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  1. I have seen a bunch of issues on here ranging from powder mildew to strait up visual deficiency in the plants themselves.
    So many of your problems are coming from "Calcium issues"
    We can sold PM mold here to.
    First off there is a reason why nutrients are not all in 1 bottle. So why 3 or more? .. glad you asked.
    First off your nutrients are just that there molecules at a ionic form (small enuff for a plant to uptake) IE : WATER SALUABLE.
    but in nature a plant cant suck up a chunk of iron ( a darn rock )so little bugs on the roots do it and poop or puke on the roots turning hard matter into a molecule the plant can absorb.
    That's the diff between organic and non.
    Now feeding programs are designed to be fed separate ( depending on how the nutrient was taken or created ie:form of the nutrients)
    Example ..Mother plant part #1 and part#2
    You can not mix these nutrients together these (electricity charged ions) interact with one another (chemistry) and bond together creating a solid which is no longer available to the plant.
    A perfect example is lime scale build up in your reservoir tanks . That's calcium buildup non if that made it to your plants.
    If your plants are showing deficiency and you cant figure it out and your ph is perfect.
    I can almost guarantee you have mixed phosphorus and calcium together . Its called "Calcium Phosphate " that is what our webbing of our bones are made of the strength the structure of our bodies.
    Make sure to feed these separate .
    Powder mildew.
    If you have it it's a calcium deficiency.
    There is a gap between your cell walls called "interstitial space" if your plant lacks calcium the space is full of water if your calcium is adequate it will be full of "pectin ".
    When the mold spore lands it sends a germination tube through the tissue hits the interstitial space if if finds water it germinates if it hit pectin it dries up and dies. I hope this helps

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