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  1. I'm from Scranton, Pennsylvania. It's the place where "The Office" takes place if you've ever seen the TV show. I've also met Barrack Obama, he came to Scranton high school and it was a public thing. I've also met Joe Biden a couple years ago, hes from here. Matt McGloin was just at the Steamtown Mall like a month ago, met him too. Also if you've ever seen "The Exorcist," the priest from that movie is from here.

    My city almost went bankrupt over the summer too. The whole city only had $5,000 on hand. Thats because they had to fix like three bridges that were collapsing and they did a big restoration program to fix up the city. They did lots of things like this:


    Do you guys live in any special places? Any famous cities?
  2. Im from a town of like 10,000 people..More like 17 now i think but hey the small town life is where it's at.
  3. LeBron James grew up where I live. Trust me, we still hate him.

  4. Haha thats funny. Whats the age difference between you?

    Theres like 5000 people in my town lol nobody famous except a few ska bands and i think this one kid is in the band Hey Monday if thats really a bands name lol i wouldnt know
  5. [quote name='"TokingOwl"']LeBron James grew up where I live. Trust me, we still hate him.[/quote]

    You live in Akron
  6. Rob zombie, some bitch from the movie grinch, johnny depp, conan obrien lives in the town over
    Small ass town too i dont like having these people here gtfo!!
  7. I live where Adam Young lives. Aka Owl City
  8. Hahaha ive always hated him. Derrick Rose = GREATNESS
  9. Chop n Screw
  10. Raised and Made

    Herndon VA

    Though ive been visiting there now more often. All i gotta say is VA is fucken expensive Toll roads everywhere. Nothing is less than 75 cents. Back and forth. And dont get me wrong. VA has some amazing weed. BUT GOD DAMN THE PRICES ARE WAY TOO HIGH. 125 a quarter. 20 for a .8, $25 if you want the whole gram !!!!! Way too expensive for me. Prices like that makes me not wanna smoke lol
  11. My hometown is the home of Jimmy Johns, its on all the menu's!
  12. I'm from Sapporo Japan same as the beer
  13. I live in Dallas, Georgia. Small suburban town 45 mins from Atlanta. Travis Tritt the county singer lives here. Zack Wheeler the guy who was drafted 8th overall and is top pitching prospect in the Mets organization is from my high school. Goes to the football games now and then. Also, Chas Henry, who went to Florida was their punter and kicker, also punted for the Eagles, but was released
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    Live in CT?

    So my hometown, and the current town I live in, is Newtown

    Let me tell you about Newtown before the mass shooting.

    We were once a quiet, small town. All of us around here know each other, and if we don't, we know last names, siblings, parents, etc.
    Our school system (specifically our high school) has received awards such as The Blue Ribbon, and we never had security here. Could walk in any school any day, any time. Our town has always been DEAD by 9pm. Honestly it's so boring here, that if you want to go out, you either go east to Waterbury and risk getting shot, or go west to Danbury where you'll probably die from the retarded drivers that reside there.

    So anyways, most of the famous people that have lived around here were already mentioned in my quoted post which lead me to believe that that poster is from CT since i've heard those names a lot.

    How's Newtown doing now? Well, it's somber as fuck. No one is out doing anything. Sandy Hook is still impossible to commute. I drove by SHES every night and still do, but around it now. It is crazy to think of the horror that happened there.

    We have received almost too much support. From my perspective, we never needed it really. Newtown is a high-class town and the median family income is 107,000$ / year. If i were to speak for my town I'd probably say that keeping those children in your thoughts is the best you can do to honor them.

    Even though my town is boring and uneventful, we have a really moving community who would stop any second to help those in need, and I'm proud to be from this town. I don't want to move away from here. The seasons are too beautiful;)

    I would also like to add that everyone in Newtown prefers homemade waterfall gravities. yeah I don't know why either.

  15. Lebron is a bitch
  16. Home of Elvis Presley

    Memphis, Tn.

    And happy I got out alive...
  17. I live in the same area where Vanilla Ice lives.
  18. I grew up in sarnia, ontario. A city of just over 70 000

    We have an abundance of notable people that were either born here or did something here.

    Alexander Mackenzie immigrated here (Canada's second prime minister)
    Susan Clark (some actress)
    Kim Mitchell (musician, went to the same high school)
    Mike Weir (pro golfer, also went to the same high school)
    Chris Hadfield (The only astronaut other then a Russian or American to lead a space mission/command the international space station (2013))

    So many sports guys but I'll name the ones people might know:
    Dino Ciccarelli (hockey)
    Lance storm (wrestler)
    Kerry Fraser (NHL ref)
    Dustin Jeffrey (I know this guy, plays for the penguins)
    Michael leighton (been in and around the NHL for years)
    Pat verb eek (NHL)
    And recently also had a guy who lives in Corunna (next town over but born in sarnia) won a bronze medal for high jump at the Olympics, he was barely supposed to compete lol.

