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Your first time smoking Indica

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Charrua, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. So I've never been lucky enough to pick out what kind of strain of mj I was purchasing. From what I hear, it's mostly hybrids out there when you buy from the sketchy dude on the corner.
    I've been curious for years what it would be like to smoke an all indica strain, I suppose I'd be curious what an all sativa strain would be like too, but I'm more curious about indica right now as I'm more interested in mj that would help me sleep, relax, and ease physical pain.. definitely not ramp up my already overactive mind.
    My question is- is it noticeably different smoking an all indica strain, and how was your first experience with an all indica, if you're like me and always smoked hybrids/sativas? These are rather noob questions and it's weird coming from a guy thats been smoking for 7+ years but I'm just anticipating the day I'll be able to get inside a dispensary and pick out what I'm going to smoke.

  3. Could always grow your own. Then you can pick out what strains you smoke and not get charged an arm and a leg. 
  4. Definitely, you will learn to distinguish the differences once you have access to a wide variety of strains to sample. In general, indica and indica-dominant strains work best for pain and anxiety relief, insomnia, and have more narcotic-like effects. Sativa strains are more energizing, good for depression, appetite improvement, etc. Personally, I prefer a well rounded hybrid, but tend more toward the couch-locking indica varities. And true, most of the street pot has been cross-bred and hybridized like mad.
  5. I can't tell the difference, but then again I've never had the opportunity to see different strains, together up close and in person. Gotta say I'm jelous dude, but I still get green when I need so I'm happy.

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  6. wow take me back to the mid 70's. I can't remember the first time i smoked indi.
    But yeah, you can get couch locked on indi and then fall asleep watching TV and you wouldn't even know it.
  7.  Yea, indica as you described it is exactly what I would need right now considering how stressed life has me at the moment. Living in FL, I dont have the benefit of going to buy from a dispensary so it's w/e I can get a hold of that gets smoked. But considering it seems to keep me up for hours in bed having random thoughts, I'd say there's definitely sativa in what I'm smoking these days.
    Man, how I would love to have a stash of some all indica strain right about now.
  8. I grew out a supposedly 100% indica Pakistani last year and it turned out really strong...makes me plain stupid and lazy as fuck. Nice for the occasional evening toke but I generally prefer a sativa dom hybrid. Still got a couple nugs of her that have been curing for a year and she tastes fantastic, earthy and hashy.
  9. I was fortunate enough to get some pure northern lights a couple of months ago. It was fantastic. All I wanted to do was sink down in my couch, look at the sky, and not think a single thought

    Happy toking!

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  10. I smoked for a while before my state got awesome and legalized it, so I smoked whatever was around without really knowing what the difference was.  But my first purchase was an indica, and it caved my head in every night.  I'm working through a batch of sativa now, and I'm still trying to find that level where I feel good AND can get things done, but it seems like a possibility with sativas more than indicas.
    But damn, it's great to be able to choose and know exactly what you're getting.  

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