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  1. Girls and Guys,
    serious topic.
    how much is too much? shaved? unshaved? trimmed? 
    For me i clean up all around. trim it down. and shave around the penis. honestly a lot of women have been impressed. And have enjoyed giving me oral much more with less hair in their mouth.

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    not at all sir.  i really wanna know people's opinion.  :hello:  if you wish for me to remove that part for this discussion to continue forward i will.
  3. [quote name="The Band" post="19445269" timestamp="1391228136"]That's a question only you can answer.I thought was was gonna be a serious discussion on the reason for its existence which I would of loved to express my opinion about.Your post is meaningless and I think you just wanna tell people you "allegedly" copped dome[/quote]Id like to hear your opinion anyways
  4. Anything but shaved. Shaved just doesn't look good.
  5. Shave it all every other day. Pube patch, shaft, balls, gooch, sometimes butthole i I go to this occasional orgy party. Chick there likes to rim me..
  6. I have never been near enough to another man's penis or ballsack, hairy or otherwise, to have considered it. But it's good to know that you have a preference bro.
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  7. I shave it all cept I leave a tiny goatee on the bottom side of my balls.
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  8. Trim or shave on man or woman. Just letting it go isn't the best decently groomed even if longer it can still be great.
  9. I'm a girl I cat stand any hair if it's not on my head so me waxed/shave. I like my men bald eagle. Hat hair down there
  10. I cut my pubic hair during odd times....
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  11. i like the general area trimmed, no hair on the shaft, and if you want me to put your balls in my mouth ya better shave those too.

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  12. Eh is long as Its not so furry it looks like you have an animal on your cooch Im good
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  13. Shaved or trimmed if its pussy im all over it.
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  14. I shave everyday so theirs no hair

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    I figure most girls think like you. I follow these guidelines and have never had any complaints.
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  16. my lower body is a jungle compared to my upper, odd, so i trim rear quarters a little and i shave my sausage and mash. dont like having to stop because shes getting a dental flossing with my pubes ya feel me?
  17. Its a turn off to me when a guy is completely shaved, idk its just weird to me. However I dont want to go down there and have to push hair out of the way.

    I like it well groomed. clean, short but not gone. I want to fuck a man not a boy.
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  18. Bahahaha I have never heard it called that before  :laughing: 
  19. Number 1 or number 2 guard trim.
  20. I like to try out new things. I've done shaved, when billy ray Cyrus was popular I gave it a mullet.. since I got married in Jamaica 8 years ago I've been working on dreads.. They look Rasta mon!
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