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  1. Found this somewhere on Facebook, thought it would be interesting  :smoke:
    Fave game: anything from the Fallout series  :love:
    Fave character: Link
    Fave genre: I've always been an RPG girl
    Fave Console: ps3
    Playing: zombies on black ops 2
    Wish to be playing: Saints Row 2 (my psn+ expired, waiting to get paid to re-sub again)
    You can't beat be at: Tekken 
    First game I played:  Tetris on the first gameboy that my aunty gave me when she emigrated. It was a big brick that ate batteries, but I loved it
    First Console: Nintendo 64 
    Love for Gaming?: I like to escape from reality and gaming helps me relieve stress. And hey, playing certain games while baked is a-mazingg!
    ok, now you guys..

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    Fave games, because I can't pick one amongst all genres: Metal Gear Solid, Dark Souls, Majora's Mask, Disgaea, Xenogears, Touhou, Atlier, Zone of the Enders, BlazBlue/Guilty Gear for 2D fighters, Dead or Alive for 3D.
    Fave character: Noel/Mu-12 (see avatar), non fighting game character Rance Fave genre:
    Fighting Genre, JRPGs, Strat/Tactical RPGs, Visual Novels, Bullet Hell/Shooters. FPS only on PC. "realistic" RTS. Not high APM Starcraft type.
    Fave Console: PC master race. Sony for console
    Playing: BlazBlue and grinding a new Dark Souls build.
    Wish to be playing: BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma, Guilty Gear Xrd, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle and Under Night In-Birth
    You can't beat be at: It's impossible to be undefeated but I am a sponsored fighter and am in the top 10 Mu-12 players in the U.S.
    First Console: SNES and Sega Genesis
    Love for Gaming: Just the love of it, sometimes I wonder if I'm a masochist, dying 30 times learning a zone in Dark Souls. Practicing for 6 hours a day minimum for each fighting game. The travel, meeting peers and feeling the pride of winning, the insecurity of defeat and the need to push yourself to get better. The rage, the rare drop, the clutch win. That's what I play for.
  3. Fave games: Halo: Combat Evolved (PC), Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, TES IV: Oblivion, TES V: Skyrim, Minecraft
    Fave character: Sgt. Maj. Johnson, General Tullius, Brucie Kibbutz
    Fave genre: FPS, RPG, MMORPG, Racing
    Fave Console: N64, Gameboy, PS2, X360, PC
    Playing: Grifball on Halo: Reach
    Wish to be playing: Halo 2 Multiplayer on Xbox  :cry:
    You can't be beat at: Grifball, knife/throwing knife-only gametypes on CoD
    First game I played: Diddy Kong Racing
    First Console: Nintendo 64
    Why I love Gaming?: Soundtracks & immersive worlds to get lost in, meeting & competing with new people all the time from around the globe, countless hours and all-nighters with friends. Shit's fun.
  4. Favorite Game: City of Heroes
    Favorite Character: Luigi
    Favorite Genre: RPG/FPS
    Favorite Platform: Don't have a favorite
    Currently Playing: Halo 4 mostly, some skyrim
    Wish I was playing: NHL 13 but my ps3 broke
    You can't beat me at: CoD 2 back in the day
    First game I played: Too young to remember. Probably super Mario bros or Sonic the Hedgehog.
    First console: Either Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis. Not sure.
    Why I love gaming: Its competitive nature, and also escapism
  5. Fave game: Assassin's Creed series(canon only, not that handheld crap)
    Fave character: hmmm, cant say I particularly have one, guess I'll go with Ezio
    Fave genre: open world, action rpg, or adventure games
    Fave Console: 360 I guess, though I'm sure  I had more fun on n64
    Playing: blops 2/minecraft, hopefully soon State of Decay
    Wish to be playing: State of Decay, GTA 5, Watch Dogs
    You can't be beat at: Original Smash Bros(could beat anyones ass with any character)
    First game I played:  probly mario bros/duck hunt
    First Console: NES
    Love for Gaming?: I've just always loved it, although my love now is not so great. kinda hinders shit when your nerves are fucked and you cant play well.
  6. Fave game: Halo 3
    Fave character: Ghost from Call of Duty MW
    Fave genre: Sports, Shooters, Occasional RPG's
    Fave Console: N64 (when I had it), 360 now, ps4 for next gen
    Playing: Fight Night, Skyrim, MW3
    Wish to be playing: NCAA 14
    You can't be beat at: Original Mario Kart on N64
    First game I played:  Super Smash Bros on N64
    First Console: Gameboy Color (N64 soon after)
    Love for Gaming?: It gives me an escape from reality for a bit. Shooters relieve a lot of stress. Living lives I would/could never normally live is cool.
  7. Fave games: Gears of War series, Final Fantasy VII through FFX, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask, COD: World at War/MW2, Mario Kart 64, Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon Yellow/SIlver
    Fave character: Cloud Strife, Link
    Fave genre: RPG, FPS, Racing, Strategy
    Fave Console: N64, Gameboy, PSOne,Xbox 360
    Playing: Ocarina of Time
    Wish to be playing: Gears of War Judgement
    You can't be beat at: Mario Kart 64, any super smash bros game, and Gran Turismo 1 - 3
    First game I played: Mario Kart on SNES
    First Console: Nintendo 64
    Why I love Gaming?: i really appreciate how much work goes into developing these games. From the soundtrack to the art,dialogue,character development,etc. Developing video games is truly an art form
  9. 1. Zelda WW
    2. maybe Andrew Ryan (bioshock 1)
    3. Shooter
    4. PC/Gamecube
    5. Mario Sunshine
    6. GTA 5
    7. Any First person shooters
    8. Doom, Myst, or the 7th guest.. i cant remember
    9. n64
    10. Because its endless hours of fun
  10. Fave games: Dark Souls/Demon souls, Ratchet and clank series, Drakes, Final fantasy Tactics, Tomb Raider
    Fave character: Toss up between Drake and Laura from the new Tomb raider
    Fave genre: RPG
    Fave Console: PC with the Playstation being a close second
    Playing: Rayman Legends and League of legends at the moment
    Wish to be playing: gta5 on PC :)
    You can't be beat at: Dark souls , GW2 and Trap gunner
    First game I played: Kaboom for Atari 2600
    First Console: Atari 2600
    Why I love Gaming? Relaxing after a stressful day, good story, entertaining, challenge.
  11. Fave game: FF8? Tactics? Rockband 3? I don't know
    Fave character: Bill - L4D1
    Fave genre:  no idea
    Fave Console: PS1, 360
    Playing: GTA V
    Wish to be playing: Left 4 Dead 3
    You can't beat be at: Guitar Hero/Rockband
    First game I played:  Contra
    First Console: NES? SNES? Whichever Contra was on, I can't remember
    Love for Gaming?: Because it pulls all the ladies
  12. Favorite game: Pokemon Blue, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, The Last of Us, or GTA V.
    Favorite character: Link
    Favorite genre: RPG
    Favorite console: PS3
    Playing: GTA V
    Wish to be playing: Battlefield 4
    You can't be beat at: I'm a pretty average gamer. I'm almost always Top 5 in any FPS though
    First game I played: Full Throttle: All-American Racing on SNES
    First console: SNES
    Love for Gaming: World's Greatest Time Waster. Whenever I'm bored and can't think of any else to do, gaming is always there.

