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    I'm getting a bong very soon and wanted to know if it will make me cough the first time I use it and all that I've been smoking a while now but never out of a bong will it mess me up big time or what tell me your first time hitting a bong

    Edit: did u guys have low medium or high tolerance at the time u hit it
  2. The first real bong I ripped was my RooR green label little sista. I had hit a few grommet bongs and random china glass bubblers before but I don't consider them on the same level. After I got my my buddy and I decided to christen it and packed the bowl to the top with some no-name headies we had at the time. I knew how to rip a glass on glass from watching videos plenty of times, so I sparked the bowl filled the whole 17in chamber with smoke. Then took a breathe covering the tube, pulled the slide and rushed. OH MY FUCKING GOD. I instantly felt like my lungs where going to explode and my head was light as hell, I held it in for what seemed like about 30 seconds then erupted into a coughing fit and felt like I couldn't breathe then passed it to my buddy who proceded to do the same. Needless to say we both got extremely stoned from those 2 hits and needed to sit down. Soon though I could rip the RooR like a champ and my love affair with glass on glass began. 4 years later the only advice I can recommend to you is don't go so big your first few rips so you can build up to taking huge ones, you can go balls deep like my buddy and I but just be warned its a rough ride haha.
  3. The first time I hit a bong I fucking died and my soul lives my current existence.
  4. My first bong hit I remember coughing my guts up and then getting very high...Not much apart from that.
  5. Ah yes.. what everyone here says..

    Put some water in the fridge and use it in your bong, I find it easier on the throat..
  6. ^never thought about cold water in the bong thats a good idea man.

    But yes i fucking love bongs got about 5 of them myself. Nothing over 200$ so not high end bongs but you can't go wrong with a nice GonG bong (Glass On Glass) Don't get any rubber bull shit.

    I'd invest about 120$ for a nice GonG tube at your lhs(local head shop).

    My first bong is a diamond, sticker price 160 got it for 120 about a year and a half ago. 7mm thick and a little over a foot. I fucking loved it from the min i saw it, got a dope ass slide to for free.

    DSCN1272 by KottonmouthStoner, on Flickr
  7. oh and just so you know you get way more out of smoking glass bongs and pipes then you would by rolling a joint or a blunt.

    Say you roll .5 joints. You could get about 15+ nice hits out the bong with that, so you can use less weed and get the same if not higher high lol.

    Nothing gets me more baked then taking 4 bongs rips to the dome. Im just a bong head thats really all i smoke out.

  8. This is heavily dependent on the type of bong used keep in mind. My friend group and I have always preferred warm water to cold and never use ice, especially with someone whose lungs are not as used to the thick smoke, the water vapor from warm water can help become a bit smoother. This is however completely personal preference, a lot of people i know like to stick their bongs in freezers when they aren't using them like you would a beer mug.
  9. I think you quoted the wrong quote lol but yeah i agree, my friend put hot water after we where cleaning the bong out and we hit it a couple times with the hot water. Kinda felt weird tho i didn't like it, felt like i was smoking tea or something.

    But putting the bong in the freezer is a good idea. dont really have a bong small enough tho
  10. I remember getting green fever from tearing it up too hard the first time I used a bong lol
  11. yeah your first time will probably make you cough like a bitch, i almost puked from coughing so much and spitting up a storm.

  12. You will probably end up coughing a bit, at least. It all depends on how big the hit you take is. I had a tiny bong for my first one (didn't want to spend money at the time, didn't know anything about them), so the rip wasn't that huge, and I barely coughed.

    My tolerance was next to nothing at the time, and all I had hit was a GB and some glass spoons, and joints, because thats all my friends had.

    If you get a fullsize tube (around 16-20 inches tall) then I would milk it about half way up the tube, then rip. Fill the thing up if you want to get baked, but have a glass of water nearby to help with the coughing...just in case.

    The biggest thing with coughing seems to be the strain to me...some are just harsher. However, even if the strain is nice and smooth... If you milk it till the smoke starts turning yellowish, you will probably cough unless you have super lungs.
  13. Bongs are normal 4 me. But the first time makes your weed tastes all kushy. You'll think your smoking club dank.

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