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  1. I called my first bong Jimmy , don't know why just felt like the right thing to do. After crafting several homemade bongs made out of plastic bottles , bic pens and tin foil (yeah really healthy ) I decided to purchase my first bong.
    This crappy ass one :
    It was one of the cheapest deals they had there , only  10 dollars. But I have to say , Jimmy brought me loads of happiness and good moments!  :bongin:
    Let's hear your story ! Everyone has been there...Entering an headshop for the first time in order to purchase our first bong...
    Some of them were crappy, it was horrible to smoke out from whereas some of them weren't.
    Let's hear your story ! 
    Did it have a name?
    Was it acrylic or glass?What was the price ?
    Did you do homemade bongs before buying that one ?
    Cheers  :smoke:

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    My first bong that I actually remember (because it was so awesome) was a home-made job that consisted of three gatorade bottles a $2 stem, makeshift bowl and a fuck load of gaffer tape.
    We had shit loads of expensive glass at the house (4 collections) but this bong always seemed to be the last in circulation at the end of the night, It just hit that smooth it filtered all the others out.
    Maybe it was the plastic fumes or what not but for some reason it just ruled and everyone loved it. It looked like shit but I was so proud lol.
  3. that's funny ahah, the only amazing homemade bong I did had a percolator made out of 4 straws . It had 2 bottles glued to each other with the percolator just in the middle . It was amazing but so hard to clean... had to put it in the garbage after 4 or 5 smoke sessions  :(
  4. Bongs are banned in my state so I can see allot more wicked home made jobs popping up.
  5. I recently bought my first bong aswell but I have used them plenty of times before its a Grace Glass beaker bottom bong with a diffused down stem and spiral 6 hole perc there is also a splash guard aswell with ice notches. I didnt notice in the HS but its got a nice purplish finish on some parts of it. Its all GonG.


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  6. The first bong I bought was a ceramic bong in 1975 for $10. We didnt name our bongs back then. They used to make soapstone pipes back in the 70's. I miss soapstone.....
  7. That is just a beauty! I wish my first bong was like that (no offense Jimmy ahah )
    I hate having to use a carb hole...
    I might buy a new one since my bday is coming up (25th of June). Just don't feel like spending too much money on it , I guess you can call me a cheapskate  :smoke:
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    Well I only paid £50 for mine and it does have a carb hole but its got a rubber grommit sealing it and I use the bowl to carb :)

    Edit : the diffuser is a daisy style one .
    Edit2: found out its not a daisy but showerhead diffuser

    Stay Smokey! !
  9. My first bong I had no idea about bongs so I bought one with the most percs I could see and they were horrible percs a little dome with two holes in it. Obviously a china bong for a hundred bucks it was the KING of drag haha
  10. I wish I was like that haha
    When I went to the headshop they had this huge ass glass bong , ice catcher , 2 or 3 was a beauty!
    I think the price on it was 60 euros which should be like 80 dollars or something . Unfortunately I didn't do it , I had the money but just went for the cheapest one  :( 
  11. My first bong was actually a gift. It had been my friend's first bong, and it was always in storage so she gave it to me when she found out I didn't have one. It was also the first thing my roommate ever smoked weed from. Lots of memories with this piece. Her name is The Phoenix. 
  12. Beautiful piece ... The memories are the best part of it !
    Even if you have a better bong ,  you always want to smoke out from that old precious one  :smoke:
  13. $30 acrylic. I wish I didn't spend so much. Wasn't thinking. Hits great if I use a metal screen and break it up fine though.
  14. First was a Molino beaker from GC. I broke the downstem on the first use :laughing: so i chucked it in a field. After that i got an EHLE 100ml an it was badass.
  15. I never use a screan on mine . just put a bit nug of weed on it and then some ground weed on top ahah
  16. My first one was really good, as I was used to homemade ones it felt like a luxury :D although it was plastic I loved it!
  17. I had a 16" Chinatown bong with a tree perc and ice notches that hit really nicely for $65.  Too bad it was Chinatown glass and eventually broke.  It was supposed to be 7mm, but it was bubbled out to paper thin on the beaker part.  Now I know not to buy China glass though  :D
  18. was holding a sign outside a place for 50 bucks a day and on my first payday i walked past the tobacco shop and picked up an acrylic bong with a metal bowl piece for 11 bucks, i named it red rocket, cause it got me off 8)
    its actually not that bad. holds enough for 2 good rips, and about 2 gentle hits.  
  19. Just like mine! I was used to those water bottles that could barely hit hahaha

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