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Your guys best prank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StinkyMagee, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hey GC I was wondering what your guys best prank/mischievous activity was when you were younger? Mine was a party me and some friends had at my buddys house when his parents were out of town. I got super fucked up and me and a friend went to the local grocery outlet. He put me in a cart and poured a giant bucket of yarn balls in the cart and he pushed me around while I pelted the customers. When we ran out the store clerks didn't know to stop us or not xD
  2. Here's is a link to the video prank we made and put on youtube. It got featured on TruTV's Top 20 most shocking and will show on MTV's Pranked soon.

    [ame=]Sentenced to Seagulls - YouTube[/ame]
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    When I was living in a dorm my roommate and I rigged up our door so that when you opened it a shoe tied to the door would swing down at your nuts from a pipe close to the ceiling. Good times. :D
  4. Hmm my favorite prank was probably when I set up some toothpicks on the stairs and my brother stepped on them haha. Another prank that didn't end so well, was when I talked my friend into stealing his ex's license plate. He ended up doing it and his ex called the police on him haha.
  5. That last vid is fucked up, can we please take it down or at least provide a graphic content warning please.

  6. Its fake and was on ray william johnson...
  7. Not much of a prankster but what is fun to do is the following

    Take a screen shot of the desktop.
    Make the screen shot the background.

    Delete all icons off of the desktop and lower the bottom bar so it isn't out.

    Laugh at your friend as he tries to open things.

  8. you dont have to delete his icons...all you have to do is right click, arrange icons, hide desktop icons.

  9. It's not real though?
  10. OK check it out, one day awhile back while this dude StinkyMagee was in a grocery store throwing yarn at the customers. I drove to his house and hit was a great day and the best part is StinkyMagee never found out about it....Ok so like if you happen to ever meet this dude StinkyMagee play it cool....PEACE
  11. (fake) Snake in the mail box. I had to be in elementary still..Mail person was so fucking pissed
  12. A few of my friends and I decided to pull a prank on one of my other friends during our senior year of high school. A couple of days before the prank actually went down, I got my camera and stood in the corner of his bathroom recording the toilet area for five minutes. After that when i got home i burnt the recording to a dvd disc. The day of executing the prank, three of my friends and I went over to the prankee's house and waited for him to use the bathroom. When he did, we quickly put the dvd into the xbox, started playing it and fake laughed (giving the impression we were watching him in the bathroom). When he came out, he looked at the tv and had the most confused look on his face. After it set in that we were watching him in the bathroom (in his mind), he felt very disturbed and pissed off. He started telling us he was kicking us all out of his house and he couldn't believe we would do that. We let him know it was just a prank and he seemed pretty relieved. That's the best one I have ever participated in myself.
  13. lol, sorry if i made anyone puke by putting the video up. just a joke, take a chill pill. :smoke:
  14. Impregnated my wife...she was so pissed. But now I can't smoke in the house sooooo.

  15. that's so fucking dumb and rude, you should be ashamed. seriously.
  16. We can use that word? :eek:
  17. i know . . shouldnt that word be under "graphic content" ? lol.
  18. Back in high school, when I first started smoking, my friends tell me to come over because they had just picked up. Ok cool. I go over there and they said they had already all smoked, and they had a joint rolled up which I could smoke if i want. I was like hell yea and we headed outside to the backyard and I'm smoking this joint like a rasta. Anyways, after I finish the joint by myself, we come back in the house and everyone starts laughing their ass off. Then they tell me it was a Malboro Mild with the filter cut off, the ends of the paper they had twisted it to look like a j. I still don't believe them because I was "high" as a kite, really. That's a prank I'll never forget.

  19. fuck yeah!
  20. Team america...


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