Your ideal solo high

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  1. Sorry of this is the wrong thread but what would be the ideal solo high for you?

    I'm a simple guy, I love nothing more than playing super nintendo games on my xbox(emulator)
  2. Chilling to music. Period.
  3. Hiking up a mountain, getting to a clearing on a cliff and sparking up.
  4. Getting high in a gigantic, super fluffy bed with all the time in the world to enjoy your high. Nowhere to go, no plans, no responsibilities. Just getting high, relaxing (maybe napping), and some music would be nice too :smoking:
  5. Once a week, usually on the weekends, I go out to a trailer we own out in the middle of nowhere, right on a lake. My ideal solo high is just sitting down with an ice cold soda and a can of Campbell's chunky sirloin and steak soup, all while watching jeopardy.

    After jeopardy, I do whatever for the rest of the weekend, all while high. Usually, this involves just chilling and listening to music, playing blackjack, and attempting to make music.
  6. Smoking on my door step around 5am just after the sun's come out, but before any one else is awake.
  7. moving to a seculded island in the middle of the atlantic or somewhere in cali or colorado on top of a mountain overlooking a huge forest

    id live there alone, with just me and my bass. every morning i'd walk to the edge of the cliff and smoke a bowl, take in the beautiful imagery and think. play music and give my love to the world.
  8. Chilling in my room with the curtains closed, music blaring and incense burning.
    That's what Im doing right now =]
  9. Stepping into my backyard on a nice sunny day and taking a few bong rips. I just go with the flow from there. Music, gaming, TV or even sitting down staring blankly at the wall.. it's not that everything is funner, it's that I don't think anything is borng anymore.
  10. I love to chill on some park, any place with lots of grass and some trees is great for me. All the best if its in the woods.

    Or at my room... just blazing and going thru the internet findin interesting stuff, playing some game. Music is mandatory, as usual...

    Smoking in the streets at around dawn also kicks ass...

    My ideial solo high would be rolling a blunt of the best buds I can find and playing with my cats... yeah, that's it! Maybe some Pink Floyd playing...
  11. Just chilling out with the bong, and listening to Sublime.
  12. Greetings!!

    Ideal Solo High?

    My Ideal solo high would be somewhere on a caribbean island chillen on the top of a cliff or something so to the front of me is ocean and to the right is beautiful forests and the left is a beach:D I would get a big chalice and smoke as much high grade as possible, get in touch with the cosmos :D

    Ahhhhhhhhh I think I actually just left my body and went there for a second :D it was relaxing ! :smoke:
  13. Hell yeah! And/or playing some awesome rounds of nazi zombie while listening to some good metals. :D
  14. Being completely away from any people.
    On a beach or on the top of a mountain just solo smoking a blunt with some feel good tunes and maybe a good book.
  15. Smoking some nice blunts/bongs, chilling, listening to music, video games, listening to music in a cabin in Colorado over looking a forest with a gigantic lake in the middle of it.

    Or, everything listed above except for the cabin and having my own apartment in Greece right on the beach.
  16. When no one else is home, hanging out in my room with some music on or maybe a funny movie with no plans or responsibilities. I love enjoying my high knowing I dont have to be anywhere or do anything for a long while, It's very rare.
  17. No one else is home.
    I wake up early.
    Step outside on the porch, watch the sunrise, and light a j.
    Sit while toking, go back inside, listen to music, do some light cleaning.
    Get a few sweet texts. Catch up with good friends. Toke some more.
    Cook, eat.
    Take a nap. [: Watch the sun set.
  18. ideal solo high? man, its 3am, im sitting on my bedroom floor with my cat chillen next to me. music is on a good volume and im just high as a kite listening to music with no worries, it was the best
  19. Smoke. Eat. Sleep.
  20. If i'm not alone, i'm with this guy. Or meeting him randomly at the top, and having a great sesh with a stranger.

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