  13. Fave games: The Last of Us, Gears of War, Heavy Rain, Elder Scrolls, Farcry, Uncharted, GTA, etc.
    Fave character: Marcus Fenix
    Fave genre: Shooters, RPG's, Action/Adventure.
    Fave Console: Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3
    Playing: GTA V
    Wish to be playing: GTA V
    You can't be beat at: Gears of War
    First game I played: Bonk for Turbo Grafix!
    First Console: See above!
    Why I love Gaming?: Ooooo.. The colors..
  14. Fave game: Halo 2
    Fave character: Duke Nukem
    Fave genre: FPS
    Fave Console: N64 with PS1 coming in close second
    Playing: GTA SA
    Wish to be playing: GTA V..PC port i'm waiting
    You can't beat be at: Any fps
    First game I played:  Shieeeet wish i could remember...possibly Super Mario or Duck Hunt
    First Console: SNES
    Love for Gaming?: it's a poon magnet
  15. Favorite Game: Legend of Dragoon
    Favorite Character: I honestly don't have a favorite character
    Favorite Genre: RPG
    Favorite Console: Super Nintendo
    Playing: World of Warcraft
    Wish to be Playing: Grand Theft Auto V
    You can't beat me at: Gears of War 3
    First game I Played:  Duck Hunt
    First Console: NES
    Love for Gaming?: I've been gaming since I was 3, it's always been there for me and it brings me joy lol.
  16. Favorite Game: Legend of Zelda, Cod 4 and 5, Battlefield, Gears of War. Assassin's Creed
    Favorite Character: Ezio
    Favorite Genre: FPS, RPG
    Favorite Console: PS2
    Wish to be Playing: Grand Theft Auto V
    You can't beat me at: Battlefield
    First game I Played: Syphon Filter 1
    First Console: PS1
    Love for Gaming? Too many reasons to list

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