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Your feeling first time truly stoned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Bigjays, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. The first time I truly got stoned (perhaps 3rd time I actually smoked) was in Freetown Christiania in my hometown Copenhagen (btw ameri-brahs that's European stoner destination no. 2 after Amsterdam) where a stoner friend I knew rolled a phat, pure 1.2g J of blue cheese for the three of us.

    First few rounds went OK and I didn't feel much - so ofc I continued smoking. Then all of a sudden I began having difficulty speaking and understanding what my two bromies were saying. Then it got worse. EVERYTHING they were saying seemed planned - it was as if they knew what each other were going to say, and finishing each other off. I truly believed it. The fact thy were brothers and looked very much alike didn't help either. My visuals on top of that were crazy. I felt like being in a vintage film - my eyesight flickering in pictures rather than playing out smoothly as it should.

    I was tripping at the time, but MAN I loved being so separate from reality. Stoning really isn't the same nowadays.
  2. I forget it. That's how ripped I was. :smoke:
  3. Well I'm new here, hey :)

    The first time I was properly stoned was probably my first week of university. I smoked a fat bowl of blue cheese, which was also the first time I ever used a bong, and it got me very stoned.
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    Was 14 when I first hit bud.
    Flipped out and thought everything I believed was based on a preset story and that we were all organic robots created by a higher intelligence based within a different dimension.

    Yea, I was high as fuck.
  5. First time I smoked was my really good friend Mason, however me and him had a realy big fallout but that isnt the point, and two hot chicks named Mikayla and Shelbi.

    They knew of this house that was up for sale so no one there, and no alarms and always unlocked. We went into its bottom floor to this like cool semi-circle room. We loaded up the bong and passed it round few times, we all got pretty high then we put our moves on the chicks.

    We both ended up making out with em and stuff, 2nd base and all that.

    Was pretty fun.

    One of my favorite highs early into my stoner career was my 16th birthday.

    It was Mason and my buddy Kyle, we were getting stupid stoned and were partying it up, what was funny is, though my b-day was on March 20, we live in Kansas and our weather has a mind of its own and it just started snowing like fucking crazy. Mason decided he needed to put a tarp on his windshield so he could leave tomorrow morning without having to get snow off window. So we go in there with this huge blizzard going on, I'm so high the ground is like shaking under my feet, and then I thought his car was like lurching at me so I freaked a lil then started laughing non stop for 20 minutes. Felt good man
  6. I smoked an 8th out of a bottle bong with a buddy in a back alley when I was 12.
    Went fuckin nuts. Thought scorpions were chasing me and shit.
  7. Well, the first time i was like "i dont feel any different" my friend was like "Your fucking weird if you dont feel this, im fucking trashed" and probably the 4th time, the day i bought my first quarter. Yeah, i was rolling big ones. First time i ever bought, scored a quarter. It was simply amazing. I realized what it was all about and it opened a door and well, its been a fun trip ever since.
  8. Smoked out of a bong for the first time maybe my fifth time smoking and got absolutely ripped. I got the munchies and made some cheese quesadillas with what I thought was white cheese and it ended up being white rice lol
  9. My first time smoking. It felt like everything was in still frames when I walked. I was totally baked. and only off of like 2 hits of a bong.
  10. easily the fourth or fifth time i got high i magiver'd a az tea bottle one of the big 42 oz bottle's and smoked out the best ak-47 ive ever had in my life...

    right before going to soup plantation i was like aww yeah this is going to be legit!!!!
    hit it three or four time's and at this point i can smoke and not feel anything for a random amount of time and then out of no where it would hit me like a freight train..

    so i make it to the table get my soda went and got mac and cheese and added extra cheese got back to the table started macking down and i can feel my eye's are barely open and im trying as hard as i can to open my eye's and my step dad ask's me "are you stoned?".... i freak out and say that i was really tired and that i didnt feel well when i said that it came out so much slower than it should have .. i was like ohh fuck i am too stoned for this.... since then when i wake and bake and fall back asleep i alway's have the same night mare that my stepdad come in my room and im layin on my couch stoned to the bone cant move or open my eye's really and he start's asking me if im high and im like nnnnooooo mmmmaaaaannnn.
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    Ahhhh what a great time . it was me and my buddy and he didnt feel anything but i was baked outta my mind. i remember because we were sitting behind this house in a secluded area behind a hill of garbage or whatever the contruction ppl put there so we would be out of view and i remember after 10 minutes of hitting this pipe i couldnt stop laughing and i was so high i couldnt move. i lterally could not feel my legs for like 15 minutes and my friend was bugging out because he didnt get high so he didnnt understand what it was like and i thought it was all so funny i was just there laughin my ass off. and music sounded AMAZING i got lost in some sublime and other led zepp :smoking:

    man i miss those days when i first started smoking i remember i had close eye visuals of like homer simpson and other crazy shit it was awesome
  12. I was alone in my room using a chillum that I always pulled ash through so I had a cloth over the mouth piece to catch it. I was smoking some reaaaally bad weed looking back on it with a nausuesly sweet smell. I was blowing it out the top part of my window and when I ended up getting stoned I just took to the fact that time was slower and that I was walking faster than I was seeing.
  13. The first time I smoked was at a spring break boy scout campout In big bend national park. We walked halfway up a mountain trail and smoked a few bowls from a bong. Walking down the path was the first time I felt really stoned. And when we got back to our tent a skunk was eating our munchies
  14. My first reaction was "Wow..."

    Everything seemed so vivid and remarkable. Once i started moving it was as if everything i saw repeated three or so times over.
  15. I'd smoked a couple times, no dice- but my friends totally smoked me out, which didn't take much with my baby tolerance. We were in his totally tricked out showroom, with black light carpet, and we were shotting tequila and buttery nipples. I got some alone time with the bowl, and got so wasted. I killed a plate of oatmeal cookies and laughed like I was gonna die. Great times.
  16. It was about my 5th time smoking. I smoked two joints about 20 minutes before maths class and got stupidly stoned. So i went into class looking like I had not slept for like a week.
  17. My first time I got stoned was in November. I ate a brownie and it was amazing but not something I should have done since it was the first time. I got so unbelievably high I freaked out. Now I love weed been smoking daily 1-3 times a day since January and haven't looked back.
    Edit: forgot to mention the brownie I ate had 1.2g of weed
  18. First time stoned was at a party that I had no idea I was going to until we showed up at the house lmao. Smoked some purps, some trainwreck, and some other mysteries. Got so stoned that everything started to look a little fish eyed, and after that I pretty much knocked out because I was so freaked out I had no choice but to lay down and sleep. Next couple of times we smoked after same situation, didn't freak out but smoked so much I knocked out lol
  19. I felt like I could barely breathe and my vision was impaired. I started sweating excessively due to sheer panic. I lost grip on reality briefly. I knew I was in love.
  20. i had smoked but never felt anything until i was in my room one night and i was using my pipe i smoked some blue dream and all of the sudden i zoned out and wen i realized it things felt like they were like cartoonish i was like when is this gonna end but then i was like cool

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