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Your First Time

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Billy B. Bacon, Sep 7, 2002.

  1. Just wondering if any of you still remember your first time. I was 14 at my house with my buddys, 2 A.M. and my parents in the next room. I coughed like hell! That was one of the best times I ever got high!
  2. I was 16, she was 17, in the movie theater parking lot.

    Oh, weed?

    think i was like 14, had just moved to my town, started new high school, new neighbor had a parry, invited me, booyah!
  3. I was pretty damn young (12) when I first smoked, it was in my friend's RV and we'd each take turns going into the bathroom and smoking a bowl on our own. I didn't get high but thought I did, so I didn't understand what the big deal about weed was. About 3 years later I tried it out again, took only 4 hits and got increidbly stoned. Never questioned pot again.
  4. I was 16 and me and one of my best friends went to a girl's house. She lit a J and I smoked some, got a little high, the girl started going out with my friend, and her sister started going out with me that nite. So The 1st time was pretty damn good lol .
  5. first time was at a close homies house, sparked a J then his mom came home, jumped the fence and finshed the rest at my former junior high school. wow was i lit!
  6. I was 12 on the river bank where my best friend used to live. I remember becoming one with the waves in the water. LOL. I smoked that day and never quit afterwards.
  7. Ah, it was great :) My friend gave me an 1/8 as a gift and I smoked it all in his bong in about 15 minutes :D

    I was so wasted that night :)

    I pace myself a lot more now.
  8. i was 14, me and a couple of my freinds and their b/fs,who were like 16 or 17 or something were there too i was so excited. some friends and i smoked a fatty, there was joints flyin all over the place.and i had a blast. and then the cops showed up so we booked it! it was soooo fun! lol
  9. Me and a few friends were sitting down outside and they decided to smoke, and i was the only one who hadn't tried it yet and it was some pretty nice dank too (northern lights) we lit up and from that day forth I found out what mary jane can give out.
  10. I was in fifth grade at my old friends house. We stole a few nugs out of his moms stash and placed them on a paper towel trying to roll it up like a joint, lol it didnt even hit all we got was paper smoke.....first time i got high was in seventh grade when i smoked a nice glass piece.
  11. 13, beach party. my bf left me for my best friend (don't you just love jr high romance?) and i smoked a lot of pot. lol good times, good times. i so hated growing up there, but when i look back on it, living on the beach was a perfect way to grow up.
  12. I can't tell you about my first time in teh interest of national security. ;>
  13. In a pizza parlor after close with the young delivery folk. I was about 17 and a half and they were probably about 21 or close to it. I have no idea what kind of weed it was but I know it was the beginning of alot of meetings with mary jane.
  14. my best friend had just gotten his drivers license, and we finally had a chance to go and try to get me high (i had benn wanting to try for a few weeks before that), so me and him and another friend went and smoked a j and a bowl.... i didnt get high but i remember getting cottonmouth badly.
    second time it was pretty much the same thing only with a bunch more people, and a bit more bud... i didnt get high, but i felt different than normal.
    3rd time me and the same friends went over to a friends house and rolled a j, and still had a bunch of bud left so he busted out his zong, i only took one rip because it kicked my ass and i was blown out staring at nothing the whole time.
    since then ive gone a week without smoking, after my parents cought me
  15. My first time was 9th grade. I got a dime from this guy at school, me and a buddy went out in the woods rolled a joint a piece, got stoned as hell, went back home, then moms busted us.

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