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  1. i was wondering what was everyones first smoking experiance

    mine was when i was in the bahamas my friend whos been smoking went up to a random gardner and asked for an 1/8 and we smoked a blunt... then went down all the water slides and swam with dolphins haha it was pretty good

    how about you guys
  2. I was with this chick up in the mountains and we wandered off this cliff face or w/e into the woods and smoked and it started raining so hard and we were hitting off of a MD can it was funny. It took probably 45 mins to get back up the mountain because we were so blazed.
  3. Nice start!

    My first time was in my friends kitchen back when I was in high school, we were clueless, used a kitchen knife to grind the herb and had a website open on how to roll a joint. Was amazing! Took a trip to a local fast food place and laughed my head of!
  4. First time was about a year ago. I was hanging with my roommate when our friend calls us. Her boyfriend was in own and wanted to smoke with me. So we all met outside and walked to her car and smoked. It was a little green pipe. We smoked twice and in between went to Arby's and I got a Jamocha shake that tasted like God's tit milk and then we went back to her dorm room and watched Across the Universe.

    My body felt kinda weird and everything looked kinda different but I wasn't high like I am today. It was really hard to watch the movie because my memory only lasted 5 minutes so everything was confusing haha
  5. 10 years back i was hanging out with my cousin and he broke out the pipe. we sat there and played mario kart 64 for about 4 hours straight. I don't care for the game and find it very repetative, but it was fun. and i bet yall can guess what i think of mary
  6. I didn't even know what I was smoking in my first experience, lol.

    I was over at a friend's house with another buddy of ours and we were just chilling, drinking beers. One of my friends had this old school wooden pipe and he asked if I wanted to smoke some tobacco out of it. I said sure, why not.

    We go outside in the backyard and smoke it, and all of a sudden I'm high, haha. My buddy was like my bad... that was weed.
  7. with a bunch of people under a bridge after a high school football game.
  8. First time I ever got high was in my buddies house. We were sittin around watching tv and my buddy hands me a 2 gram blunt. We start passing it and I finally start actually inhaling about half way in. Needless to say I got so high cuz it was my first time that I just started acting wayyyy too stupid. We had to relight it cuz it kept burning itself out. I had my hair in front of my face and was about to light a roach while it's in my mouth. Sure enough my hair caught on fire lol. My buddy had to beat the fire out with his hands and I immediatly lost my high.

    Was still a good 1st time tho. =D
  9. 4.20.2006

    Got blazed and hung out downtown. I remember seeing a tree and thinking it was flat, like a cardboard cutout. That and running across the street in slow motion. Then I thought I was in a cartoon. Ended up talking to someone downtown about how good of an idea pants were. Later in the night I forgot where I parked so I called up a friend to cruise around and find my car. Almost 3 years later looking back, good times.
  10. Was in a band in 8th grade, and the drummers older brother sold us a quarter of some beaster bud for 100, and we smoked it all in one night. Watched a Phish show on dvd. Fell in love. :smoking:

    also created a couple funky jams that night if im not mistaken.
  11. it was a few days before my 15th birthdays and i was hanging out with some older freinds of mine and we were having a bbq. they started rippin a bong and the guy grilling the burgers went to smoke and only made enough burgers for a few people so when i asked him if he can keep making burgers he said hell only make me them if i hit the bong. at that time i was kind of aposed to smoking weed and my friend that never smoked before tired so he made me do it because he did it. i took three hits and felt really cold and had a headache afterwords even though it was like 80 degrees out. the next day i tried it again and have been loving it ever since
  12. My sophomore year of high school after a football game. We bought like a gram from my neighbor & made a ghetto steamroller out of a Gatorade bottle, ended up sharing it with like 4 people total. Didn't get high, just really tired.
  13. 7th GRade underneith under a streetlight round 2AM haha uhmm i think it was sum schwagg shit anway dont really recall but me and a few buddys all smoked for our first time:hello:
  14. smoked schwag out of a chillum and then out of a bowl, was high as shit needless to say, now i have my own pieces and plan on growing sometime this year!!!
  15. I smoked with my dad the first time. It was pretty cool. We shared 2 bowls, then I had a bowl to myself. Needless to say, I was useless for a solid 4 hours. I didn't even like it after I experienced it because I literally sat in a chair for 4 hours. Hahahahahaha. Now I can actually function while high, so it's 1000x more awesome. :smoking::smoking:

  16. I think a first time smoking experience with a bong never works out. Everyone always pulls a whitey or they get nauseous.
  17. My first time was actually kind of random. I was over at a friend's apartment and his roommate and her boyfriend started smoking and asked if I wanted any. I was like, uh... yeah! Didn't really get high, though. They were using a pipe with a carb, and you know how it takes a few tries to get the hang of those.

    But the first time I got really high was with a little group of friends. We kept laughing and freaking out about how slowly time was passing. :)
  18. My step sister asked me to smoke because she thought I did. I remember being curious as to whether my eyes would be red, but I didn't feel it that much. I remember I was really focused on playing with a blade of grass hahaa
  19. i was with two of my friends on his porch one night 2 years ago. i remember sitting there lookin at the fence around us and his backyard. my arms looked so long when i put them out. the night was filled with uncontrollable laughter. it got the the point that we had to look away from eachother. mainly because it was his first time being high too. i wish i could get that high again. i remember how amazing it was to got go to bed. slept so well.
  20. First time I got high was back in summerschool in '99. I ran into some guys I knew from a years ago, and they were gonna go out and smoke, I tried it once before, but didn't get high, so I figured sure why not, I'll try it again. We walk out to a forresty area behind the football field, and it starts raining. And I don't mean a few water drops, it started POURING.
    So there's 4 of us, holding this backpack over the bowl smoking up.

    Walked back to school(this was between classes, we had like a 15 minute break), soaking wet. A few of us stopped by the bathroom and literally rang our clothes out to get some of the water out.

    I still remember sitting in class baked as shit doing the rubber pencil thing and this chick asking me if I was high, was kind of funny at the time.

    Good times :smoking:

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