Your First Favorite....

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  1. that you can easily remember, what is your first favorite...






    Past Age?

    Place to always be/wanna go to?

    man, saw this on facebook and made me have some memories. =P
    what are some of yer answers?!
  2. *Apples
    *I cant remember
    *Power Rangers The Movie
    *Hi Ho Cherry O
    *15-Present ( I cant pick)
    *Always wanted to go to Australia
  3. Food? Black Olives

    Song? Common Pleasure - Jason Mraz

    Movie? The first pokemon movie.

    Show? Pinky and the Brain

    Game? Mario Kart 64

    Past Age? 5

    Place to always be/wanna go to? Hawaii (actually been there as well)
  4. Food?-Steak

    Song?-Eiffel 65-if i was blue i would die or w/e



    Game?-Marios world on the gameboy

    Past Age? 10

    Place to always be/wanna go to?Idk
  5. Tiger Woods
  6. I've never really had a favorite anything. I just love so much stuff :D

    I LIKE:

    food- potatoes... mashed.... chips.... whatever

    song- pink floyd..... all.

    movie- jurrasic park, raiders of the lost ark, tomb raider

    show - fear factor,

    game- OK i do have a favorite for this..... STARCRAFT!

    age- was 17-18.... had the most fun.

    place - so many... mainly places where ancient civilizations were, and are still remains (greece, egypt, rome, peru, that kind of stuff)
  7. Food?
    Peeeeanut-Peeanut Butter, and Jelly! sandwiches :yummy:

    Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea
    Swims so wild and swims so free
    Heaven above and the sea below
    And a little white whale on the go!

    James and the Giant Peach, even though that rhinoceros scared the shit out of me

    The Cosby Show. I was a weird kid...

    Make believe :hippie:

    Past Age?
    Fifth grade.

    Place to always be/wanna go to?
    The zoo.
    Any zoo. Any time.
  8. food- pork roll sandwiches
    song- idk
    movie- the patriot(lol)
    show- rugrats
    game- tony hawks pro skater 1
    age-freshman year and senior year

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