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  1. Hi blades,

    There's a couple of threads like this, but all are a couple of years ago.

    I know there's been a lot of good new shows (game of thornes, homeland, boss etc etc), so I figured I'd start this thread.

    List your top 5 favorite shows (any category)


    1. The Wire (duh).
    2. Deadwood
    3. Party Down
    4. Curb your enthusiasm
    5. Breaking Bad

    Let the debate begin

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    in no particular order.. with the exception of number one.
    01. the wire
    02. trailer park boys
    03. gossip girl (yes, seriously)
    04. modern family
    05. breaking bad
    ..and also boardwalk empire.
  3. archer, game of thrones, portlandia, metalocalypse...
  4. 1. Venture Brothers
    2. Boston Legal
    Just watch those two
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    I just finished watching most of the third season of community and the 3 paint ball episodes, by far the funniest show on television. 
    Oh Archer as well, fuck yeah, and wipe out is fucking awsome too. 
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    I have so so many, I LOVE TV shows!!!
    in no order,
    Falling Skies
    Battlestar Galactica
    Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis / Universe
    Breaking Bad
    Trailer Park Boys
    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia 
    My Boys
    Generation Kill
    Game of Thrones
    How I Met Your Mother
    Modern Family
    Walking Dead
    Boardwalk Empire
    Warehouse 13
    Arrested Development
    Better Off Ted
    Those are my favorites pick anyone of them and I know you will get hooked. I am sure I missed a few also.
    Just heard of the Wire so I am going to download that as soon as I can.!!..
  7. I don't watch a lot besides cartoons/animation these days.
    • Regular show
    • Adventure time
    • Family guy
    • American dad
    • South park
    • Happy tree friends
    • Spaced
    • Red dwarf
    • How I met your mother
    • The big bang theory
    • Top gear
    • The mighty boosh
    • Ed, Edd n Eddy
    A good bunch of shows, a few personal favourites.
  8. Friends
    The Boondocks
    How I Met Your Mother
    Family Guy

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  9. The IT Crowd
    The Big Bang Theory
    The Muppet Show
    Kitchen Nightmares
    No Reservations
  10. 1. entourage
    2. supernatural
    3. True Blood
    4. sons of anarchy
  11. The Wire is by far my favorite, don't even know how many times I've watched it through it's entirety anymore it's been so much.
    Other shows:
    Breaking Bad
    It's Always Sunny
    Sons of Anarchy
    The Shield
    Boardwalk Empire (kinda got sick of it at parts, most of the female characters are just horrible and I want them to go away) but the end of the 3rd season brought me back)
    How I Met Your Mother
    House of Cards
  12. I truly believe that Game Of Thrones is the best television show ever made. For now at least. Hopefully when Ron Howard finally finds someone to pick up The Dark Tower it will dethrone Game of Thrones.
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    Breaking bad
    walking dead
    big bang theory
    1000 ways to die
    Game of Thrones would absolutely be my number one. 
    The rest of the top 5, Breaking Bad would be in there for sure. Always had a special place in my heart for Battlestar Galactica and Firefly. Have to list the Shield too because I think that was just an incredibly well done show from start to finish. 
    I also like The Walking Dead, Burn Notice, Sons of Anarchy, and far too many comedies to even begin listing. 
  15. Oz
    The Shield
    Twin Peaks 
    The Sopranos
    The Wire
    Band of Brothers
    Generation Kill 
    Arrested Development
    Curb your Enthusiasm
    Trailer park boys
    Always sunny
    Some of my favorites right there. Avid watcher of Game of Thrones too, but apart from the top notch acting and costumes, scenery, etc; I haven't enjoyed it anywhere near as much as the shows I've listed. For someone who hasn't read the books, the number of storylines and constant switching to and fro, is a bit much for me. The tv show, combined with the books is probably one of the greatest series ever, but as a standalone tv show, I just haven't found myself as interested in all the characters, as I have with other shows. Maybe my mind will have changed once I get round to reading the books series. 
    People who say it's their favourite of all time.....have you read the books as well? Wondering how much of a difference it makes.
    I think it makes a huge difference! I read the books and they fucking blow you away. There is so much more to the books then the show it's incredible! You feel for the characters so much more! It made a difference for me to read the books first because they did an amazing job capturing how I played it out in my head as I read them.
    I have read the books, but I didn't start reading them until after Season 2. I was already enjoying the show a lot, but reading the books just brought it up to a whole new level for me. 
    Readings the books will make it a lot easier to keep track of the story lines and characters, and you will get waaaay more detail and back story that is lacking in the TV show. 
  18. Let's see, this is going to be quite difficult. I think I'll do top ten.

    1) Ally McBeal
    2) The Walking Dead
    3) Game of Thrones
    4) Modern Family
    5) The Tudors
    6) Breaking Bad
    7) Girls
    8) Nurse Jackie
    9) Weeds
    10) Wilfred

    I want to throw Top Shot in there, but it's more of a reality show. These are in no particular order, I can't bring myself to choose my favorite.:p

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    Breaking Bad
    South Park
    An Idiot Abroad
    Only Fools and Horses
    Twin Peaks
    Haha, that show is a total guilty pleasure for me. It's so cheesy, but in an awesome way. Like nachos. 

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