Your favorite thread?

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  1. We all have a favorite thread, the one we check everytime we're on this.

    So it's pretty simple from here post your all time favorite thread that's on GrassCity!

    Mines the Official Cop Story Thread, don't know what to do the link thing yet, oh well!
  2. You laugh you lose no contest
  3. Fit girls thread omg!!!!
  4. The "I'm drunk and need to announce how drunk i am" thread or whatever it's called. Shit is comedy. Grammar nazis would have a field day
  5. This one! Hehe
  6. Stoned comic thread.
  7. High as balls by sgt based... First time I've witnessed the making of a meme
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  9. things that annoy you and what is on your mind because i am a girl and i like to complain and tell people things they don't care about :D
  10. [quote name='"Stay420lifted"']

    Very funny.... :smoking: I'm stoned what's your REAL favorite thread, aha[/quote]

    You don't know granny, I can see that one being her favorite.
  11. The one between darksmoker and I roll fatties. We liked every post in that series of threads and ended up crashing the like system. I got around 700 notifications that night because we made it glitch.

    Free Fatties tho :(

  12. Lol I said that about when she said "this thread" above that, I didn't see that part at the time and that's why I edited my response, just read that whole thread and I thought it was amazing, why the hell is pot still illegal in places?
  13. this is some sort of f'ing GC forum infinity loop. i'm stuck and can't get out. help!!!!11
  14. You're stuck now...forever....

    One of us, one of us...

  15. That would be cool to one of those guys who start a thread with like 10,000 replys.. One day ahah
  16. my all time favorite thread is you laugh you lose, first thread i go to everytime i log in
  17. The "This is where I blaze" thread.
  18. "BUMP"

    I want this thread to be big, so people can find new awesome threads and all together enjoy their grasscity experience a lot more!
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    The confessional.

    Even though its gone.

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