Your "go to" piece of furniture...

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by ghostonvacation, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. for comfort and chillin', other then your bed I suppose?

    I got this old ass light green reclining chair that an old roommate ended up just leaving in my apartment. It is missing a bunch of screws which enables it to lean ALL the way back and it is comfy as hell :smoke: Its one of the only pieces in my apartment that my dog wont jump on, almost like he knows thats my zone :smoking:
  2. My papasan chair:)
    Then the loveseat.
  3. Either my very very comfy couch, or my bed
    I love my couch, great to lie down on, good for sex, and there is enough for three people to sit on, and I always have a nice soft blanket on it, so no worries about cleaning or stains
  4. I use my Lay-Z Boy recliner
  5. Indoor hammock
  6. Leather Recliner
  7. The couch in my room.
  8. A LoveSac, if I had one.
  9. The leather chair, I just sink the eff in and I'm gone :hippie:
  10. My couch in my room
  11. my bed and this love seat that's in my room...or my computer chair
  12. My chaise lounge and throw on the tube
  13. a penis. but no, my futon is the shit
  14. I guess I spend more time on the living room couch during the day than any other piece. But really I spend more time sitting on the floor. Like if I'm playing Xbox or watching a movie in my room I sit of the floor leaning against my bed. And sometimes in the living room I skip the couch and lay on the floor so I can stretch out.
  15. Surprisingly the floor. I lay on the floor when there are 2 perfectly nice couches in the room.
  16. I stay glued to what I call the command center big flat desk with my comp, Bing, drawers filled with wax and my tight vac of nuggies, to the left a 52 inch LCD and ps3. I need a new chair speaking if which.
  17. My bed, I love it so much.

    If I'm even a little bit high or sleepy and I go and rest my eyes for just a second, I'll fall asleep.
  18. I chill in my big ass Lazy boy with the faptop and light one up.
  19. The recliner in the living room.

    It does wonders for me.
  20. My computer chair....then my bed

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