    Steve Stamkos and nail yakupov both played for the sarnia sting.
  19. Academics, science, and engineering

    Frank Lloyd Wright

    Enrico Fermi
    Dankmar Adler, architect
    Mortimer Adler, educational reformer and writer
    Saul Alinsky, community organizer; writer and founder of the Industrial Areas Foundation
    Myrtle Bachelder, metals chemist and Women's Army Corps officer; worked on the Manhattan Project
    Cynthia Bathurst, mathematician and animal welfare advocate
    Allan G. Brodie, orthodontics educator
    Daniel Burnham, architect
    Marvin Camras, inventor
    Philo Carpenter, first Chicago pharmacist
    Zachary Taylor Davis, architect
    Donald J. DePorter, philanthropist
    John Dewey, educational reformer
    G. Walter Dittmar, first president of the Illinois State Dental Society
    E. Lloyd Du Brul, dental anatomist
    Helen Flanders Dunbar an important early figure in U.S. psychosomatic medicine
    Charles E. Fox, architect
    James Ingo Freed, architect
    Marjorie Grene, philosopher
    Marion Mahony Griffin, architect
    Walter Burley Griffin, architect
    George Ellery Hale, astronomer
    Max Henius, biochemist; co-founder of American Brewing Academy[1]
    John Augur Holabird, architect
    William Holabird, architect
    Helmut Jahn, architect
    William Le Baron Jenney, architect
    Leon Kass, writer and chair of The President's Council on Bioethics
    Peter Karter, nuclear engineer and pioneer of the recycling industry
    Dr. Fazlur Khan, civil engineer
    George W. Maher, architect
    Benjamin H. Marshall, architect
    Maury Massler, dental educator
    Charles G. Maurice, dental educator
    Philip Maxwell, early Chicago physician
    Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, architect
    Michele Moody-Adams, African American philosopher and academic administrator
    Frederick B. Moorehead, dental educator
    Charles Murphy, architect
    Frederick Bogue Noyes, dental educator
    Dwight H. Perkins, architect
    Theodore Regensteiner, inventor of the four-color litographic press
    Earl W. Renfroe, orthodontist and African-American activist
    Martin Roche, architect
    John Wellborn Root, architect
    John Wellborn Root, Jr., architect
    Isaac Schour, president of the International Association for Dental Research
    Leo Strauss, political philosopher
    Louis Sullivan, architect
    Stanley D. Tylman, dental educator, wrote Theory and Practice of Crown and Bridge Prosthesis
    Thorstein Veblen, economist and social critic
    Frank Lloyd Wright, architect
    [edit]Nobel laureates and Fields medalists
    Jane Addams, social worker and activist; founder of Hull House; first American woman awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1931); lived and died in Chicago [2]
    Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, astrophysics; Nobel laureates in physics (1930), University of Chicago professor; died in Chicago [3]
    James Cronin, nuclear physicist; Nobel laureates in physics (1964); University of Chicago professor; born in Chicago [4]
    Vladimir Drinfeld, pioneering mathematician; Fields medalist (1990); University of Chicago professor [5]
    Enrico Fermi, co-development of the first nuclear reactor (Chicago Pile-1); Nobel laureate in physics (1938); University of Chicago professor; died in Chicago [6]
    Milton Friedman, leader of the Chicago school of economics; Nobel laureate in economics (1976); University of Chicago professor and graduate [7]
    Leon M. Lederman, experimental physicist; Nobel laureates in physics (1988); Director Emeritus of Fermilab; founded the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy; Illinois Institute of Technology professor [8]
    Yoichiro Nambu, theoretical physicist; Nobel laureates in physics (2008); University of Chicago professor [9]
    Herbert A. Simon, political, economic, psychological and computer science polymath; Nobel laureate in economic sciences (1978); Illinois Institute of Technology professor and University of Chicago graduate [10]
    George E. Smith, applied physicist; co-inventor of the charge-coupled device; Nobel laureates in physics (2009); University of Chicago graduate [11]
    Frank Wilczek, theoretical physicist; Nobel laureates in physics (2004); enrolled at the University of Chicago at 15 years old [12]
    Robert Woodrow Wilson, founder and first director of Fermilab; Nobel laureates in physics (1978)[citation needed]
    [edit]Authors and writers

