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  1. Sittin here tryin to figure out a way to make some money. I usually scrap, do favors, under the table labor, unmentionables, etc. Whats your way of makin quick money outside of a regular job?
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    nothing I could talk about on here, and you already mentioned the basic ones like doin favors, unmentionables, and under the table labor.
    Im tryin to think ofwhat else...if your good at pool you could be a shark n hustle peeps on the table...obviously you gotta be good though or that wont work.
    another thing we used to do was get like 6 people over for a lil cash game (poker) at the crib. me n my boy would relay our cards to each other and we would wreck shop on these kids, they had no clue. We had to start losing hands on purpose we were winning so many hands. Its amazing how knowing 2 other cards in the deck helps you so much. walked away wit a few hundred each literraly every time we played. it was a nice lil money maker.

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