm only half complaining. More so I'm mad about the panty thing STILL! Looked right in my eyes never wanted to hit a human being more in my life. And sometimes when I think about it if I could go back to the moment where he told me I wasn't even doing it right I wish I could say "30 some subscribers have been telling me otherwise".
  7. Lol funny story
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  8. How old are you now?

    Doesn't sound like the police, possibly someone found out you were closet growing and played you
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  9. Tor was funded by the US government. You are not escaping anything using that. The NSA is much too sophisticated to be fooled by that. The only way around being tracked is using public computers on public networks that aren't traceable to you.

    Luckily the info they collect is only really used if they want something from you. The data collected by the NSA is rarely used for anything but blackmail. When was the last time you heard about them busting anyone using collected data?
  10. One thing that does help is to turn off your exif data on pictures if you're using a phone. (The data encoded in an image that contains a location)
  11. Good read.

    I'd ask if anyone on GC has ever been busted, but I know my post will just get deleted because apparently their servers are secure in some part of the Netherlands and will never be breached by law enforcement, which should actually breed the confidence to talk about the topic and not sweep it under the rug like they have traditionally done.
  12. I have never seen posts like yours deleted. Do you have an example link?
    Our servers are in the Netherlands.
    They are pretty secure, but common sense and good security on members parts go a long ways too.
    Pictures hosted here do have any EXIF data removed. Other hosting sites may not do so. There are many free, quick programs that will remove the data too.
    Stealth shipping, grow locations, etc should never be revealed.

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  13. The CIA can come and arrest me in Scotland for using the Internet if they want...

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  14. Either this story is complete BS, or you got rolled and they weren't cops at all.
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  15. Oh Pee is on some shit.

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