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    Ok so I was wondering what you guys' funniest moment is while playing a video game if you can remember any.

    For me it has to be the time when I had two of my friends over and we were sat on the sofa completely blazed playing GTA 4 and we decided to have some more hits of the bong but we didnt pause it. While passing the bong a car must have stopped infront of Niko and was there for a while, and out of nowhere the guy in the car shouts "get the fuck out of the way i need a dump!!!

    All three of us were crying with laughter.

    Another time in red dead undead nightmare someone tried to jack my horse so I hogtied him and dragged him along the floor slowly through a hoard of zombies. that guy was slowly punished. I lol'd:smoke:
  2. Lots of funny gaming moments for me as I game quite a bit, lots from SOCOM 2 back in the day but nothing specific I can really remember.

    Recently on NHL 11 online, me and my buddy would jack our guys up into grinders with full hitting, strength and discipline (less penalties) and just skate around the ice just hitting people. Yesterday my buddy hit a guy into the boards, as soon as he got up I came barreling through and smoked him again, no penalty, then my buddy saw me hit the guy so he came circling back and hit him a third time, no penalty. Needless to say I couldn't finish the period because I was laughing so hard. If you don't play NHL often then you might not find it as funny as I did :)

    yours are both great stories, the second one im going to try but if you just stand around in GTA you can hear some whack things.

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