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  1. My First time...

    I was hanging wit some of the older guys wit my friend and they pull this nasty little sack of schwag. after coughing up a lung and a half we decide to get some dank. I was already blown but didn't wanna seem like a wussy so i just go along with watever they say. we bought a 1/4th and started packing the bong. I took 4 hits and said i was goin to get some water, half way ther and i forgot wat i was doing in that house and started wandering around finally re-entering the weed dungeon (having forgotten my water) i took 2 more and started watching tv. once we were finished we decided to put on "Mars Attacks" I was so gone i stood up and screamed "Holy shit the martians, They're real!"

    Single funniest moment in my life. Even if i can barely remember
  2. Was chillin' with some friends near Taco Bell and they ripped out a bowl, and my spine after I took 3 - 4 hits and was completely ruined.
  3. I decided I wanted to try weed, so I started asking around my high school. I bought an old man pipe [wooden] at the thrift shop. I was 15 years old and drove a 1992 Olds, and eventually someone said, "Let's meet up after school in your car." This guy was a year in school younger than me, but he was older in years. So we went out and he was drinking a pop he asked for a knife and I said what for, then when he explained I handed him the pipe I had purchased. I smoked that pipe to myself, he said he was along for the ride. Turned out since I was so inexperienced, I thought that people always smoked the amount he loaded into my pipe. It was actually a huge-ass bowl of some mids. I was driving and I said I don't feel high, so we're heading back to town via the gravel we left on, and it hits me like a freight train, and I grabbed my first 8th for $30 [yes, waaay overpriced, but I learned quick and learned right], and I had to let him drive. That wasn't the highest I have ever been, but it was in the top 5 most enjoyable high. +rep for starting this thread which has probably been done many many times.
  4. Most of my friends from my dorm were (like myself) from the East Coast. But this one girl was from California and could not believe how many of us had never tried weed. She made it her personal mission to smoke us all out.

    She managed to get some just before midterms but didn't tell us until afterwards as a sort of "post-midterm" surprise. We had planned a small get together with just booze and a little after 11 she let us know what she had. We all went outside to a secluded spot behind the dorm and she showed us how to use a piece with a carb.

    In retrospect, this must have been hilarious if anyone happened by, 6 of us and only the one knew what she was doing. Questions like "Wait, so I have to cover it while I inhale?" kept coming up. Finally we passed the piece around. It was harsh (isn't it always) and I remember not thinking it worked. The usual "yeah, a lot of people don't get high their first time," was said and then we went inside to party it up some more.

    But it DEFINITELY worked, as within 20 minutes we were immediately trying to order 5 pizzas (for 6 people!).

    Quite a fun night.

  5. you dont have an inkling of a clue of what your talking about if you think 30 for an 8th is "WAY overpriced"

  6. of mids? I'd say that's a legitimate rip-off
  7. thanks for the rep. yea most likely atleast twice.

    fuck yea thats a rip. i can get a bit less than a half oz for 30 of some high mids
  8. where do u live that u can get ur license at 15?
  9. The first time I smoked weed was useless...the first time I got high though...

    I was with my best friend on a camping trip. We took a five minute walk down to this dock that was on a lake. He was a pretty experienced smoker and wanted to get me high. He packed a bowl in his pipe and we smoked it. I didn't feel anything so he packed another...and another...and another. After five fat bowls I realized that I was blazed as fuck. We started walking back to our tent and I couldn't stop laughing. It took us about 20 minutes to find our tent. I'd say it was an enjoyable first time.
  10. well diff areas have diff weed prices, in my area its $30 for a half quarter as well.

    anyways first time i got high, i had moved to a new city and was chilling at this guys house, he had weed, so we went to this huge park place by his house and sat by a ravine smoking a j. it was fun. btu i never really started smoking regularly till like a year laterr.
  11. My friend rolled two single skinner hash joints, we smoked them in his garage, then went for a bike ride. Ahh to be 14 again..
  12. Midwest, USA. Not a full-on license, just a go to work and home, go to school and home license.
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    It was some mediocre mids, just a few steps above schwag, and a few steps below what I'd call mids today, dude. If you'd pay 30 for that same shit, I'll deliver it to you, for no charge. [Just playing, not talking about dealing in a serious manner.]

    I've seen worse stuff that people call decent, mids... There's a lot of weed dumbasses around here, you seem to be thinking that I was getting what your snobby ass considers to be weed.
  14. My friends and I smoked a few bowls out of a wood pipe. We were in the woods and had the best adventure of our lives.

    Just like highbinder said,
    the 14 year old high was awesome
  15. It was along time ago. I was fronting like I had smoked before to one of my vatos. He thought I smoked and me and my homeboy went over to his house. Well I get a 40 sack of shwag and 3 blunts. We roll them up and right before all 3 of us are about to smoke, my friend says that we are smoking outside in the garage. We go outhere to see like 15 older people like 17-30 just sitting out there smoking there own schwag blunt. I was freakin the fuck out because it was my first time and I didnt want to look like a bitch after saying I smoked before. Well I hit it fucking hard and didnt cough so I thought I was lookin cool. My homeboy was jammin to music and hit that shit mildly hard and coughed a fucking lung, *He smoked before* and he started freaking out. He had to leave the room and lay down, so after about a blunt and a half I need to follow my vato tellin me i need to chill with him. So we go in there, i look like a total bafoon, like a red eyed gangster goblin. We drink some 7-up out of a 2 liter each... We played some halo I couldnt stop running around in circles trying to kill him, just laughing at nothing.. I tried to stop but couldnt, we listened to some marley while he told me he, that he used to do hella alot of shrooms with Joe Rogan when he was with his Cousin. So I just stared at him bug eyed listening to his stories. Then we smoked a few bowls and we passed the fuck out. And woke up to his mom cookin us like 14 plate of food each, i love mexicans :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

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