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your highness

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kactus, May 12, 2011.

  1. i have spent hours i can not find a stream for it i think it doesn't exist on the internetz but if some1 can find it i will give u 5000 internet points and a bear ("\_("._.")_/"):smoke:
  2. op can you please explain what this is to me
  3. a shitty movie that shouldn't even be bothered to stream. you would be better off to download all the East Bound and Down episodes because those are Danny McBrides best work
  4. what the fuck are you talkin bout?
  5. Double u tee eff?
  6. the movie looks high as hell bro
  7. i thought it was pretty funny, laughed my ass off,
    got really high before all expecting a stoner comedy bc of the cast and director and name (Your Highness), but it wasnt, weed is smoked like once... disappointing, worth seeing IMO though
  8. The movie will be OKAY if you watch it not expecting it to be as good as pineapple express. But if you compare the two (which is almost inevitable) the movie will be dumb. Franco had like 0 funny parts. Red (dont know his real name) had to make the movie.
  9. You so high you cant even ask a question!

    I have the stream link but you wont get it cause you FAIL at asking questions.
  10. That movie fucking sucked... Not even worth the time watching it imo.
  11. I liked that movie. But I also play D&D. So, :smoke:.
  12. I saw this movie in the theaters, BLAZED AS FUCK, and still didn't find it that funny. It was a disappointment
  13. the movie sucked, which is probably why you can't find a stream online.

  14. I agree with you dude.

  15. So true, well I don't know about the movie, but Eastbound & Down is hilarious to watch baked as fuck.
  16. It was alright, not really worth watching nothing memorable happened except Natalie Portman in a thong.
  17. I have a stream for Scott Pilgrim, you should watch that instead if you haven't seen it.
  18. Yeah. It sucked. Don't waste your time. There's no stream because it sucked so hard, no one gives a shit.

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