Your Happy Place

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr Vicious, May 31, 2013.

  1. Straight up tell us where is your happy place.

    My happy place is my toilet, I can contemplate world domination as I send a "fax to the Kremlin" (slang between me and dad as taking a particularly enjoyable shit)
  2. The shower. A good 25 minute shower is usually all it takes to clear my head. I can sing in there, think in there, have a nice little wank in there if I want. I mean come on....the shower is my haven. I come out feeling clean with no worries.
  3. Most definitely my shower or jacuzzi tub! :D dim my lights, turn my music on and relax.
  4. dreams are my second happy place. Sub-conscious sanctuary.
  5. Walking in the woods smoking a bowl
  6. I agree the woods seems to tone everything out for me
  7. The Drivers Seat.
  8. I found a bridge over a small creek near my place, blunts for me and bread for the ducks
  9. sleep.  i havent had a dream that i can remember in quite some time. day to day life is just so full of shit sometimes it's nice to know that no matter how shitty my day has been, i'll get at least a few hours of blissful, unthinking sleep.
  10. Your mothers pussy
  11. My happy place is my dream world!! It's always a grand time there
  12. my dad had a bodyshop he did side work in and when he died in Nov 2011 it was left to me, and its become my hideaway/happy just go in there and smoke up and just kinda feel a connection to my dad, its were i spend a lot of my free time

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