Your Highness

Discussion in 'Movies' started by dr.ganja, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Anyone seen this? Is it any good, Danny Mcbride is usually funny as shit. His role as red in Pineapple Express will be with me forever lol. Yeah so Im gonna watch it later. Just seeing if people enjoyed it or not.
  2. Painfully bad. One of the worst movies I've ever seen. I actually turned it off after an hour with only 20-30 minutes left because it was so bad. That takes a lot for me to do.

    I really wanted to like it too. I thought it was going to be like "History of the World Part 1" or even "Half Baked in Castles", but instead it was "Year One" with less intelligence and an even more pathetic plot.

    2/10 at best.
  3. Fuck! that sucks man. I heard a few good thing like around the internet and shit.
  4. No one seems to like it but I thought it was pretty funny
  5. It really sucked, but it may speak to your sense of humor, you never know. Don't pay to see it, but if you can download it and get really high while watching it, you might enjoy it. I just had a tough time sitting through it and I am not too picky when it comes to stoner comedy.
  6. When I went to go see it I had my mflb in the theater and saw it on 4$ Saturday:smoke:
  7. I broke my MFLB when cleaning it a couple months ago...
    However, I watched it for free on my couch with my pipe in hand...
  8. I fucking loved that movie. I don't know how you can like stoner comedy and not like that movie.
  9. I know lots of people hated on it, but I had a few laughs. Maybe its not the greatest movie ever made but still, its still worth a watch.
  10. 30 minutes or less is out today. Anyone see that yet?
  11. yeh,, its kinda funy here and there, but overall not that great. if you wanna watch a good movie, watch limitless. its about the guy who takes a pil on the black market that makes u smarter
  12. i loved it! lol its not memorable or anything but it will have u laughin at the stupidness...i think it appeals to those who enjoy those akward comedys like year one, grandmas boy, etc. the type of comedy that has a light touch but if u r smart enough to get the humor will leave you with a is good if it is your style of comedy..
  13. Yeah so Your Highness.......that shit was pretty bad. On the other hand 30 minutes or less looks pretty fucking awsome lol.
  14. I tried watching it 3 times. I watched 30 min of it then another 20 the next day and another 10 the day after... I ended up not finishing the movie (something I never do) because it was so terrible. I was dissappointed
  15. I thought it was funny.
  16. I'd say alright not pineapple express or anything but better than year one but I tend to like cheesy movies.
  17. Not as many weed jokes/references as I expected, it was just ok.
  18. It was hella funny
  19. yea your highness is pretty bad, a far cry from what pineapple express was for the director.

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