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Discussion in 'General' started by RonDaDon, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. I get on GC a lot and i just started goin to other forums maybe a month ago or more but for some reason my favorite thread is Recreational Marijuana Use i guess its cuz theres a lot more ppl and theres always somethin new....but im just tryin to see if anyone else has a favorite thread...smoke on bros :smoking:
  2. heres the breakdown

    This whole community is a message board, a section of the board is a forum, and a topic in that section is a thread:)

    My facorite forum would be recreational use too, i like to peep peoples dank's, new pieces etc.. And theres always alot of people in it so shits always bumpin':smoking:
  3. I press the nifty, convenient "New Posts" button at the top. :)

    That way... I'm not confined to one section. :hello:
  4. I like the Indoor Grow section cos it helps heaps and nothin beats the stupid shit people bang on about in the rec section ^_^

    The Duck.

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