Your Favorite Wraps! Blunt or Joint! Please Share!

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Grass Stains, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Do you prefer light joint wraps or picking up a dutch from your local gas station?

    What are your favorite brands?

    I'm about to roll 1g into a "Entourage" I found laying around in the car.
  2. There are a lot of these threads, but i'll play along. I prefer Swisher sweets or Game cigars for blunts. If I had to use a wrap i'd go with the Double Platinum. I dont do joints but my girl likes the juicy jay wraps and flavors. Welcome to the city by the way.
  3. Rizla blues or juicy jays: strawberry and kiwi papers for me :D
  4. Chicken caesar wrap
  5. Royal Blunts Georgia Peach, Lion of Judah Imperial H.I.Ms
  6. i love vegas cuz they burn so slow!!
  7. Swisher Sweeettttt

    ..or white owl
  8. swisher sweets.

  9. Entourages are nice so are bluntvilles but its all about the dutchies
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    Agree. I been rolling bluntvilles for the whole summer, its really a good deal. Its mad funny tho I tried to smoke a bluntville straight up. Took the first leaf off & it still.wouldn't smoke. Its just funny that they make a cigar that you can't even smoke n nobody at the ATF said.something
  11. Zigzag wraps and juicy jays forsure!
  12. Randy's FTW, I've just came across these! favorite wraps yet, they actually have a wire that runs through the wrap which in my opinion makes it easier to roll and it's so nice to hold on to the wire when it comes close to the crutch, they also burn nice and slow. :)

  13. love em
  14. grape games
  15. I love Zigzag blunt wraps. Awesome. My favorite flavor is Blueberry. Strong, but not overbearing it's awesome haha. A nice 1g Blunt does me well everytime.
  16. Blueberry juicy jays, I always find myself licking my lips after smoking one. :D
  17. Rolled and Smoked my first blunt used an Entourage
  18. RAW Papers only. No blunts.


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