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Your favorite type of chron...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XCLuSiVeSTiLo, May 3, 2006.

  1. So my fellow smokers what is your favorite of this list of chron strains or type of way grown. I love hydro and haze but for the sake of my poll i will say hydro. It has a clean taste and gives a nice high when cured properly. In close second comes Haze but my all time king of strains is Northern Lights (hydroponically grown)
  2. isn't hydro just a generic name for weed? i could be wrong but ive seen some really crap weed that people called hydro.

    i will vote for kush, even though it isnt on there, i havent smoked any of the strains in the poll, and i've got some kush right now that knocks me on my ass.
  3. yes you are right but people think it is a strian

  4. You can grow weed hydroponiccly(Sp?). So the weed is hydro, but its definitly not a strain. And the weed still could just be decent and really be hydro.

    Well, since I dont buy weed by names, and Ive only smoked two known strains(white widdow and bubblegum) Id say the bublegum was better.
  5. i voted for hydro but my real favorite is hydro dro crossed with purple haze...
  6. Im with you buddy white widow is so overated Bubblegum is a way better high I also had White rhino too and it does not compare to Bubblegum either the only strain that comes close is AK-47 Cali Mist is good to but the best bud I had on this puny little planet was B-52 damn that shit is a one hit K-O shit smelled like fresh lawn clippings oh man just thinkin about it makes me shiver seen it on Nirvana's list but not sure its the same one gonna grow it out soon to see if its the same shit I had
  7. one day completly dry .. was noob smoker still never hit a 'real' bong yet.. was about 15 .. friend says his sister has a gram of PURPLE SKUNK (NEVER IN MY DAY have i heard of strains) .. hes like ill let u in on the gram u wont get alot of hits but ull be faded.. 5$ so i rush over 10 mins later im in his room hes packin the 1footer g on g bong w/ ice water .. loads the full gram we head up to his sisters room .. me his sis him and her bf and my friend alex are up there ..

    bong goes around gets to me i rip it like a PRO first time .. hold in as long as i can ( about 13seconds?) cough it out hard and was like DAMNNNN .. started to feel real relaxed..

    bong comes my way again .. again huge rip pass .. start to feel more hyper awake .. 3rd hit im comptley gone.. i say im done alex can have my last hit (since he wasnt gettin nething) and it was only a half hit ..

    fuckin go back to erics room i lay on his bead and fuckin hes got some crazy rap w/ huge sub shakin whole room w/ some crazy rap beats / heavy bass.. i start spinnin and floating and omg .. never have i had a high like this again or prior to it.. :( it was way too intense .. for about 2 hrs i just layed there face down eyes open freakin the fuck out hahaha
  8. Out of all those strains the only one Ive ever had was northern lights, it was pretty nice dank stuff.
  9. down here where i live you can just buy "Dro" which is always high quality you cant find hydroponically grown shwag but over where i live "Gas" is a really popular strain and its pretty potent, cheap, and easy to find but im supposed to get my hands on some sour diesel pretty soon which i am very much looking forward to.
  10. well im not usre of the (official) name of it but i know it was 200 for the half and it was really yellow and tricomes where flushing everywhere my only regret was i was already high and i smoked it everyone coughed tho it was some fire
  11. around here all we got is nice Haze, its pretty rare to find regs and you gotta know the right guy to get sour diesels.

    took my first hit from a bowl of sour diesels tonight
  12. I get ak, sour diesel, and some other exotics on a regular basis. Tried northern lights once a friend got from alaska that shit was dank.
  13. hahhaa are you kidding me? his favorite is "hrydrophonic hydrophonic x not a real strain" thats priceless, a hybrid of no real strains
  14. Just picked up a gram of bubblegum x Kali mist. I haven't tried this one yet I might have a new fav in about 20 mins.

  15. Ha, someone else found that funny.

    I picked Haze.
  16. of course i voted skunk :p

    but i like a lot of different strains. Mostly Sativas i would say, and if they have a good taste its a great plus! :)

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