    Franklin Pierce Adams, columnist
    John Anderson, founder and publisher Skandinaven
    Nelson Algren, writer
    K. A. Applegate, author
    Saul Bellow, author; awarded Nobel Prize in Literature
    Allan Bloom, writer and translator
    Ray Bradbury, author
    Gwendolyn Brooks, poet
    Algis Budrys, author
    Edgar Rice Burroughs, writer
    Chris Bury, journalist
    Jack Cafferty, journalist
    Jack Canfield, author (Chicken Soup for The Soul)
    John Chancellor, journalist
    Raymond Chandler, writer
    Sandra Cisneros, author
    Daniel Cohen, children's writer
    Michael Crichton, writer
    James Gould Cozzens, novelist
    Philip K. Dick, writer
    Charles Dickinson, writer
    Mike Downey, newspaper columnist
    Finley Peter Dunne, writer, humorist (Mr. Dooley)
    Stuart Dybek, author
    Roger Ebert, film critic
    Dave Eggers, writer, editor, publisher
    James T. Farrell, writer
    Kenneth Fearing, poet, writer
    Edna Ferber, author, playwright
    Leon Forrest, writer
    Henry Blake Fuller, writer
    Larry Gelbart, comedy writer
    John Gunther, writer
    E. Gary Gygax, author
    Lorraine Hansberry, playwright
    Reidar Rye Haugan, newspaper publisher and playwright
    Ben Hecht, author, journalist
    Larry Heinemann, novelist
    Ernest Hemingway, writer
    Robert Herrick, novelist
    John Kass, journalist
    Anton LaVey, born Howard Stanton Levey, Writer of The Satanic Bible, founder of The Church of Satan
    Ann Landers (Esther Pauline Friedman Lederer), columnist
    Adam Langer, novelist
    Leo Lerner, newspaper publisher, founder of Lerner Newspapers
    Tom Mandel, poet
    Merrill C. Meigs, newspaper publisher
    Susan Murphy-Milano, author, radio host, domestic violence victims' advocate
    Charles Gilman Norris, author
    Frank Norris, novelist
    Clarence Page, columnist
    Sara Paretsky, novelist
    Ed Paschke, artist
    Cissy Patterson, journalist, newspaper editor
    Frederik Pohl, author, futurist
    Henry Rago, poet and editor of Poetry Magazine from 1955 to 1969
    Mike Resnick, author
    Mike Royko, columnist
    Ernest Samuels, biographer, winner of the Bancroft Prize and the Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography
    Carl Sandburg, poet
    Dan Savage, columnist
    Sandra Seaton, playwright and librettist
    Sidney Sheldon, playwright, screenwriter, novelist
    William L. Shirer, journalist and historian
    Shel Silverstein, poet, songwriter, and children's writer
    Dejan Stojanović, poet, writer, essayist, philosopher, businessman, and former journalist
    Alfred Szklarski, a Polish author of youth literature
    Studs Terkel, broadcaster, author
    James Tiptree, Jr., author
    Irving Wallace, writer
    Gene Wolfe, author
    [edit]Business and philanthropy

    Edmund Dick Taylor

    Marshall Field

    George Pullman
    Bob Bernard, entrepreneur
    Charles Deering, businessman, art collector, and philanthropist
    William Deering, businessman and philanthropist
    Francis Dewes, German immigrant, brewer, millionaire, original owner of the historic mansion Francis J. Dewes House.
    Marshall Field, entrepreneur
    Ada Sawyer Garrett, 19th Century socialite and philanthropist
    William O. Goodman, lumber tycoon
    H. G. Haugan, railroad executive
    Helge Alexander Haugan, banking executive
    Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard, early Chicago developer
    Ray Kroc, first CEO of McDonald's
    Matthew Laflin, gunpowder manufacturer and philanthropist
    Charles Magnus Lindgren, shipping cxecutive
    John R. Lindgren, banking Executive
    Horatio G. Loomis, an organizer of the Chicago Board of Trade
    Catherine T. MacArthur, philanthropist
    McCormick family, prominent in business and philanthropy
    Blythe McGarvie, President of Leadership for International Finance, LLC
    Abraham Lincoln Neiman, businessman and member of the Neiman Marcus family
    William S. Paley, CBS executive
    Potter Palmer, entrepreneur
    Bertha Palmer, socialite, philanthropist
    George Pullman, entrepreneur, inventor
    W. Clement Stone, entrepreneur; founder of what is known today as AON Corporation
    Edmund Dick Taylor, known as "Father of the Greenback", banker, railroad executive, entrepreneur
    Charles Yerkes, entrepreneur

    Al Capone, mobster
    John Dillinger, bank robber
    John Wayne Gacy, serial killer
    Jeff Fort, gang leader and convicted terrorist
    Robert Hannsen, FBI agent; convicted spy for Russia
    H.H. Holmes, early serial killer
    Larry Hoover, gangster
    Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber
    Bugs Moran, mobster
    Baby Face Nelson, mobster
    Jose Padilla, aka Abdullah al-Muhajir, alleged terrorist
    Jack Ruby, killed Lee Harvey Oswald
    Richard Speck, mass murderer
    Captain George Streeter, riverboat captain and squatter
    [edit]Fine arts

