Your First Bong Session?

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  1. Just wondering what everyones first bong sessions were like.

    I was in my friends backyard with 4 other people (5 including me) and we were just chilling and talking. My friend goes into his house and brings out his 18 inch bong, Big Red. Eventually it was passed around and I took my first ever bong hit, and a couple more after that.

    Then we went swimming :smoke:
  2. I was pretty drunk so can't say I remember much of my first bong sesh:(
  3. i was probably 14 at the time, if even.

    i was at my best friends older brothers house (his brother was like 23 at the time) and we were drinking, as we usually did over there.

    so we were living it up having a great time, when his older brother pulls out his nice ass bong. he packs it up and hands it to me for the green hit.

    this was a bad situation; i was drunk, and didn't get the chance to watch anyone else take a hit. and what i did next is probably one of the more embarrassing things i have ever done.

    i put my mouth over the tube like i was sucking a dick...... HAHAHAHAHAHA :D

    after being told i was doing it all wrong and told how to put my mouth on it.....i took my hit.

    i also took a wimpy hit and didn't understand the concept of pulling out the slide to clear it and thought my friends older brother was going to beat me silly for breaking his bong after i did it.
  4. Just bought a new acrylic bong for $20, and headed home to use it. Me and my buddy packed a bowl and proceeded to smoke it. The weed we were smoking was a really intense sativa, and it got me WAY too fucking high.

    First, I was convinced that I had broken a rib and punctured my lung. I continued to freak out about this for about 20 minutes until my buddy convinced me how fucking stupid it sounded. Still at this point, my head is just spinning and I feel sick as shit, like I was going to vomit. I ended up in the bathroom for over an hour, vomiting until there was nothing left to vomit and nothing but stomach acids were coming up.

    Keep in mind, everything I tried to think was making me vomit. When I would think of something to try and calm myself down, it would end up making my head spin more and I would throw up again. I swear, I must have vomited at least 30 times while this was going on. I had to keep drinking water so I could throw that back up instead of stomach acids.

    My buddy described as what I looked like as dead. He said he had never seen someone so pale before.
  5. I remember I was at my buddy's house and we were wandering around his kitchen getting progressively smashed off of some whiskey I had smuggled to his house through school and I mean we were just staggering around his kitchen laughing at random shit. I remember him going into his room and coming out with this plastic yellow bong and he just stood there taking consecutive rips off of that yellow bastard. I remember ripping it myself and just how smooth the smoke was. I can't remember the rest of the night only that I was just staggering around singing David Bowie and taking pictures of my buddy in a ninja mask with samurai swords. Fucked up shit.
  6. First bong rip was up at my older brother's school with about 15 people in a big circle in a frat house.
  7. my first time, i skipped school with 2 of my mates and we to my mates house cos no one was home.
    sitting on the bus on the way to my mates place, i was scared to smoke...
    but once i did :D
  8. my first bong sesh was from my first bong. it was small, acrylic, and had skulls on it. i loved the thing with a passion. i picked it up after skool 1 day as a late bday gift 2 myself. everything was goin well, i was walking home and when i pulled out my bong 2 show it 2 a friend, my slider fell out and broke. that got me pissed, but i didnt let it stop me. i made a bowl from aluminum foil when i got home and started tokin. it was awesome, i never had a high like that b4. i miss my old bong, i wish i still had it:bongin:
  9. My first bong sesh was in this guy's shed that he had made into a smoke room with couches and stuff. He was the only connect I had in the area and had a pretty nice no-name bong. I bought a dub from him and matched bowls. We smoked like two bowls between 3 or 4 people and I was gone. Probably the highest I had ever been up too that point.
  10. I was chilling at the hookah lounge my friends and I usually smoked behind and hung out in afterwards when a mutual friend called me to ask if we wanted to smoke with his friend out of his friend's bong. Him and his friend show up with a Lucky Charms cereal box and he pulls out this 8 inch acrylic bong. Hit really smooth and he packed it three times with some nice dank. Good times.

    The guy's name was Conner but everyone called him Chroner because he always had Chronic.
  11. first time with a bong was a 1.5 footer, it was small and was in the shape of coral almost

    but it still hit good!
  12. i smoked outta a real old fashioned bong it was like so fuckin weird like it had to be from the 1700's it was copper and heavy... also had harsh hits and you took a hit and you coughed like none other, still got me pretty high
  13. My first bong sesh was at college with my sister. We were gonna go to a concert at the catalyst so we kristened my new pipe. we come back from the concert and we start firing up her bong. first hit i do clean. pretty stoned still from before. i take another second hit, alittle to big of hit, and am just blazed out of my mind. theres all these people there so i start getting overwhelmed (wierd because im usually hella chill about everything). i go outside to get a breather and throw up. most embarrassing moment of my life. we think it was cuz of the indian food we ate earlier. finished all of it. chicken terimasalla or something like that. great food. didnt look so great at the end of the night.

    otherwise really embarrassing.
  14. Lol chicken terimasalla is basically chicken curry, good stuff.
  15. No way. that's not possible. :D
  16. When it ends up making you as sick as it made me, yeah, it is possible.
  17. First bong sesh was first time smokin... god damn what a fun afternoon.

    I was 16, 10th grade and I asked this i knew in 11th for a ride home and he asked if i wanted to smoke. I was like hell yea!!

    We grabbed this other kid then when we got out at lunch (work experience for the win) we boxed his car with a pipe. Then drove to another spot grabbed another kid and boxed again with a bong. The smoke was super thick and I was so goneeee....

    Lol we went to a pizza place and they said i was so gone it took me like a whole min to ask for a slice of pizza from the cashier.

    Then we went to this other guys house w/ huge speakers in his garage and blasted techno during another bong sesh.

    Lol that kid was fun. Ive yet to have another multi sesh day as fun as that one.:p
  18. I think I was 16. Me and 2 of my friends had been looking for something to do all day.
    So I called up my dealer (we are real chill, I've known him my whole life) and he invites me to this kids house.
    When I got there there were like 5 or 6 other people and there were 3 pipes and a bong.
    I took a small hit at first.
    Then when it came back to me I went all out. And it hit my like a freight train. So I only took a few more hits from pipes and then went and laid down on a bed.
  19. my first time i was 15 and i went to my buddys dads apartment. i brought bud just in case and his dad smelt it, he said "look in the closet over there, pull out my bong" i was like heeeelllllll yeaa. so we ripped this 3 footer, glass on glass. we smoked about 10 bowls. i was fucking toasted :smoke:
  20. 1st time was out of a homemade bong with my brother outside our house,

    first real bong was a 2.5 foot glass one with like my 2 best friends and my bro and his friends, about 7 people, and 1 of which did cocaine at the session

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