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Your first smoking buddies...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by T.Serpovich, May 26, 2009.

  1. Im pretty new to smoking

    my buddy has been smoking for a while and smokes with some pretty awesome ppl
    i've smoked like 3 times back in highschool but now i own my own bowl and toke pretty often with these ppl.

    They are great they taught me everything i need to know about weed quality, the right way to hit a bowl, damn near everything and anything if i ask or am confused about something
    even christened my first bowl this weekend with em

    they even hook me up with damn good quality shit, (high mids is like the lowest they get)

    so my question is has anyone here had the same experiences or total opposites when they first started??

    or something completely different??

    it would be cool to read all your stories
  2. Definitely man. Your first toking buddies usually stick with you for at least a good long while. I still toke with the people I first started with, and we always have a shitload of fun.
  3. My story is in my sig (A Grower's Tale). Chapter One covers my first smoking. It was my best friend's first time as well. The rest is history :D
  4. The very first time I ever smoke weed was when i was almost 17. It was with my boyfriend, he finally got me to do it, not like he had tried very much. He had asked a few times, but I was too chicken shit to accept, but one night we were all alone and I told him I'd do it.

    He packed up a make-shift steamroller and I hit that shit so hard. I remember not feeling very "high" at first then all of a sudden I was like in a dream. I felt really awesome and my belly felt really cool when i laughed. So, of course, kept doing it.

    Well, a few months later I broke up with him, but he definitely turned me on to something I will keep with me forever.

    Good news is about a year and a half ago I got in touch with him again and we've been going strong ever since. :)
  5. My good buddy and I started about a year ago, or at least started on a regular basis a year ago. At the time my roommate joined in and one or two others. The other people have changed, some have come and some have gone, but my roommate and my good buddy will still always be down to toke. We keep trying to make new bongs and hit those, even when we aren't stoned we brainstorm about some cool designs and such for a homemade. I definitely hear where you are coming from though.
  6. The first kid I smoked with I smoke with a few times a week. We plan on hanging out for a while.

  7. so true. It makes for one hell of a story also.
  8. when i started smoking back in middle school (about 10 years ago) i had a core group of buddies that all smoked weed for the first time together then we met this guy who lived about 5 houses down from the middle school and taught us evrything we would ever need to know about weed it was alot of fun espically high school
  9. yeah it is a cool story
  10. the first kids i smoked with turned out to be assholes but i smoke with cool people now :D:smoking::cool: also the old people i smoked with had nearly dirt bud but once i stopped chillen with them i got good hook ups now me and my friends get beasters and they are pretty great =D dont get fire unless i go up to boston tho
  11. First time I decided to smoke was summer after I graduated. My stoner friends had finally convinced me to hit the pipe. I remember I was havin the hardest time inhaling cuz I was completely new to smoking anything. I finally just took a huge hit that sent me layin down on the sidewalk. As soon as I got up after 5 minutes or so, my story officially started. I've had the same great tokin buddies since that night but minus one cuz he moved, got married, and no longer smokes weed or anything remotely "bad", as he puts it. I've met a lot of people through weed though, and I have smoke buddies all over the area code. Weed is such an amazing network system.
  12. I started out smoking with these 3 other kids.. We use to toke every weekend at my house... BUt then theyre better friend got off Probation.. So they started smoking there... And i kind of just drifted away from them.

    Then i found out that a good friend of mine tokes, and we've been smoking for a couple months now.. every chance we get.
  13. me and my buddies learned together since we started together, it was a lot of fun but now we all have real lives and fridays and saturdays don't revolve around weed anymore :(

    thats ok though cause i just get high before i do the stuff my life does revolve around :)
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    first time i smoked me and a friend were at a skatepark and some kid sold us a gram for 15 of GDP so we used an apple and weve been smoking about 4 grams a day for a few years ever since then

    were roommates now we got an apartment in chicago this is basically our schedule

    morning-buisness(not sayin what we do but take a guess..)
    around lunchtime-pickup from our guy(usually a few ounces a day, a pound a day on weekends)
    early afternoon-smoke a few blunts, and go skate/hang out
    later afternoon-buisness
    evening-girls(we both have girlfriends who toke)
    night-either stay with girls or go more buisness or both

    regular day with my best friend.
  15. The first time I smoked, I shared one joint with 3 other people. Needless to say, I didn't get high, or I certainly didn't feel it. One of the those people is now my roommate and rarely smokes. The other is my good friend, but rarely smokes. And the third is still my friend, but he moved on to pills and shit.

    The second time I smoked, I was super drunk and kept bothering my good buddy who is a huge stoner to go smoke. Finally we left the party and went to smoke in his truck, because we both lived in dorms. He milked the bong for me and I cleared it. He bumped some Bob Marley and I felt really in tune with the music. Then I got hot, opened the door to get fresh air, and fell out onto the pavement, puked, and passed out.

    Haha. Well I still smoke with the last guy and he hooked me up with other people that smoke too. Now I have a nice collection of friends to blaze with and I've only been smoking regularly for about 4 months.

    Spark a joint and enjoy,
  16. haha ya my bro, taught me lots:smoking:
  17. With my 2 best friends back in high school. whole story below

    "Canabis was kinda my opening"

    back in grade 9 i was on msn and my best friend said he had smoked weed. i was ok with it unless he did other drugs like "ACID" but the next day i was hanging with him and he was like u want to try it? i was like yeah!!

    The next day i go to school and it was lunch. my 2 best friends were like (were gonna do it now. cmon) i was like uhhh "i was kinda nervous" ill do it some other time ok? so here comes peer presure. Alex if you don't do it now you will never try it. i was like uhh... ok. i went into the forest my friend handed me the pipe and told me what to do. i toke the first toke and coughed. i did about 7 hits. (not bad for my first time :p) we walked back and i walked into the cafe...(Bad idea) the lunch lady & janiter both asked me if i was high concidering i was walking around it for 5 mins looking for a drink. i was like uhh No (in a paniced voice) there like mmmk.

    At the end of the day i was walking to the bus and some kid threw a snowball (he was like 50 meters away...) and i flinched so bad! it was soooo funny. then i got on the bus still half baked. i got home my mom looks at me. i was saying o god im done i got caught. nope she just asked how my day ways :)

    After i smoked the weed i changed from a goodie good who didnt do good in school. to a normal teenager that didnt do good in school :smoking:

    i do it more often now tho but who are you to judge:D:smoking:
  18. me and my friend started almost two years ago. we didnt know shit but i was always up on grasscity even tho i was underage at the time. we had so many good sesh's and memories. of course all good things end RIP andrew b. i was very touched today when i talk to one of his old friends who recognised me from one of his yourube vids and he said he made the best gravity bongs. i had the honor to say it was me that tought him how to make em so good. shit we didnt even know how to pack a bowl when we started. just want to thank gc for the badass tutorials that ended up giving my deceased friend the respect of a mcguyver smoker and giving me much honor for teaching him how to smoke out of almost anything. i still have alot of smoking friends who were friends with him and hes always on our minds. weed really helps us connect to him and talk about old times
  19. well my original smoking group split. at first me and my 2 best friends decided to start smoking, so i got my other friend (who turned out to be a dick in disguise) to help us get started. so the 4 of us and sometimes this other guy who is cool started smoking together. then the guy who got us started began ripping me off, because i didnt know my quantities and prices and shit, and i lost hella money, so i stopped smoking with him. then the other guy who sometimes smoked with us started getting monthly drug tests, so he can only smoke once a month. now its me and my 2 best friends and whoever the fuck wants to smoke with us. we're not cliquey when it comes to smoking

  20. dude that sucks what happened?

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