    Sigvald Asbjornsen, Norwegian born American sculptor
    Emil Biorn, Norwegian-born, sculptor, painter and composer
    Edward Gorey, artist
    Shaw McCutcheon, cartoonist
    Ruth Page, ballet dancer
    John Dos Passos, novelist and painter
    Jim Roslof, fantasy artist and graphic designer (Dungeons & Dragons)
    Svend Rasmussen Svendsen, impressionist artist
    Stanisław Szukalski, artist and provocateur, friend of Ben Hecht, part of the Chicago Renaissance
    Lorado Taft, sculptor
    Maria Tallchief, ballet dancer, founder of the Chicago City Ballet

    John Kinzie, early Chicago settler
    Louis Joliet, French explorer
    Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, early Chicago settler

    Bill Murray
    Gillian Anderson, actress
    Stanley Andrews, actor
    Dominic Armato, voice actor
    Reiko Aylesworth, actress
    Barney Balaban, mogul, head of Paramount Pictures
    Bob Balaban, actor, director, producer
    Adam Baldwin, actor
    Leonard Baldy, police officer; Chicago's first helicopter traffic reporter
    Ryan Bank, media producer
    Ike Barinholtz, actor, comedian
    Ralph Bellamy, actor
    James Belushi, actor, comedian (Wheaton)
    John Belushi, actor, comedian (Wheaton)
    Jack Benny, actor, comedian (Waukegan)
    Tom Berenger, actor
    Edgar Bergen, ventriloquist
    Shelley Berman, comedian
    Carlos Bernard, actor
    Michael Ian Black, comedian
    Budd Boetticher, film director
    Tom Bosley, actor
    Charles Boyce, syndicated cartoonist
    Andre Braugher, actor
    Buddy Bregman, composer, arranger
    Danny Pudi, actor, comedian
    Pat Byrnes, The New Yorker cartoonist
    Colt Cabana, professional wrestler
    Monique Calhoun, model
    Steve Carell, actor, comedian (born in Concord, Massachusetts)
    Allan Carr, producer
    Sarah Wayne Callies, actress
    Dan Castellaneta, actor, comedian (Oak Park)
    Kyle Chavarria, actress
    Anna Chlumsky, actress
    Stephen Colbert, comedian
    Don Cornelius, creator and former host of Soul Train
    Cindy Crawford, model, actress (DeKalb)
    Joan Cusack, actress, comedian (Evanston)
    John Cusack, actor (Evanston)
    Clifton Davis, actor, composer, minister
    Elizabeth DeCicco, actress, model, singer, photographer
    Walt Disney, founder of The Walt Disney Company (Hermosa)
    Matt Doherty, actor
    Mike Douglas, talk show host
    Katie Doyle, castmember of MTV's Road Rules
    Tom Dreesen, actor, comedian (Harvey)
    Moosie Drier, actor, director
    Michael Clarke Duncan, actor
    Kevin Dunn, actor
    Dennis Farina, actor
    Chris Farley, actor, comedian (born in Madison, Wisconsin)
    Jon Favreau, actor, writer, director
    Tina Fey, actress, comedienne, writer (born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania)
    Karen Finley, performance artist, actress, artist, recording artist
    Michael Flatley, dancer
    Neil Flynn, actor
    Harrison Ford, actor
    Bob Fosse, director, choreographer, dancer
    Redd Foxx, actor, comedian (born in St. Louis, Missouri) (Bronzeville)
    Dennis Franz, actor
    Kathleen Freeman, actress
    Marla Gibbs, actress
    Ira Glass, NPR broadcaster
    Arlene Golonka, actress
    Stuart Gordon, playwright, screenwriter, film director and producer
    Chuck Goudie, television reporter, columnist (Detroit, Michigan)
    Michael Gray, actor of Shazam!
    Kathy Griffin, actress, comedienne (Oak Park)
    Michael Gross, actor
    Kevin Hagen, actor
    Daryl Hannah, actress
    Wood Harris, actor
    Hugh Hefner, publisher
    Marilu Henner, actress
    Charlton Heston, actor (Evanston)
    Mark Hollmann, Urinetown composer, lyricist, (born and raised in Belleville, Illinois)
    Terrence Howard, actor
    Jennifer Hudson, actress, singer (Englewood)
