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Your Idea Of A Friday Night!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McJoints, Apr 4, 2003.


What makes ur friday night a friday night?

  1. A Case of Beer will do me good

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  2. fuck a case i want the whole brewery

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  3. A J will have me good

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  4. I'll take a quarter of some dank ass nuggets and a six pack to go please.

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  5. Here's an idea. Lets have a big ass block party... at the neibors

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  6. I work every friday night and im three seconds from jamming a screw driver into my neck!!

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  1. hehehe, well it's friday today... I dont have to work after school today either... to me thats like the greatest thing in the world. Being a senior in HS then working 6-8 hours a night... fuck that... but i really like the money so i'll just take my day off, my 25 dollars i have left to spend from my check and get together with the crew to have a nice kegger/bottle tippin/blunt smokin/J rollin/ water bong tokin hell of a time :)
  2. i have to attend a conferance all day today only to skip out on half of it to go for a six hour drive. no partying for me today.:(
  3. haha...block party baby...

    coo ya got off tonight too
  4. None of those choices really suit me, because I don't drink, but I looooove to smoke :) So I would have to just say that a quarter of dank ass nuggets would do me nicely.
  5. yeah, block party is the way to go on friday.
    party on, yo.
  6. I just got back from the bank and found out my refinance on my house is going to save me $300 a month!, You better believe I'm partying tonite.
  7. Deffinately a q of some nugg with some beers.. :smoke::smoking::D
  8. yea man i go out with the crew smoke then go to someones house chill and drink. i love fridays
  9. I'll take a quarter of some dank ass nuggets and a six pack to go please
  10. my friday invovled a couple of bongs hits and ordering a pizza. an hour later a pizza and a friend arrived. I ate. We watched a movie I kazaad. He took a melatonin pill, I packed another bowl, He went back to his room b/c he has to work at 4 in the morning and then do shit for the rest of the day. I got on the 'net and started contemplating another bowl.
  11. fuck im happy with a homie a couple fine ladies and a nice fat 8th... and lots of bass .. i get too roudy when i drink
  12. Man oh man, right about now all those look good, its friday night and i dont have any grass beer or anything...damn...But i'd say a querter bag and a six pack will do me good.
  13. My Friday night involved being ditched....

  14. mine too dont feel too shitty... i bet i feel worse than u right now
  15. has happned to me too...
    once was up till 2 am waiting for ppl..they said they would be there at 12..
    the next day I find out they didnt want a extra head on the decided to just not call back after they said they would come pick me up
    but eh well..dunno
  16. Yeah my friday night consisted of...

    11:35 am - Left school, went to my boy Cali's (we call Matt "Cali" or "Cali Matt" cuz he's crom Cali, and of course, he's my stoner friend) We made a hooka out of a Graduation Class of 2003 water bottle :) of course we filled the hooka with some dank nuggets too :p
    4:00 PM - Went out with zach, picked up about 7 grams of some pretty ok midi's.
    8pm - Went out with Mike and Brad (the big bad dealer :p ) in the firebird and smoked a few blunts. Then went to Chris's n schmoked a few more. :) then i came home n talked to my baby for about 2 hours. i had an ok night... no parties yet.
  17. my friday night? consisted of many bowls smoked, 4 beers down the drain and alot of movies. <3
  18. My Friday was rather nice. Me and this guy that I'm dating went to a little spot in a field and smoked a fat joint that I had. Afterwards, we laid the seats back in his truck and chilled. It was rather nice cause we were listening to some Pink Floyd. He'd never seen the Wall before, so we went to my house and watched it.
  19. wheres the option, hang out with the new chick who loves to make out all night long? :D :p YEAH!

  20. damn sounds like you had a good friday night...

    i got high as hell last night and played gamecube at my buddies house

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