Your Favourite Place In The U.S and Why?

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  1. Just want some info.

    Please take into place, Living, Weed, Food, Houses, Party Scene and what not. Also why you like it.
  2. My front porch in the boonies on a Friday afternoon with a cold beer, full pipe and a newspaper.

    off to the porch...............
  3. Boonies?

    Do you mean the show BoonDocks?
  4. Philadelphia because the people that live in my neighborhood are my people, I love them all very much and will hold the city close to my heart until I die.
  5. Denver

    The best weed in America (not including Cali), affordable housing, diverse food, and downtown is a good place to party if you're into that sort of thing. The burbs outside of Downtown are wonderful places, and as long as you avoid Colfax and a few select areas there's not really that much crime. People here are good looking and very healthy (as opposed to the south) and there's a good mix of liberalism/conservatism.

  6. Apparently Its located in the middle of mountains and a desert so you get made Thunderstorms
  7. The badlands in South Dakota. I have camped in them several times. I just love it such a rough landscape but yet so beautiful and peaceful. I just like to wander around and climb all day in them. I dont know why this is my favorite place in the U.S.. I guess I just have really fond memories of it
  8. [quote name='"GreenRush"']


    Do you mean the show BoonDocks?[/quote]

    The boonies refers to "the middle of nowhere" or the outskirts of a city

    My vote goes to upstate New York
  9. Duluth, Minnesota. Gorgeous city right on Lake Superior. In damn near any direction, you don't have to go far to see even more beautiful sites (bluffs, the lake, parks, awesome forests, etc...). The music scene is great (good mixture of indie, hip-hop, folk, etc...), the food is good, the people are great, and it's just a great place to be. I don't live there, but visit often and will likely be moving there in about a year.
  10. Any of the bigger cities in the Vancouver, Seattle, Portland etc.

  11. We do get a lot of thunderstorms, which is awesome. Nothing like getting blazed in a storm.
  12. SoCali or Miami
  13. The Sierra's, Northern Calif. Get a quarter mile off road & your back to the 1800's with actual wildlife. Better bring a gun to God's country.
  14. Cheers guys, I'm really looking into PNW. But I don't see how Dakota has forests, its in the middle of America, doesn't that mean its all desert, like Nevada and Arizona and Partly Colorado?
  15. The finger lakes just because I grew up in the area kinda biased but it's really scenic around here
  16. Cooperstown New York,in the winter there's a shitload of snow and you can just chill inside and blaze.
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    Nope, most of the land in our north most central states is well forested, or just dry grasslands.
  18. I love Richmond, Virginia. It has a nice southern feel to it without being terribly poor or trashy. It also has some of the best weed in Virginia.

  19. Awesome, I know this might be far fetched but, is there a place like oregon but with washingtons waterfalls and doesnt rain that much, really contradicting. I don't mind if its a small town (more then 10,000+)

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