    John Hughes, film director/writer
    Bonnie Hunt, actress, comedienne, director, producer
    Sam J. Jones, actor
    William James Jones, actor
    Philip Kaufman, film director
    Harvey Korman, actor, comedian
    Tessa Kosta, actress, musicals
    Greg Kotis, Urinetown playwright
    Clara Lipman Chicago-born stage actress and playwright
    Ron Livingston, actor
    Richard Long, actor
    Lar Lubovitch, choreographer
    Bernie Mac, actor, comedian
    Justina Machado, actress
    William H. Macy, actor, producer (born in Miami, Florida)
    Amy Madigan, actress
    John Mahoney, actor
    Karl Malden, actor
    John Malkovich, actor
    David Mamet, playwright, poet, screenwriter, director
    Michael Mann, film director, writer, producer
    Joe Mantegna, actor
    Ron Masak, actor
    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, actress (Oak Park)
    Jenny McCarthy, actress, model (West Elsdon)
    LisaRaye McCoy, actress
    Frances McDormand, actress
    Laurie Metcalf, actress (born in Carbondale)
    Devon Michaels, pornographic actress
    Vincente Minnelli, film director
    Rick Moranis, actor, comedian
    Cindy Morgan, actress
    Read Morgan, actor
    Trevor Morgan,actor
    Jennifer Morrison, actress, producer
    Brian Doyle-Murray, actor
    Bill Murray, actor, comedian
    Bob Newhart, actor, comedian
    Nichelle Nichols, actress (Robbins)
    Richard Nickel, photographer
    Ken Nordine, voiceover and Word Jazz recording artist
    Kim Novak, actress
    Donald O'Connor, actor, dancer
    Matt O'Leary, actor
    Keke Palmer, actress, singer (Harvey and Robbins)
    Mandy Patinkin, actor, singer
    Melvin Van Peebles, director
    Jeannie Pepper, pornographic actress
    Jeff Perry, actor
    William L. Petersen, actor
    Wally Pfister, cinematographer
    Jeremy Piven, actor (Evanston)
    Harold Ramis, actor, director, comedian
    Bill Rancic, winner of The Apprentice
    Robert Reed, actor
    John C. Reilly, actor
    Shonda Rhimes, screenwriter, director, producer (creator and executive producer of Grey's Anatomy)
    Lucille Ricksen, actress
    John Ridgely, actor
    Justin Roberts, current WWE Raw ring announcer
    Craig Robinson, actor, comedian
    Jonathan Rosenbaum, film critic
    Jennifer Runyon, actress
    Pat Sajak, game show host
    Horatio Sanz, actor, comedian
    Ryan Schreiber, Pitchfork Media founder
    Stefanie Scott, actress, singer
    Amy Sedaris, actress
    David Sedaris, radio broadcaster & author
    Sherri Shepherd, actress, comedienne
    Gary Sinise, actor
    Susan St. James, actress (Rockford)
    John Stagliano, pornographic actor and director
    Todd Stashwick, actor
    Michael Stoyanov, actor
    Joe Swanberg, film director, actor
    Gloria Swanson, actress
    Mr. T, actor
    Rea Tajiri, filmmaker
    Larenz Tate, actor
    Giorgio Tozzi, singer, actor
    Vince Vaughn, actor
    Douglas Walker, film critic/comedian
    Carol Wayne, actress
    Jason Weaver, actor, singer
    George Wendt, actor
    Raquel Welch, actress
    Orson Welles, actor, director, writer, producer (born in Kenosha, Wisconsin) (Woodstock)
    Robin Williams, actor, comedian
    Steve Wilkos, talk show host
    Oprah Winfrey, talk show hostess, actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist (born in Kosciusko, Mississippi)
    Sam Witwer, lead actor on the SyFy Channel show Being Human (North American TV series) and in the video game series Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Glenview, Cook County, Illinois)
    Robert Young, actor
    Billy Zane, actor
    Robert Zemeckis, director, producer, writer (Roseland)
    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., empresario
    Adrian Zmed, actor
    Edward Zwick, director, producer, writer

