Your favorite way to get baked?

Discussion in 'General' started by Depp, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. except joint/pipe/bong

    ever tried apple? ;) just make 2 holes and the rest is easy to figure out
  2. jay + french inhales = the shit
  3. I have used the apple on several occasions. I am what Dave chappel calls a "McGuyver smoker" I can make a smoking utinsil out of anything
  4. My friend's sherlock pipe packs a major punch, so its always fun to get baked off of that..If that isnt around its either a joint or my metal piece.
  5. Glass bong beats all, in my opinion... second to those, are gravity bongs, then probably vaporizors..
  6. Glass bongs and blunts are my picks.
  7. blunts and waterfall/lung... and maybe glass bong...
  8. hot knifing and bong
  9. Gravity and my friends hookah
  10. Usually it's just my spoon, but my favourite is hash from my hookah. Holy shit I never knew such bliss. Really big homemade bogns are a close second (never owned a real one) and another fun change of pace one is to "dot" hash on the end of a lit cigarette. It's kinda ghetto, and I'm sure the filter isn't helping anything, but that's what they taught me in Ontario...I've got some family in really small towns out there.
  11. Yup. The RooR and my knives is how I roll.
  12. You and me both. Ghetto or not,I don't give a shit cause I'll be high while everyone else is tryin to find their piece.

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