    Wesley Clark, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander, four-star general, presidential candidate (2004)
    Malcolm Ross O'Neill, Lieutenant General, three-star general[citation needed]

    Patti Smith
    William Susman, composer
    Tim McIlrath, lead singer and guitarist for Rise Against
    Joe Principe, bassist for Rise Against
    Zach Blair, guitarist for Rise Against
    Warren Zevon, singer
    Emilie Autumn, violindustrial singer, violinist, poet, and author.
    Nils Lofgren, former backing member for Neil Young and current member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.
    Emma Abbott, (1850–1891), born in Chicago, noted soprano[13]
    Patricia Barber, jazz singer, songwriter, pianist
    Andy Hurley, drummer for Fall Out Boy (born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin)
    Patrick Stump, lead singer and guitarist for Fall Out Boy (Glenview)
    Joe Trohman, guitarist for Fall Out Boy (born in Hollywood, Florida) (Wilmette)
    Pete Wentz, bassist and lyricist for Fall Out Boy (Wilmette)
    Anastacia, singer
    Avant, singer
    William Beckett, lead singer of The Academy Is...
    Rachel Barton Pine, violinist
    Andrew Bird, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist
    Bob Bryar drummer of My Chemical Romance
    Paul Butterfield, blues musician
    Marty Casey, frontman of the rock band Lovehammers
    Peter Cetera, former singer and bassist of Chicago
    Cashis, rapper
    Jimmy Chamberlin, drummer for The Smashing Pumpkins
    Gene Chandler, singer
    Steve Coleman, saxophonist
    Nat King Cole, singer (born in Montgomery, Alabama) (Bronzeville)
    Steve Cole, jazz saxophonist
    Sam Cooke, singer (born in Clarksdale, Mississippi)
    Common, rapper
    Billy Corgan, singer and The Smashing Pumpkins frontman (Glendale Heights)
    James Cotton, blues musician
    Keke Palmer, singer actress
    Mishon Ratliff, singer actor
    Da Brat, rapper
    Jack DeJohnette, drummer, pianist
    Dennis DeYoung, singer and keyboardist of Styx
    Bo Diddley, rock & roll guitarist, singer, songwriter
    Willie Dixon, blues songwriter and record producer
    Florence Kirsch Du Brul, classical pianist
    Phil Everly, singer
    Lupe Fiasco, rapper (Harvey)
    Harvey Fuqua, singer, songwriter, producer
    Benny Goodman, bandleader (Maxwell Street)
    Steve Goodman, singer
    Gene Greene, singer
    Buddy Guy, blues guitarist (born in Lettsworth, Louisiana)
    Jim Hager, singer
    Jon Hager, singer
    Eddie Harris, saxophonist
    Herbie Hancock, musician
    Lil Hardin Armstrong, musician, (pianist)
    Loleatta Holloway, singer
    Howlin' Wolf, musician (born in West Point, Mississippi)
    James Iha, former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist
    Jeremih, singer
    Donell Jones, singer and composer
    Syleena Johnson, singer (Harvey)
    Benn Jordan, electronic musician
    Terry Kath, former singer and guitarist of Chicago
    Brendan Kelly, bassist and vocalist of punk band The Lawrence Arms
    R. Kelly, singer (Roseland)
    Chaka Khan, singer
    Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi, rapper (born in Cleveland, Ohio)
    William Kimball, founder of Kimball Piano Company
    Gene Krupa, drummer, bandleader
    No I.D., hip hop and R&B record producer
    Robert Lamm, singer and keyboardist of Chicago, born in Brooklyn, New York, October 13, 1944; raised in Chicago
    Ramsey Lewis, jazz pianist, composer
    Ray Manzarek, keyboardist of The Doors
    Richard Marx, singer, songwriter
    Curtis Mayfield, songwriter, guitarist
    Tom Morello, guitarist
    Muddy Waters, blues musician
    Wayne Nelson, lead singer of Little River Band
    Jim O'Rourke, experimental musician
    Chuck Panozzo, bassist of Styx
    John Panozzo, former drummer of Styx
    Walter Parazaider, woodwind player of Chicago
    Tom Paxton, folk singer, songwriter, born in Chicago, October 31, 1937
    James Petrillo, musicians' union head
    Liz Phair, singer
    Lou Rawls, singer
    Minnie Riperton, singer
    Rhymefest, rapper
    Todd Sucherman, drummer of Styx
    Danny Seraphine, former drummer of Chicago
    Matt Skiba, lead singer of Alkaline Trio
    Patti Smith, singer, songwriter and poet
    Horatio Spafford, composer
    Mavis Staples, singer
    Shawnna, rapper
    Hound Dog Taylor, guitarist
    Koko Taylor, singer
    Kim Thayil, guitarist of Soundgarden (born in Seattle, Washington) (Park Forest)
    Doug Timm, composer, songwriter
    Giorgio Tozzi, basso
    Jeff Tweedy, singer, songwriter
    Lennie Tristano, pianist
    Twista, rapper
    Eddie Vedder, lead singer for the band Pearl Jam (Evanston)
    Jon Walker, former bassist for Panic at the Disco
    Dinah Washington, singer (born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
    DeAndre Way, rapper
    Paul Wertico, jazz drummer
    Kanye West, rapper, producer (born in Atlanta, Georgia) (Oak Lawn)
    Wesley Willis, singer
    D'arcy Wretzky, former Smashing Pumpkins bassist
    James Young, guitarist for Styx
    Yung Berg, rapper
    Zim Zum, guitarist, songwriter for The Pop Culture Suicides
    Cheap Trick, rock group
    Chicago, rock band
    Disturbed, rock group
    Do or Die or D.O.D., rappers
    Kill Hannah, rock group
    Ok Go, rock band
    Plain White T's, rock band
    Rise Against, punk-rock group
    The Smashing Pumpkins, rock band
    The White Tie Affair, pop-rock band
    [edit]Politics and law

    Edmund Dick Taylor
    John Ashcroft, Attorney General
    Henry Moore Bates, attorney
    Rod Blagojevich, former congressman, governor of Illinois
    James Bowler, alderman, congressman
    Harris Burgoyne, mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsin
    Jane Byrne, mayor of Chicago
    Anton Cermak, mayor of Chicago
    Enoch Chase, state senator in Wisconsin
    Bernard J. Cigrand, father of Flag Day in the United States
    Hillary Rodham Clinton, first lady, US senator from N.Y., Secretary of State
    "Bathhouse" John Coughlin, alderman
    Richard J. Daley, mayor of Chicago
    Richard M. Daley, mayor of Chicago
    William M. Daley, White House Chief of Staff, Secretary of Commerce
    Clarence Darrow, attorney and civil libertarian
    Paul Douglas, alderman, senator, University of Chicago economist
    Stephen A. Douglas, senator, presidential candidate, noted for debating Abraham Lincoln
    Rahm Emanuel, current mayor of Chicago, White House Chief of Staff, US congressman
    Edward F. Dunne, governor of Illinois
    Betty Ford, former First Lady; wife of Gerald Ford
    Bernhard Gettelman, state senator for Wisconsin
    Luis V. Gutiérrez, first Latino to be elected to Congress from the Midwest
    John M. Harlan, Supreme Court justice
    Paul P. Harris, lawyer, founder of Rotary International
    Carter Harrison, Jr., mayor of Chicago
    Carter Harrison, Sr., mayor of Chicago
    Janet Jagan, Prime Minister and President of Guyana
    Peter Karađorđević, hereditary Prince of Yugoslavia
    Joe Kernan, 48th governor of Indiana
    Boris Lushniak, Assistant Surgeon General of the United States
    Lisa Madigan, current Attorney General of Illinois
    Michael Madigan, current Speaker of Illinois House of Representatives
    Joseph Medill, newspaper editor, mayor of Chicago
    John Gould Moyer, 31st governor of American Samoa
    Eliot Ness, federal agent; leader of The Untouchables; born in Chicago
    Barack Obama, US senator and 44th President of the United States
    William Butler Ogden, entrepreneur and first mayor of Chicago
    Deval Patrick, governor of the Massachusetts
    John Podesta, White House Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton (1998–2001)
    Roman Pucinski, US congressman, alderman
    Charles H. Ramsey, former Chicago Police deputy superintendent, now Philadelphia Police Commissioner
    Louis C. Romell, state assemblyman for Wisconsin
    Donald Rumsfeld, US congressman, secretary of Defense
    Robert C. Strong, US diplomat
    William Hale Thompson, last Republican mayor of Chicago
    Amos G. Throop, city treasurer, temperance advocate
    Elihu B. Washburne, secretary of state, minister to France
    Harold Washington, first and only black mayor of Chicago
    John Wentworth, US congressman, mayor of Chicago

    Mother Cabrini, first citizen of the US to be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church; lived and died in Chicago
    Mircea Eliade, religious scholar and philosopher from Romanian
    Mordecai Ham, 20th Century evangelist
    Jesse Jackson, minister, civil rights activist, presidential candidate
    James Patterson Lyke, Franciscan friar & Roman Catholic bishop
    Jacques Marquette, missionary

    Ernie Banks, MLB Hall of Famer, known as "Mr. Cub"
    Steve Bartman, infamous Cubs fan
    Lou Boudreau, MLB Hall of Famer
    Doe Boyland, MLB player
    Cesar Carrillo, MLB player
    Charles Comiskey, MLB player and team owner, namesake of Comiskey Park
    Josephine D'Angelo, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
    Andre Dawson, MLB Hall of famer
    Philomena Gianfrancisco, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
    Curtis Granderson, center fielder for the Yankees
    Ozzie Guillén, manager of White Sox
    Arlene Kotil, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
    Irene Kotowicz, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
    Herman Long, baseball player and manager
    Alex McCarthy, MLB player
    Mark Mulder, MLB American League All-Star left handed pitcher, 2003 and 2004
    Kirby Puckett, MLB Hall of famer
    Ryne Sandberg, MLB Hall of Famer
    Ron Santo, third baseman for the Cubs, WGN broadcaster
    Gloria Schweigerdt, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
    Billy Sianis, creator of the Cubs Curse and founder of the Billy Goat Tavern
    Sammy Sosa, right fielder for the White Sox and Cubs
    Billy Williams, MLB Hall of Famer
    Shannon Brown, NBA guard for the Phoenix Suns
    Quinn Buckner, NCAA, NBA and Olympic basketball player
    Will Bynum, NBA player
    Jerry Colangelo, owner of the Phoenix Suns and Diamondbacks
    Eddy Curry, NBA player
    Anthony Davis, NBA player
    Gene Dyker, NBA player
    Michael Finley, NBA player[citation needed]
    Larry Friend, NBA player[14]
    Kevin Garnett, NBA player
    Tim Hardaway, NBA player
    Johnny Kerr, NBA Hall of Famer
    Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski, college basketball coach
    Al Lopez, NBA Hall of Famer
    Corey Maggette, NBA player[citation needed]
    Shawn Marion, NBA player
    Ray Meyer, men's basketball coach at DePaul
    George Mikan, NBA Hall of Famer
    Candace Parker, WNBA All-Star for Los Angeles Sparks
    Jack Phelan, NBA player
    Cappie Pondexter, WNBA All-Star for the Phoenix Mercury
    Quentin Richardson, NBA player
    Doc Rivers, NBA coach and player.
    Derrick Rose, player for the Chicago Bulls 2011 NBA MVP
    Isiah Thomas, NBA Hall of Famer
    Dwyane Wade, NBA guard for Miami Heat
    Antoine Walker, NBA player
    Jesús Chávez, world boxing champion
    Flozell Adams, NFL offensive lineman
    Mike Alstott,NFL running back
    Norm Amundsen, NFL guard
    Ed Bell, NFL guard and tackle
    Patrick Bolger, USAFA offensive lineman
    Dick Butkus, Hall of Fame linebacker for the Bears
    Bill Callahan, college and NFL coach
    Larry Canada, NFL running back
    Joe Carey, NFL guard and tackle
    Steve Collier, NFL offensive tackle
    Larry Coutre, NFL halfback
    Mike Ditka, coach and player for the Bears, TV analyst
    Dick Evans, NFL player
    Fred Evans, defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins
    Tom Finnin, NFL defensive tackle
    Tim Foley, Pro Bowl defensive back for the Miami Dolphins[citation needed]
    Ray Frankowski, NFL guard
    Red Grange, halfback for the Bears
    George Halas, coach of the Bears
    Napoleon Harris NFL linebacker
    Pierre Thomas, NFL running back
    Larry Lauer, NFL center
    Marv Levy, coach of Buffalo Bills
    John McGarry, NFL guard
    Jim McMahon, quarterback for the 1985 Super Bowl champion Bears
    Donovan McNabb, NFL quarterback
    Rashard Mendenhall, NFL halfback
    John Meyer, NFL coach
    Ray Nitschke, NFL Hall of Famer[citation needed]
    Walter Payton, running back for the 1985 Super Bowl champion Bears
    David Petway, NFL defensive back
    Jim Psaltis, NFL defensive back
    Simeon Rice,NFL defensive end
    Knute Rockne, football coach at Notre Dame
    Gale Sayers, NFL Hall of Famer
    George Schmidt, NFL defensive end
    Mike Singletary, Hall of Fame linebacker for the Bears
    Mike Shanahan, veteran NFL head coach and native of suburban Oak Park
    Joe Skibinski, NFL guard
    John Spilis, NFL wide receiver
    Amos Alonzo Stagg, football coach
    Michael Turner, running back for the Atlanta Falcons[citation needed]
    Chuck Ulrich, defensive tackle for the Chicago Cardinals
    Ken Wendt, NFL guard
    Chuck Winfrey, NFL linebacker
    Chet Winters, NFL running back
    Harry Wunsch, NFL guard
    Joe Young, professional football player
    Mrs. Lee Mida, the winner of the 1930 Women's Western Open
    Bart Conner, Olympic gymnastic gold medalist (1984)
    Chris Chelios, NHL player
    Bobby Hull, NHL Hall of Famer
    Stan Mikita, NHL Hall of Famer
    [edit]Ice Skating
    Shani Davis, Olympic speed-skater
    Dorothy Hamill, figure skater
    [edit]Martial Arts
    Rene Capo, Olympic judo gold medalist
    Michelle Gordon, national and international award-winning martial artist
    James "Chico" Hernandez, professional Sombo wrestler
    Juan Moreno (taekwondo), Olympic Taekwondo silver medalist[citation needed]
    Bobby Dotter, NASCAR driver turned owner
    Mike Joy, NASCAR announcer on FOX
    Fred Lorenzen, Winning driver, 1965 Daytona 500 (Elmhurst)
    [edit]Rowing and Yachting
    Robert Halperin, Olympic and Pan American Games yachting medalist, college and professional football player, one of Chicago's most-decorated World War II heroes, and Chairman of Commercial Light Co.
    Donald Spero, rower
    Marcelo Balboa, soccer defender, captain of the U.S. national team
    [edit]Sports commentators
    Jack Brickhouse, TV and radio broadcaster
    Harry Caray, TV and radio broadcaster
    Stuart Scott, ESPN analyst
    Mike Wilbon, ESPN sports analyst, journalist
    Laura Granville, professional tennis player
    Andrea Jaeger, professional tennis player
    [edit]Track and field
    Hal Higdon, distance runner, running writer
    Russ Rose, Hall of Fame women's volleyball coach at Penn State
    D'Lo Brown, professional wrestler
    Colt Cabana, professional wrestler
    Maria Kanellis, former WWE Diva
    CM Punk, current WWE champion
    Justin Roberts, ring announcer

    Gotta love dat Chi town!
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